The Five Truths Of Elan Gale’s Twitter Lie


The above photo is how “The Bachelor” producer Elan Hale chose to announce to the world that his Twitter tale about “Diane” the hysterical Thanksgiving traveler and his campaign to shame her was all a “joke.”  This is Diane! Har!

Truth #1:

Elan Gale is an asshole, and because he is shameless about it, he is also a fick.

Truth #2

Ethics Alarms is among the least aggrieved regarding his web hoax, the rest being those who pay no attention whatsoever to Elan Gale or what he is tweeting. My job is to analyze the ethical issues embedded in any event, story or situation, real, hypothetical or imaginary. Nothing I wrote about the incident Gale fooled the web into talking about is invalidated by the fact that the story didn’t happen. Every seminar I give almost entirely consists of similar fabrications, crafted by me for the purpose of maximizing the clarity of the ethical issues I want to cover. The difference is that I don’t set out to deceive my audiences into believing that they are literally accurate. So Gale’s fakery still provided this blog with a good topic, the basis for some ethical analysis, and catalyst for an interesting discussion.

Truth #3

It also made me and others unwilling accessories in his unethical stunt, and that I deeply resent. There is something wrong with the wiring of people who discover new technology and decide to abuse it, getting some kind of visceral thrill from manipulating strangers. Gale’s conduct is in the same category as arsonists, those who launch computer viruses, vicious rumor mongers and vandals, doing harm because they can, and deriving sick pleasure and feelings of superiority by taking advantage of the amazing fact that people still trust anyone and believe anything. For his amusement, Gale made everyone a little more suspicious of everyone else, and thus made life that much less enjoyable. He’s proud of it, too. Yechh.

Truth #4

Ironically, Gale’s hoax still conveyed useful and accurate revelations: he is a mean-spirited, arrogant and self-promoting jerk, and the imaginary conduct he attributed to himself fairly demonstrated what his ultimate admission proved beyond all doubt.

Truth #5

The attitude of New York Magazine’s Adam Martin helps encourage the Elan Gales of the world. He writes as if those who believed Gale are the fools, which is exactly what creeps like Gale think—“The saps! I proved that I’m smarter than they are!” No, Elan, you really didn’t. The healthy, productive, good people who have the misfortune to live with ficks like you understand that society requires us to be fair and honest with each other, and their only mistake was assuming that you are a decent human being like they are. Because they are also forgiving, they will probably give you another chance to fool them. And because you are a pathetic jerk, you will take advantage of them again.

Which returns us to Truth #1…

13 thoughts on “The Five Truths Of Elan Gale’s Twitter Lie

  1. Rise of the man-child culture. Assholery for the sake of assholery and enjoying being a jerk. The ‘social economy’ incentivizes that behavior… or correction, no longer has a need to dis-incentivize that behavior.

    • Rise of the man-child culture. Assholery for the sake of assholery and enjoying being a jerk. The ‘social economy’ incentivizes that behavior…
      Exactly right.
      And it starts in actual childhood, when mommy and daddy (who are likely assholish as well) keep praising little Elan for every stupid stunt he does.
      Now you have a little creep in a big body…isn’t that wonderful?
      Pity the women who get involved with this punk.

  2. Truth #6 that didn’t make the cut: This guy produces reality shows, which are not reality, but staged and deceptively edited fake-reality in order to communicate dramatic situations that will not be compelling unless audiences at some level trust in their authenticity.—somewhere between James Frye’s fake memoirs and pro wrestling. In a better world, such a stunt would ruin him.

    • “In a better world, such a stunt would ruin him.”

      He now says that he hopes some people got some laughs from that? I realize that I may be in the minority (just by newspaper headlines) but I never thought it was funny. I was pretty shocked that so many people found so much humor in his behavior. This guy is a complete ass…and seems to have no conscience…so what is everyone’s else’s excuse who found his behavior with “Diane” so hilarious? Or maybe it’s just me…and I can’t see the humor where obviously so many could?

  3. ‘He writes as if those who believed Gale are the fools, which is exactly what creeps like Gale think—“The saps! I proved that I’m smarter than they are!” ‘

    This. I saw this kind of exchange in person recently. Deceiving someone proves how smart you are…they actually think like that. I don’t get it. Being trusting is now something to ridicule.

  4. It’s telling, that even in his custom-created scenario the best he was able to make himself look was “I’m Elan Gale! I’m internet famous! I tweet a lot, and you better be careful, or I’ll tweet about you!” Pathetic.

  5. Don’t know but it seems to me, once you get to Truth # 1, you’re pretty much done. Once you’ve defined him as an asshole, why delve into it any further?

    • I’m assuming the comment is for effect, but only #1 addresses Gale specifically:

      #2 explicates the fact that a story doesn’t have to be true to have ethics teaching and commentary utility.
      #3 compares web hoaxes, which some misguided people see nothing wrong with, to their ethical equivalents
      #4 reveals the irony that while the facts in Elan’s story were fabricated, the information it conveyed was useful and accurate, and
      #5 was about the incorrect emphasis in the New Your Magazine story.

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