Unethical Website of the Month: “I Love Dogs”

This isn't the puppy in the post, but I've been looking for an excuse use this photo...

This isn’t the puppy in the post, but I’ve been looking for an excuse use this photo…

I love dogs too, but encouraging people to beat alleged animal abusers to the verge of death just doesn’t seem right to me. I’m funny that way.

Indeed, I wonder about the values and mental stability of those who think this is a rational and ethical response to the perpetrator of any kind of crime, not just animal abuse.

“I Love Dogs” has sent into the web a virtual “Wanted Poster” with a photo of a real human being, ostensibly a canine abuser who “nearly beat this pup”—also pictured—“to death.” The poster suggests that readers should share the poster if they “believe that he deserves the same.”

Sure enough, many do. The post has gleaned many thousands of likes, about 5000 shares, and a wave of comments like those that follow here. I’ve included the names of the posters, who obviously didn’t think their comments were anything to be ashamed of. I wish I could include the thousands more like them, but there is too much anonymity in crowds. Posting the commenters’ names that appear below is a public service. I suggest avoiding them. Also proofreading their work, as they all appear to have dropped out of the third grade…

Elizabeth Mullins: i agree he deserves the same and more …poor little dog… and after he is beaten half to death he should do time in prison
Yvetta Hill Tiemann:  Pos!!!!! Beat his ass damn near to death !! Jerk, people suck ! DOGS RULE feed him to the pup.
Krystle Ackerman:  poor dog lets beat his ass even worse then he did to the dog idoit
Judi Terpening: We need public punishment and it should fit the crime, and maybe, just maybe, it will deter some of these sick pieces of crap from doing this.
Zuzana Vrchoticka: He has MF written all over his face! Get rid of this POS for good so he won’t harm any other animal! Beating up an innocent happy puppy? What kind of low life F…ing as.hole,weak dumba.s are you????? What did the pup do to you,you sick bastard???!!!! I have no mercy for this kind of low life. Just kill him. Make the world a better place. There is no need for his kind on this planet!
Jo Ann Flournoy: he deserves the same …Tiffany! he needs to live so he can feel the horrible pain!! beat him half to death and when he starts to heal,beat him again and again for the rest of his miserable life!!
JoAnn DiLillo Minafo: Do the same to him. Cowardly Asshole
Callie Jo:  Killl hiiimm!!!
Edith Valle: He definitely deserves the same thing!!!
Joyce Walker: Yes, He needs to be beat just like he did the dog
Nico Correa: i think this guy would b dead! Due 2 the asswoopin from the mob of ppl who commented this. lol
Mark and Pam Nowak: SCUM ! I say cut his balls off….piece of shit !



Let me take a breather, if you don’t mind.

Okay, here’s more:

Tiffany Yeager: Someone should beat him to death.
Carol Allen: Same treatment for him that he gave the pup!!
Becky Dieterle: Scum of the earth!! Hope Bubba gives him what he deserves in prison!!!!!
Donna Angelina: Petrizzo Id like to step all over his face with my high heel boots
Monty Winstead: I believe wholeheartedly that he’s not deserving of a beating. He deserves nothing more than to be put to death.
Manuel Jaramillo III: You small dick mother fucker! I’d be happy to give you the beat down you need/ deserve!
Lorraine le Page: Why isn’t his address made public ??? He might like a few visitors !!!
Melanie Donnenwerth; Beat this fucker to death!!
Maureen Fernando Santos:  kill him slowly.
Angela Gill: This makes me feel sick x horrible man, needs a spade over his head !! X
Marilyn Narozny: I hope someone beats him to death!!!
Wendy Ceron: He deserves death., worthless piece of shit!
Shae Andersen: that was wrong of him and he should feel the same way that he made the poor dog feel.
Melissa Murphey: Fry his story ass!!
Virginia Ingram: Beat him to a pulp and throw his a$so in jail for the rest of his life…
Horatia House: I’d beat his ugly face and cut his balls !

If you wonder where lynch mobs come from, and why George Zimmerman is hiding under a mattress somewhere, those quotes should answer your questions. Is it all talk? Sure, probably, though I wouldn’t want to bet my life on it. To even make the statement that a human being deserves to be beaten to death shows that an individual’s values and instincts are barely removed from the jungle. The disturbing aspect of this is that they really think this is a virtuous position, an eye for an eye, except that the initial eye belongs to a pit bull. The dog wasn’t even killed.


Cruelty to animals is a sign of mental illness, and I agree that such people are dangerous to humans as well as pets. Serious punishment as well as treatment is in order. Putting out a hit call over the web is definitely not in order, and I wouldn’t know how to begin to teach basic ethics principles to someone who thought it was.

The idea is to love and care about animals, not to become animals.


Pointer: Patrice Roe

13 thoughts on “Unethical Website of the Month: “I Love Dogs”

  1. As I understand it, “an eye for an eye” was a limitation to what could be exacted in revenge and.or imposed as punishment, meaning that if someone blinded you, you couldn’t kill him or her, but were limited to a similar blinding. That said, these responders are sick.

  2. I do say that I never shed a tear when people like this get mauled by their own animals. It’s just too bad that all too often the animals then get put down for being vicious.

    • Oh, the dog has complete carte blanche to take whatever measure of vengeance he deems appropriate, provide he’s willing to accept the consequences. The problem is, being a pit bull, it would add fuel to bigotry against his breed, so that has to be taken into account.

      • We need a vigilante gang of lovable breeds. Something not too big, not too scary, and not too small and yappy. Something like… hm, Border Collies I guess?

  3. I may have mentioned here that I once aided and abetted in a dog theft.
    It was a neighbor and I just couldn’t take what he was doing any longer.
    Yes, that was a crime but I’m not sorry. At all.

  4. Well, if someone is doing that to YOUR dog…or to you…then yes, beat them as viciously as you must. Kill them, if that’s what it takes to make them stop.

    But lynching someone because you think they did something cruel…no. I understand how enraging it can be to see people abusing the helpless and seemingly getting away with it, but we have laws to deal with these things. The mob mentality is scary wherever it arises, but fortunately the typical outraged internet vigilante is far too lazy to risk joining an actual mob.

  5. Let’s get out the torches and pitchforks. The monster is loose! Yes, is it is unethical and wacko to urge somebody to beat somebody to death.

  6. I would love to know more about those commenters, their voting tendencies, party leanings, views on certain hot-button topics etc. I suspect such information would be specifically damning of certain ideologies.

    • Roger that!! If I had to venture a guess, it would be that all of these folks, across the board, despise those hate-filled Republicans. To coin an expression, LOL!

      • Yes, my guess would be the same as yours. On the other hand, it might not be a positive reflection on Republicans if it is true that they can’t even win a hating contest.

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