A Lifetime Ethics Train Wreck: The Ongoing Tragedy Of Patterson and Georgia Inman

Inman twins

I was sent this horrifying story under the heading of “Ethics Train Wreck,” and a better description of it there could not be. It is the tale of the twin teenaged heirs to the massive Doris Duke fortune,Patrick and Georgia Inman, their miserable upbringing and the continuing instability of their lives, soon to be dominated by lawsuits and litigation. The twins have been alternately spoiled, neglected, and abused, and are desperately seeking some direction in their lives before their mega-trust funds kick in—if they can survive that long. Moreover, their existence is almost sure to get worse before it gets better, if it ever does.

Consider, for example, this ominous passage, late in the piece, referring to the plans of their inept mother, Daisha:

The kids need to figure out what comes next for them – how they can start creating a life for themselves, and connect with others. Daisha has devised what she thinks is a terrific idea for an appropriate new set of playmates: She’s working on getting the twins together with Michael Jackson’s kids, with whom she thinks they’d have tons in common. “Wouldn’t that be historic? The Jacksons and the Dukes, two of the most famous names, together?” Daisha asks.

What a great idea! Michael Jackson’s daughter is currently being treated for depression and self-abuse, and Jackson’s children have had  a romp in Neverland compared to what the Inman twins have endured.

Yet, as you will see, this is actually among the more responsible parental instincts that Patterson and Georgia have been subjected to.

The twins’ tale is suitable for a horror movie, a dark fairy tale, or perhaps a very special episode of “Law and Order, SVU.” It teaches us that indeed money doesn’t buy happiness, and in some cases cripples the ability of its possessors to achieve it. It teaches that it isn’t only those who can’t financially support children who are unethical to bring them into the world, but also those bereft of character, like Patterson and Georgia’s degenerate–but rich!—father. Sadly, it also demonstrates that some of our fellow human beings never have a chance to develop normal values and social skills, because they are permanently scarred by the self-centered, dysfunctional adults who raise them, and the chaotic environment in which they will grow to adulthood.

There is hope. They are only 15, and nobody should be pronounced hopeless so young. Maybe their story will have a happy ending yet. Experience and common sense, however, teach us that Ethics Train Wrecks leave few survivors.

I encourage you to read the whole story, from Rolling Stone,



Pointer: Alexander Cheezem

Facts and Graphic: Rolling Stone

15 thoughts on “A Lifetime Ethics Train Wreck: The Ongoing Tragedy Of Patterson and Georgia Inman

  1. It’s also a story of how money distorts things, and there’s the issue of how the systems that *should* have protected the kids from parental abuse failed the kids, often for no better reason than that their father was rich…

  2. I am reminded of the abuse heaped upon Princess Diana by Americans — so many Americans eschew the British aristocracy , even though we have one ourselves except that it’s defined by money not pedigree — and whose family comprised an older aristocratic family than Queen Elizabeth and that jerk Prince Charles — she’s a princess, for God’s sake. What’s her problem?

    Her problem? Heredity and money don’t buy happiness, she was forced into marriage and a public role that, according to her closest friend, even to the last night before the wedding — she neither sought nor enjoyed. She refused to put up with Charles acting like ancient and more modern English royals — who had wives to produce heirs and mistresses to have fun. All of England “winked” at this behavior. Diana, a more modern and stronger woman, didn’t wink. The rest is history.

    The great thing that Diana should be remembered for at this point is the fact, through all the travails, she managed to raise two wonderful young men. Charles was no help, and certainly no moral or ethical example. Perhaps they are the hope of England. Absent them, the titular monarchy will die.

    Lesson: Money can’t make you sane, happy, healthy, or kind. The kind of sadistic behavior heaped upon the Inman children should end in jail time for somebody. New tenet: Too much money makes you insane. Anyone care to name others in this category? (The murderous DuPont comes to mind.)

