Gotcha, NPR! Liberal Bigotry About Bigotry Exposed

"Wah, my conSTITuants in the great Southan state of Mawntana just don't wanna see any coloreds get away with shootin' owa  law enforcement officahs, that's all!"

“Wah, my conSTITuants in the great Southan state of Mawntana just don’t wanna see any coloreds get away with shootin’ owa law enforcement officahs, that’s all!”

One progressive lie I hear and read repeatedly from Democrats and their news media lackeys is that the Supreme Court “gutted” the Votingl Rights Act of 1965 by decreeing that it was unconstitutional for the Justice Department to use decades old data to presume racial bias in legislative measures and policies adopted by Southern states. This was holding in the case of Shelby v. Holder. The Court justly ruled that Congress had to develop current, accurate criteria. Progressives and the Obama Administration screamed and are still screaming, because pretending it was still Jim Crow, Bull Connor and Mississippi burning in the South gave the federal government a way to over-ride legitimate and non-racist laws (like voter ID requirements), based on bias: if it’s a southern state, it must be racist.

Yesterday, National Public Radio inadvertently demonstrated how this bias operates. I have already written about what is wrong with conservative opposition to Debo Adegbile, President Obama’s choice to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights division. Essentially, he is being condemned for trying to protect an individual’s civil rights. But the police unions are determined to punish him because that particular individual was a cop killer, and our law enforcement officials don’t think such people have rights. They are wrong, Adegbile was right.

This is not truly a racial issue, but because Adegbile is black, because he worked for the NAACP, because the cop killer is black, because Obama is black and because Democrats have spent the Obama years making everything about race to serve their cynical political needs,  the controversy has been reported as a racial justice issue. It is really a stupidity issue, as I pointed out in my earlier post. It is stupid, ignorant and destructive to treat criminal lawyers as if they support the crimes of their clients.

The police lobby was strong enough, sadly, to defeat Adegbile’s nomination in the Senate, as sufficient Democrats from conservative states decided to cater to ignorance as enthusiastically as their Republican colleagues. Here are the Democratic Senators who voted “nay”:

Chris Coons (Del.)
Bob Casey (Pa.)
Mark Pryor (Ark.)
Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.)
Joe Manchin (W.V.)
Joe Donnelly (Ind.) 
John Walsh (Mont.)

Plus Harry Reid (Nev.), who switched his vote for tactical purposes.

Here is how NPR described them on NPR’s Morning Edition :

“A handful of southern Democrats joined Republicans yesterday to defeat president Obama’s choice to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division.”

A black nominee was rejected, so bigotry must have been the cause, and as we all have been taught by “Gone With The Wind,” “The Help” and”To Kill A Mockingbird,” those present day dramas, only Southerners are bigoted. Southerners—you know, like the Senators from Delaware, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Montana, West Virginia, and North Dakota.

First, this vote had nothing to do with racial bigotry, as I just explained. Second, NPR’s reporter, copywriter and producer assumed that if the vote was against avowed black interests, Southern politicians were responsible.

THAT is why the Supreme Court was correct to overturn Shelby. The problem isn’t that Southern states are guided by bigotry. It is that so many in the government and news media are unethically bigoted against them.

It took a while, but NPR eventually removed the erroneous “Southern” from its transcripts and podcast—without noting the change.

Too late.



Spark, Pointer and Facts: TNR

Source: NPR

25 thoughts on “Gotcha, NPR! Liberal Bigotry About Bigotry Exposed

  1. Well, a lot of the country considers WV to be “southern” as well… so that’s two… which is a handful, if you’re counting before taking off your mittens.

    • A lot of the country is ignorant, especially since West Virginia specifically split off from Virginia to return to the Union during the Civil War. It’s less “southern’ than Missouri, Kansas or Colorado.

      • And a lot of the same people who don’t know that would hammer you for pointing that out, calling you pedantic. One of the “1984” phrases was “ignorance is strength” and we are that much closer now.

        That aside, I was happy to see Adegbile fall, I don’t think it’s in the country’s best interests for Obama to install yet another pet radical in a high position. I also think the fact that the above-mentioned senators broke ranks is an indicator that some of them believe, increasingly justifiably, that their party is in for a tough election cycle in some otherwise defendable states and don’t want to make it an even tougher one.

        NPR is just stuck in knee-jerk liberal mode, as you already pointed out, and knee-jerk liberal rhetoric is starting to sound pretty hollow now, the same as a lot of the neocon rhetoric started to sound hollow about 8 years ago when it became increasingly evident that the extremely broad goals of the War on Terror were evaporating and just holding onto what gains we’d made was going to be tough, at the expense of a fair amount of hard-to-take casualties and loss of ethical capital. The off-year elections of the second term seem to be when the mistakes of the last six years come home to roost and the president’s party takes a hit, and sometimes the president himself, making me wonder if a six-year non-reelectable term might be the way to go at times (not that it would ever happen).

