Incompetent Elected Official of the Month: Don Dwyer (R), Maryland House of Delegates

Hey, after he leaves politics, Don Dwyer has a future as a cruise HELL...

Hey, after he leaves politics, Don Dwyer has a future as a cruise captain…in HELL…

How is Maryland House of Delegates Member Don Dwyer unqualified to serve? Let us sing the ways:

1. Call him irresponsible… He piloted his 27 foot power boat, named “The Legislator,” while (allegedly, of course) roaring drunk, causing an accident and a wreck  that resulted in injuries to seven people, including a five-year-old-girl. His trial is in October.

2. Call him unreliable… He also was recently arrested for DUI, resulting in fifteen charges including driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless and negligent driving, displaying expired and suspended registration, and driving 70 mph in a 55-mph zone.

3. Throw in undependable, too…Apparently Dwyer just can’t stand the stresses that go along with his position. He explained his boating accident to the Maryland  Gazette by saying that the incident was caused by his escalation in drinking frequency after he separated from his wife, and as a result of feeling “betrayed’ when colleagues voted to sanction gay marriage.“I felt a tremendous amount of pressure in my family,” he said. “You take those personal issues (and) add betrayal on the professional side, and it really gets to be overwhelming.”

Mostly, call him unaccountable, which isn’t in the song lyrics, but fits this loser to a fare-thee-well.  He’s driven dangerous vehicles twice under the influence, risking lives, and his response is to blame the gay marriage vote rather than his own failure to acknowledge and treat a serious alcohol problem. Law makers cannot be law breakers, especially the laws against operating vehicles drunk, which only require the sense and responsibility it takes to avoid getting behind the wheel.

Too many state legislators are inept when sober; we certainly don’t need drunk ones too.


Pointer: Rick Jones

Sources: Maryland Gazette, Huffington Post

3 thoughts on “Incompetent Elected Official of the Month: Don Dwyer (R), Maryland House of Delegates

  1. The only possible break for a legislator shoudl be a parking ticket at the legislature for an important vote.Obviously DUIs have a higher priority for him. What scares me is that he might get reelected after all that.

  2. Good grief! I don’t want to read or hear ANYONE say that voters for Republican candidates are somehow, miraculously, never “low-information voters.” For one to vote for such a profoundly self-disqualifying person while denying ownership of low-information status is to either (1) confirm one’s status to everyone else, loudly, or (2) be a shameless, partisan liar. Hiding or ignoring Dwyer’s “private conduct” is even worse.

    What’s up with the D’s and R’s? Dwyer in the east, Filner in the west. Is there perhaps a little arrogance at work within the parties – a little bit of acting entitled to power? The “buck” of blame still stops with voters, or, with persons eligible to vote.

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