Unethical Quote Of The Week: President Barack Obama


“The government should know that if it crosses the line, there will be consequences.”

President Obama, in Mexico, in the course of  extemporaneous remarks condemning the Ukrianian government’s harsh and violent response to protesters.

Oh, god.

I am embarrassed; our country is embarrassed; I hope you’re embarrassed—why isn’t the President embarrassed to use this rhetoric, which has been proven again and again to be absolutely meaningless when it issues from his lips? This sham is worse than “the check is in the mail” or “I’ll still love you in the morning,” as Syrian casualties rise and the United States’ credibility as a nation that really gives a damn about anything but its own entitlements has crumbled into dust. Remember the Syrian “red line”? Here are two recent columns from the right and the left on how well Obama’s empty threats of “consequences” have worked in Syria, but nobody needs persuading at this point, do they? President Obama is willing to give insincere lip service to the tradition of the United States still being the champion of democracy and the foe of oppression, but people under attack from their own governments can’t defend themselves with his lips. In Afghanistan, in Iran, in Egypt, in Syria, President Obama has made it abundantly clear that he is under the mistaken impression that Teddy Roosevelt said “Speak incessantly but never actually do what your words imply you’re going to do.”

That’s not exactly what Roosevelt said.

After Obama’s pattern of  fecklessness and fraudulent bravado, I picture the Ukrainian government chuckling madly like Tim Burton’s vicious Martians in “Mars Attacks!”, as the aliens listen to solemn pronouncements from U.S. officials that they are certain the visitors from the Red Planet only want peace despite all evidence to the contrary. Such patently dishonest posturing by the President is worse than saying nothing. It cruelly raises the hopes of desperate people that the President of the United States cares about them or is willing to act, and that today’s American leadership possesses the values and the fortitude that once made our nation a champion in deed rather than pretense.

Obama’s words in Mexico are disgraceful and humiliating, and equally mysterious. Does he really not see how ridiculous he appears? How untrustworthy such words make the U.S. appear?

Apparently not.


23 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Week: President Barack Obama

  1. And here I figured you’d tie this in with his own line-crossing in regards to our Constitution.

    Obama, much like a lot of the milquetoast Jimmy Carter types, don’t recognize evil in the world. They think saying the right things is enough, but it isn’t.

    • Obama, much like a lot of the milquetoast Jimmy Carter types, don’t recognize evil in the world. They think saying the right things is enough, but it isn’t.
      Don’t say “evil”, that is a biblical word!
      Stop forcing religion on us!
      We are ultra hip, progressive, urban and edgy.
      Keep your relig-o-babble and your guns in Texas!

        • I don’t think it’s so much a matter of an ivory tower liberal who can’t comprehend evil as much as it is an ambitious ideologue who doesn’t give a damn beyond his own agenda. If he thinks that empty words will placate enough people to get them off his back for a while, Obama will use them and deal with the rest at a later date. As always, he’ll rely heavily on media obfuscation and the public’s short memory. Often enough, it works.

  2. If his words of concern for people who are being killed and maimed are nothing but platitudes imagine how insincere he is when he claims to be the champion of the middle class. I hope the putting greens in California were green enough. Perhaps if the farmers in the San Joaquin Valley installed some 18 hole courses they could get some water.

  3. I’m a little horrified that, reading the quote, I thoght he meant OUR government- threatening to spank those naughty obstructionists in the House for not doing exactly what he wanted. In fact, make that a lot horrified, that he plausibly uses the same style of rhetoric in both cases…

    • “he plausibly uses the same style of rhetoric in both cases…”
      He doesn’t plausibly do anything. I’ve never wanted to slap someone as much in my entire life as I want to slap him.

      • I didn’t mean HE is plausible, I mean that when you read vaguely threatening posturing like this it’s equally plausible that he’s aiming it at a foreign power doing something wrong, or at his own government for daring not to follow in his footsteps.

  4. “Does he really not see how ridiculous he appears”?

    How shielded do you think he is from people or press who may not share his opinions? Seriously, what can account for this flat lined learning curve?

  5. I note with sadness that the Ukrainian government killed 20 protesters while trembling in terror over our President’s “warning.” Yeah, that scared them all right. And the next threat will be even less effective., How Obama grew to adulthood without absorbing this simple fact of life amazes me, as does the survival of the myth that the man is “brilliant.” He is either a fool, or someone who thinks everyone else is a fool, or both.

  6. When Teddy Roosevelt said “Speak softly but carry a big stick.” he meant it.
    What Obama really says is “Speak loudly but carry a sponge mop.” And I think he means that, too. He’s an embarrassment to the US, to everyone who voted for him, works for him, supports him, and to the entire free world.

    Thanks, all you morons, for re-electing this lying, feckless, face-man as leader of the free world. You should be so proud.

      • You’re right. Sorry. I seem to hearken back to the days when the president of the United States WAS in fact leader of the free world. No matter: Obama remains a lying, feckless, face-man who has a big mouth but is too much of a coward to take action. The whole world is laughing at us, as well they should. I just hope we get through the next few years.

        It’s one thing when I was astonished that the Russians elected PUTIN — FORMER KGB! — as president, then I realized that that culture had absolutely no history or experience with anything other than various forms of totalitarianism. Well, presumably we in the US have had this experience, and what difference has it made? Maybe it’s not experience, but the effect of a spoiled, history-ignorant US population. I despair.

  7. Wait: rabid gun control people, this whole time I thought you all said that it is a foolish defense to say that the 2nd Amendment exists to protect citizens against a government cracking down on them?

    Gosh, according to you all, no Western nation with strong guns laws would crack down violently on citizens in disagreement with their government. Man…

    Good thing some of the protestors have armed themselves so they can stand some chance.

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