      • If you mean “southern” in the sense of “formerly slave states, confederacy, and traditionally racist.” In the sense of “Geographically southeast and in the same area as Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Appalachia as a whole” then it’s Southern. Remember, Michigander here- I think of WV as “southern” in a purely geographic sense.

  2. It seems like every time there’s an unethical choice to make Harry Reid makes it. You sort of have to admire his consistency.

  3. Based solely on what I can read in public documents, it seems Mr. Adegbile came to the case some 27 years after the conviction, after the death penalty was overturned, and participated in trying to turn the Killer’s case into a “celebrity” cause, speaking out in public about the “injustice” and like a host of other “celebrities” tried to overturn the conviction base on nothing but celebrity pressure.
    We aren’t against Adegbile because he’s a bad lawyer, it’s because he’s a bad person, using this case to advance his personal position, and bringing a politically correct agenda to what should be in the Justice Dept a strictly legal job.
    Oh yes, he’s the one who is Ethically Challenged.

    • Based solely on what I can read in public documents, it seems Mr. Adegbile came to the case some 27 years after the conviction, after the death penalty was overturned, and participated in trying to turn the Killer’s case into a “celebrity” cause, speaking out in public about the “injustice” and like a host of other “celebrities” tried to overturn the conviction base on nothing but celebrity pressure.
      I just wonder how much of that is going to be considered good lawyering.
      It’s like mixing sugar with the poison so it’s easier to swallow.
      I get Mr. Marshall’s point on the professional ethics of the matter but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

      Every time Mumia’s dirty rotten murdering bastard name is spoken is another slap in the face to Daniel Faulkner’s family, police. and good citizens anywhere.
      There is no justice until he goes where he belongs.
      That he is still breathing causes me great offense.

  4. It took a while, but NPR eventually removed the erroneous “Southern” from its transcripts and podcast—without noting the change.
    That was pretty damn stupid.
    Even for NPR.

  5. Crying racism at every turn is now SOP amongst the Left, Jack.

    It won’t be long before the Lefties will claim Darrel Issa was racist for cutting off Elijah Cummings when he began rambling off topic after a Lois Lerner hearing was adjourned.

    • I wonder if the Left will cry racism over New York city’s stringent requirements to obtain a handgun permit.

      ” In which case, perhaps we ought also to take a look at New York City’s gun-permitting process, which not only requires individuals who wish to buy a firearm to go through the apparently devastating process of obtaining an acceptable ID but also to provide separately a proof of residence, a proof of citizenship or permanent residency, and a Social Security card; to pay $431.50 plus the cost of two color photographs; to wait an average of eight months for the application to be processed, and then attend a lengthy in-person interview; and, if the applicant has not lived in the United States for seven years (and many immigrants can become citizens after just three years, remember), to provide a certificate of good conduct from their foreign government. Pray, how does that fit into the mix?”

      By the NAACP’s logic, this is racist.

      • No, because getting a legal permit is just how white people camouflage their plan to go shoot a bunch of innocent black kids with skittles.

  6. Jack,
    I read the first port on this and agreed. Now I haven’t put a lot time in paying attention to this confirmation but each time I saw conservative pundits discussing it or an article on it, your position was represented and affirmed, not happily maybe, but most of it focused on the his activist activities that many viewed as going well beyond representing his client and established him as very biased. Now looking at it not from the ethical perspective of attorney representing a client, which I agree with you on, but as character indicator and whether he can be relied upon to ethically execute his duties in that position I think is a valid argument. How that distinction should be made is difficult and I think beyond the ability of most journalists to convey.

  7. Just a minor problem – I’ve been silent on a number of issues. You can assume that for most of them, my only contribution would be “I agree” which isn’t very helpful. Yet if I say nothing, it could reasonably be construed as implying it’s not important.

    OK, here NPR were wrong, it’s not about race. But anyone who thinks the GOP would ever support any Obama nominee under any circumstances is probably wrong.

    • You’re correct. The GOP would not support any Obama nominee under any circumstances and it’s not about race. It’s about fundamental disagreement on every issue and it’s completely legitimate. Of course that will never be discussed because it’s not as easy to win a political argument if you leave political stereotypes out of it.

    • They would if his nominees didnt reflect his radical agenda for the country. So, good for them that they oppose him on this.

      “But, but, in the past, nominees were confirmed as a simple matter of courtesy.”

      Yeah… Presidents also weren’t wild revolutionaries either, that couldn’t be trusted.

    • Echoing Wyo and Tex here, but it’s a cause-and-effect thing. One could just as easily say that “anyone who thinks that Obama would ever nominate someone at all palatable to the GOP is probably wrong.”

      I think he just keeps missing the “politics” part of “politician-” he shows massive unwillingness to horse-trade and move thing sforward based on compromise and balancing of goals and ideals. Instead he’s demanding that everything be done according to his whim and then stamping his feet when the other side won’t play along. All of which is abetted by a media who largely acts as lapdogs, innocently saying “but he’s just so good and smart and RIGHT, you’d have to be EVIL to disagree with him!”

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