The State Department Wins A Jumbo With The Kerry Yachting Caper: Reflex Lies, Corrupt Culture

"Hey, what are you going to believe, the photo or what we tell you?"

“Hey, what are you going to believe, the photo or what we tell you?”

Tell me again how there is no reason to believe that the Obama Administration tried to mislead us regarding Benghazi.

And I’ll laugh in your face.

Nicely, of course.

Today the State Department, faced with a network offering undeniable proof that State was lying about the whereabouts of Secretary of State John Kerry during the collapse of the Egyptian government, a certified international crisis, admitted that its leader was on his boat recreating “briefly,” as had been previously reported by a CBS producer who saw him. This was not before, however, the State Department did what the Obama Administration has shown that it will do routinely and reflexively when it senses that it has screwed up: lie, lie, lie.

From CBS:

A “CBS This Morning” producer spotted Kerry on his boat Wednesday afternoon on Nantucket, where Kerry has a vacation home. When “CBS This Morning” senior producer Mosheh Oinounou tweeted about the sighting, Psaki issued a denial, calling the tweet “completely inaccurate” and said Kerry has been “working all day and on the phone dealing with the crisis in Egypt.” Also on Wednesday afternoon, the White House released a photo of the president and his national security team meeting in the situation Room. Kerry was not present in the photo, but his office said he did participate in the meeting via a secure phone line. On Thursday night, CBS News obtained a photo of Kerry on his boat and sent it to the State Department, asking whether they still stand by their denial that Kerry was on a boat. The response: “Yes.”

This response is what won John Kerry’s Department its Jumbo.

Obama’s State Department lies. His I.R.S. lies. His head of the N.S.A. lies (but apologizes!) His National Security Advisor lies. His Justice Department lies. His press secretary lies. They all lie to try to cover-up the incompetence and arrogance that ooze from every pore of the executive branch, assuming that the compliant, lap dog news media that smoothed the road to election and re-election can be counted upon to shrug off each example of public deception as an isolated instance, not a trend or a symptom of a corrupt and deceptive leadership culture.

Why anyone believes anything anyone in this administration says, from the President on down, is a mystery. It is fine to want your leader to be a great man. It is irresponsible, indeed idiotic, to keep pretending he is when all experience and evidence indicates otherwise.


Facts and Graphic: CBS


30 thoughts on “The State Department Wins A Jumbo With The Kerry Yachting Caper: Reflex Lies, Corrupt Culture

  1. That photo could be from YEARS ago!

    That might not even actually BE a boat!

    That could be his office!

    That gray hair could belong to Jon Stewart!

    What’s a photograph?

  2. It must be wonderful when your job requires you to be on permanent vacation.
    This is all this administration knows….permanent high dollar vacations. The sad thing is, we keep voting this type of individual in that keeps robbing us blind. Why in the world people do not just go ahead and place a sign in their yard that states …Come On In And Take What You Want. That is exactly what most of us are doing by accepting this type of behavior.

  3. What’s interesting to me about all this is that their very first response is to lie. It isn’t to say “Secretary Kerry had begun a vacation before this crisis started, but as soon as it did he has been in constant contact with the administration, including the President. He will be returning to Washington tomorrow.” Or something along those lies. They lie about stuff they don’t even have to lie about. It is amazing to me.

    • This is what you do when you aren’t qualified for the job. If you were confident in your abilities and capable of doing your job, you would just tell the truth because these things happen and it probably isn’t going to have any lasting effect on the outcome. If you are little man in a big man’s job, however, you are constantly consumed by fear and doubt. You don’t know what to do about the Egypt crisis, so you lie about something trivial, afraid your enemies will seize on it as something relevant when you fail. You think everything has to go perfectly and when it doesn’t, you lash out at your critics and opponents in frustration because you don’t know what went wrong and you don’t know how to fix it. A little man in a big man’s job puts forth unrealistic plans expecting everyone to cheer for them. When they don’t, the little man pouts, lashes out, and blames everyone else because he has nothing else to give.

      President Obama was promoted as a genius of the Democratic party. He was promoted as someone who brought people together to work in unity. He was promoted as a visionary whose ideas would take flight and transform the country. I wonder how much of that he believes about himself? It is obvious now that he is good at reciting inspirational speeches that others wrote. He is an actor who is good at playing the role of an inspirational leader. When it comes to being an inspirational leader, he again, is like the actor. Who wants Patrick Dempsey to operate on their brain? I really wonder if he realizes he is just playing the part, or does he believe that that is all there is to being President?

      • He’s what people said Reagan would be. Funny that the actor became a real statesman and the community organizer (we were supposed to see that as a qualifier for statesman) is an incompetent actor.

      • I disagree. They are absolutely convinced of their competence and ability, and they are certain that they are exactly who should be in charge. They believe that their skill and capabilities are fully up to the task.