  3. I was working with this family as their Greenfield Plantation manager in South Carolina when Walker Inman II died. I had been there four years working to bring Greenfield back to its original grandeur of gardens, lakes, rice fields and cottages lined along the drive of great oaks hanging with moss sitting on the bank of the Black River , from the porch and veranda of the house at certain times of day the angle of sun gave the river the look as if it were a river of diamonds , it always stopped me in my tracks as I work to restore the all of it after years of neglect. As the work progressed Walker would spend more and more time at Greenfield , although he had recently built his beautiful Outlaw Ranch in Wy , he called that his house and Greenfield his fathers house. After a year or more of work being done I remember Walker coming out and walking the grounds and saying Greenfield had not looked this way since he was a child. Walker became part of the rebuilding project wanting to be awaked every morning at 8 if he were not already up cooking , Walker cooked every day and I mean every day he loved it ,it was his passion
    You see, what I am trying to tell you is I didn’t know the man everyone is making him out to be, for the 5 years of his life that I spent with him I didn’t know or see a drug addict !!!! However Walker didn’t hide his past and told me, prior to my meeting him he was in bad shape , he told me the stories of drugs, what they done to him,the money it cost, even showed me pictures of what he looked liked , let me tell you and I told him , those pictures weren’t the same person standing in front of me, no way! Walkers drug use had came to a stop a few months earlier when his wife Daralee was caught for drugs and went into rehab, it was almost like Walker had his own rehab as Daralee went through her treatment, she wasn’t doing it so he wasn’t doing it . Walker loved her , he respected her treatment and stood by her during it and I can tell you there was no drug use in this time, I know I saw them ever day that’s right ever day , I had dinner with them because again Walker would cook all the time and his door was always open. I would even go out to dinner with them most of the time , I was at diner with Walker,Patterson,Georgia and Cowboy (Randy Warner the Wy mgr) the nite the articles like Rolling Stones Magazine says there was a scene at a local Georgetown Front Street restaurant at which the police were called because of Walkers actions to Georgia, boy was that blown out of proportion ,Georgia had ask her father about the cat in Wy being out side in the cold and he explained to her the cat was ok not to worry , but she got stuck on it and wouldn’t let It go, continuing to get more dramatic and louder about it, all the time Walker asking her to calm down but she would not ,you would halved to know Georgia to understand ,she began to tear and whimper to her dad about the cat ,believe me she set the stage and made the scene, my parents and most even the ones who called the cops that nite would have took there kid outside and spanked them, but in today’s time that’s called abuse in my time it was called discipline ,but Walker would never lay a hand on his children never.
    The first time I meet Patterson and Georgia was in Wy, they were sweet
    children ,I remember them walking down the long mountain dr with me one on each side talking to me about there house and things and telling me I was their best friend . I though ,wow that’s cool but you just meet me . At first I was thinking they’re just home school , home school kids just seem to be nicer less cautious than other kids , then I also remembered other employees telling me they had ADS a result of their blood mother Daisha drinking often and heavily in local bars during the pregnancy. One employee had told me it was severe , like Down syndrome , I’ve been around Down syndrome kids , Patterson and Georgia didn’t seem to me to be like that or at least severe, I had taken a class in early childhood development in college I know a little about it .Patterson and Georgia at this time were sweet loving children I saw no signs of neglect ,mistreatment or abuse, in Wy they would play with kids all the time , Janice and her husband Randy (the Wy. Home mgrs.) had 3 kids , always outdoors playing, going to events ,dirt bike rally’s etc . Georgia loved dirt bikes and has one of her own which she rode and can ride like crazy, I was impressed. Patterson and Georgia spent a lot of time growing up with the Warner kids a normal western family playing hard ,getting dirty everyday, Janice and Randy took great care taking care of them early in their life sheltering any or most of the drug seen that would take place at the Home. Janice and Randy took very good care of the Wy home and Patterson and Georgia, has if the house and the kids were their own, the kids spent 90% of their time with the Warner children as if they were family, brothers and sister ,they had a good time with them. The Wy home was very clean, spotless to my standards, there was no such thing as malnutrition ,locked rooms etc.
    At the Greenfield Plantation home the house keeper was a black woman who had two kids of her own, she did a good job of keeping that house, while she worked many days of summer she had her kids there , Patterson and Georgia always played with them , they were friends, I saw them often in my daily routine ,they were fishing or catching lizards ,etc always having a good time. While the boys were up to their tricks I would see Georgia many times standing on the docks of the river singing Hannah Montana songs, she would always ask me if she sound just like Hannah, of course I would say,sure just like her, and she would sing to the top of her lungs. When Georgia meet my children Cassie and Haley she would sometimes spend the nite over at my house with them and on our way between houses she would talk about all kinds of things and sometimes sing , Georgia, always the out spoken one, at times she would speak of god and church,and often above my head , I would wonder where she learned or got all this from , I was at times caught off guard and could not answer her questions, I thought boy I need to go to church more often so I can carry on a conversation with her on my trips to and from our houses. My kid Cassie would visit with Patterson and Georgia as well as stay the nite with them quite often, she had fun with them. Patterson always picking at the girls , Cassie liked him , he’s wild and funny she would say. These kids were good kids , yes they had ADS , I wouldn’t say severe ,not like I was lead to believe before I meet them, one person said “man their really fucked up” well that was his opinion , I thought he was a little fucked up.