        They don’t lie because they don’t think they can do a good job (even though they demonstrably cannot).

        They lie because they have nothing but contempt for us, and absolutely believe – with every iota of their being – that we do not matter and that we will accept whatever we are told.

        They lie because they are liars. It is who and what they are, and it is the very foundation their entire worldview is built upon. To admit that they do lie is to admit their are without any useful skill or ability, and thus they lie and instantly believe whatever the lie is.

  4. He’s Obama’s man, AND he’s the man who should have won in 2004 and was unfairly “swift-boated,” so he’s immune.

  5. Ha, ha, ha. Who needs limousine liberals when we can have yacht liberals?

    Next Kerry’s minions will be saying he’s being “slow boated.”

    And the reason all these lower level people lie for these guys is because they hope that by doing so they’ll get invited to vacation with them some glorious summer on Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. Maybe they’ll even reach Nirvanah and get to have a cocktail with a real, live Kennedy while wearing deck shoes!

    • Hey Jack, let’s have a “Name John Kerry’s Yacht” contest. No limits on how many entries a person can make. Here are some of mine:

      “Workin’ Hard, or Hardly Workin'”

      “I Married a Hapsburg!”

      “My Grandmother was a Winthrop!”

      “Heinz 57”

      “Occupy Nantucket”

      “My Second Wife is a Direct Descendant of Crazy King George III! How Funny is That!”


      “Beanie Wienie”

      “Sure I Went to Yale but I was in a Different Secret Society than George Bush. Or Maybe Not. I Forget.”

  6. I’ve been on a bit of a news diet but I can’t quit you, Ethic Alarms.
    This story disgusts me beyond reason.

  7. I’m not going to defend the lie but I will point out that I have no doubt that he was working. I haven’t had a real vacation in 11 years — and my job isn’t 1/1000th as important. This was my trip to Paris this Spring — walk to the top of Notre Dame, check email, get on a conference call, check in with a client. Go to lunch, talk 10 minutes with my husband and then do all the same things above. Go to the Louvre, same thing again. Mind you, I am not complaining — but I fully believe that all of our elected officials can do most things that their jobs require remotely.

    • Are you a public servant? Like a firefighter, a cop, maybe a soldier, or a Secretary of State, like, someone whose job is to respond to emergencies?

      • The optics are bad? The optics are bad? This is supposed to excuse the conduct of a guy who had some schmo take home movies of himself playing Army in Vietnam while 50,000 non-aristocrats were being killed over there? And he had the nerve to air this little Bell & Howell film during a presidential campaign. The optics are bad?

      • We weren’t going to scramble fighters over Egypt. There is going to be nothing except talking for a long time. Talking can be done over the phone. But he could have been honest about his location.

  8. Nothing to do with this lie, but I seem to remember reading an article that Kerry registered his yacht in a different state when he bought it to save the high taxes in his state. Another lie and cheating on taxes, nothing new!

    • There’s a post about that issue here. To summarize:

      1. Kerry can stow his yacht wherever he wants to.
      2. It’s not wrong to choose the least expensive docking place.
      3. He never denied it.
      4. This is just more rich guy bashing.
      5. What about the issue says “lie” to you?

      From the post: “Now Kerry has announced that he’ll pay the Massachusetts tax anyway, making me wonder what it must be like to be able to give away over a half-million dollars just to shut up unfair and obnoxious critics. Sen Kerry is certainly an inviting, and usually deserving, target for those who question of his integrity, but he is entitled to fairness as much as anyone else. It is especially stunning to see Republicans, who are prone to accuse Democrats for fomenting class warfare, doing it themselves. Apparently the only rich people they want to see keep their money from the tax man are Republican rich people.”

      • Jack, I think there’s a difference between rich Republicans and rich Democrats. I think it’s called hypocracy. Rich Republicans are always being slammed by (very often rich) Democrats for being uncaring, tax-avoiding neanderthals. Wealthy, trust fund baby Democrats expect to get a free pass because they purport to care about the little guy and the unions and recent immigrants? Even when they avoid paying taxes? And then there’s the irony of it. John Kerry is a leader of the party concerned about the middle class. If he wants to pay it forward, why doesn’t he have Teresa Heinz Kerry give all her money away? She’d be rich in a quarter or two again. Yes, it’s rich guy bashing but only after the rich guy has acted (very inartfully) all his life as if he cares deeply about all the little people when he’d really rather be dinking around on his boat, “and never mind if there’s something going on in Egypt, I want to have my play time!”

  9. “The optics are bad? The optics are bad? This is supposed to excuse the conduct of a guy who had some schmo take home movies of himself playing Army in Vietnam while 50,000 non-aristocrats were being killed over there? And he had the nerve to air this little Bell & Howell film during a presidential campaign. The optics are bad?”

    Thanks for the laugh!!!
    It could be Kerry got a lovely taste of Karma this weekend.

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