    Patterson and Georgia are really smart kids they just have some issues with slight ADS problem , Walker and last wife Daralee entered the kids into the Trident School in Mt. Pleasant near Charleston a school of special needs , the kids, during this time were not in all kinds of therapy or on all kinds of medication dealing with constant mental battles ,it’s wasn’t heard of, the only medication they took was 1 ADA type pill a day, I am not sure of the name of it , I didn’t even know they were on medication or even needed it . That’s how it was , later I found old out they were to take one every day ,but Daralee Had narrow it down to only needing a half a day for school and none on weekends. These just weren’t the children you read about today. Once school kids in their class were invited to the Plantation to a party along with their teachers, it was a great day , great kids ,but I felt the classmates of Patterson and Georgia’s were in no way capable in their skills as the Inman kids. They had to be watched all the time , the teachers were a wreck, worried if they would get hurt while on the grounds ,they couldn’t ride in the back of a slow moving truck, etc. Patterson and Georgia were way beyond that. That school was just holding them back. I discussed this with Walker and Daralee and we agreed that the kids needed more of a challenge such as public school . Once returning back to the Wy home they were entered into public school there in Afton where their teachers and principle will tell you they did well and would eventually begin to reach grade level goals, social and academic. The kids had done a great turn around since the Trident school, the kids were doing well all around as the house keeper and chef would testify to. I just wanted to also mention while in S.C. Daralee , once out of rehab and home every day drove the kids to school without fail, a 40 minute dr.,help with home work ,Walker even went to the school and stood before the class and presented a weather report that the kids had to do, the kids loved that, Georgia and Patterson were proud of Walker that day.
    This was a normal family doing normal things . At Greenfield they had birthdays with their cousins in Charleston, they had great Christmas ,Walker was big on the decorating of the tree , he was insane about it, he started two weeks before Christmas doing it , it was beautiful, the kids were involved ,it was a big deal , these kids loved their father and he loved them, it showed. Patterson has to remember how he would go to sleep in his room only to wake curled up next to Walker in his bed, we used to joke to Patterson about this , he was shy about it. Life was good at Greenfield and there are many witness to it , no bad things like ,dungeons,alligator scares ,,floating off down the river, believe me, we all swam in the river, Georgia could swim like a fish as well as Patterson, they loved it and often jumped off the docks with their dad.
    I will never forget the last time I saw Walker , he’s was driving down the Plantation drive leaving for Wy he stopped by where I was working we had a few words, talked about me coming out in about two weeks for his 58 birthday, a big party , Georgia had planned the theme, we were all excited. I was to bring a u haul loaded with his favorite things ,motor cycles , steam engines, swords etc.etc. I called them toys, he loved them all had fun with them all. At his burial at Greenfield people would say to me , I knew him when he was a Kid and I would always say so did I ,even though I’d only really known him for the last five years.
    My last words to him before he drove away were “we gonna have the best year of our life” little did I know what was to come , he drove out the gate it closed behind him and that’s the last I saw him. I remember thinking how great he looked , he had a million bucks and looked liked a million bucks.
    Over dosed, yes he died of an over dose , after a few years of being clean walker slipped, like many have done , he was doing fine back in Wy , but while getting out at the airport in Jackson Hole there to pick up our chef he fell on the ice and broke his risk. The pain medication they gave him at the hospital did nothing to relive the pain, after a few days of pain he reasoned to get his own relief , thinking he could do it one more time and get away with it. No one there could stop him from taking the drive to Denver to get the heavy drugs , Daralee could have done it but wasn’t there she was yet to leave from S.C.due to being cleared to leave the state from her probation officer, which she had been cleared in the coming days, if not for that she would have been there and I wouldn’t be writing this.
    On his death Daralee went immediately to the children , stood by them and they her, as days went by they would do a well as children could in this terrible time, Daralee kept the occupied, camping fishing ,etc. Then Daisha entered the picture , she now had the right by Wy law to Claim her blood kids. Walker never trusted Daisha with the kids , I remember removing cameras from the rooms from the Plantation home while restoring it and asking why they were there and him telling me he had them there to keep on Daisha’s handling of the kids when the were infants. And later the main reason of his defense of her visitation was her marriage to a twice convicted child molester, whom she eventually divorced after a lawyer told her she would never get a chance at the kids unless she did. After she got custody of the kid she is still seen with him. When Daisha first went to Wy to try and take the kids with a court order the kids refused to go ,throwing rocks at her and running to hide. The next time she came back to get the kids she brought law enforcement and two ambulance ,sedated them and forced them into the separate transports and driven 7 hours away to the Wy behavior institution with nothing but what they had on not even a toothbrush, never to see anyone in their previous life again. There they were denied any contact with anyone they had ever knew no phone calls no Christmas cards or presents nothing. They had been admitted there with no previous examination by any Dr. or therapist. This is where they got on board this train wreck . WBI was the train and Daisha was the conductor, since then their ride has been hell , brained washed. Before they went to WBI they were fine , after is what you all read , these tales of horror and abuse you read about came about after being brained washed into these kids head since taken by their blood mother who now has them back on medications going to therapist and believing they were abused by the very father who loved with all his heart and was willing to give his fortune to protect them from the very thing that’s happened to them.
    I gotta go the last thing I will say is these kids are good kids,smart but just as they were getting over their fathers death ,and on the road to doing well in a life of normalcy that changed with the help of Wy law ,the Wy behavior
    institution , and their blood mother , they have been brained washed to believe their world was filled with abuse and torture. Let’s face it , it make for a more interesting reading story for magazine like Rolling Stone, nobody wants to read the truth it’s boring. As long as their mother Daisha can keep them convinced they’re screwed up and metal she has the chance of declaring them incapable of handling their inheritance and once they can receive it someone else will need to manage it and there you are Bingo!
    You want Patterson and Georgia to have a chance in life they gotta get on a different train…!!!! Good luck Georgia good luck Patterson ,hope you get to catch that big catfish at Greenfield he’s there waiting on you. Your friend Ron

    • I just spoke to Matt Grimmer my attorney and you know who he is…and I want you to know I’m 17 and I got money now… What you have done is Defamation of character and slander… You placed my sister my mother and me under false light for long anough… You scum bucket…there is no hole deep anough to hide… In the world that I cannot find you… I’m gonna sue you for every thing you have… and will ever have… The world is gonna come down on ya chicken little… Only a sick twisted freak would have aloud children to be abused… Just to fatten up their bank account… Every word your writing will be used against you… Find a hole and crawl in it… YOU PEICE OF HUMAN GARBAGE

  4. Ron I think your half full of shit! I can watch the children in their interview with Dr. Phil and you can see from their expressions and body language that there is truth to their allegations. I can also watch the mother and tell that she is a little less than disingenious!!! I’m not saying she didn’t love her kids or that she doesn’t now I’m sure she did and does. I’m just saying that I get a sense she might have been abused herself when she was younger and kind of a flakey kind of gal that doesn’t really have it all together her self and she did fail her children in a way. I am empathetic though I’m sure that she probably felt like David trying to go up against Goliath. That family is a well known Illuminati Satanic family. Every single thing these kids alledge to have happened to them and even what they seem to elude to without saying it would be entirely consistent with the abuse that happens to all children of old blue blood satanic bloodliner families. They need to break and scar them as much as they can to cause them to become a porthole for demons. Freud wrote about how suprised he was in the prevalancy of this. I’m sure your perspective of things is part of the truth but I feel like the kids allegations are also another part of it. Also I sense that both you and their father might have had a little ‘homo mutual appreciation thing going” That is what my intuition is telling me.

  5. I knew walker Inman 30 years ago when he was sailing in the Pacific .he was always a gentleman to me but his behaviour was extreme. Drugs were a big part of his world and easily influenced by the people around him supplying them. My last conversation with him was to tell him to get rid of the hangers on stop the drugs. I wished him well but this obviously did not work out. The weakness for drugs until they take over and destroy you is what happened here. Walker was surrounded by people who would feed off him and promote his drug addiction and in the end reasonable behaviour goes out the window. I sincerely hope you children have a more wholesome life to look forward to and can focus on all the amazing things the world has to offer. Leave the rubbish behind you and go forward and enjoy normal people. Wishing you the very best remorossi.

  6. I was in the shadows of this sad traumatic evolving the Inman Twins. I have never been mentioned not remembered, but it seems the most to blame is the Licoln county Family Services, the Afton Police and Sheriff Dept., their were many pay offs, money talks and its sad because these children had to pay for their sins. My dog got shot, I had to sale my home to escape, relocated to South Carolina so Daisha could be near her children. Daisha and I were best friends, but unfortunately she’s turned her back on me. I lost everything but I did Learn about greed and how corruption played a major part of this. I received a call from Patterson in February 2017, and I was surprised by the opportunity to hear how they were doing. I have a story to tell if you are interested!

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