Ethics Hero: CNN’s Jake Tapper

Light in the darknessNot all non-conservative media journalists are working to assist Democrats in their frantic damage control now that their epic contempt for the democratic process, transparency, truth, and the American public has been exposed by the videotaped crowing of paid manipulator Jonathan Gruber.

When junior Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (D) did his part by following the current game plan and attempting to dismiss Gruber as a footnote by tweeting…

“It’s sad to me that good political journalists are spending so much time on these irrelevant comments by this guy Gruber”

…CNN anchor Jake Tapper shot back in a tweet of his own,

“@ChrisMurphyCT respectfully, it’s sad to me that some politicians would claim the comments are irrelevant”

Tapper was using the device of ironic parallel construction, but it’s more than sad, it is horrifying. An insider who was crucial to the drafting of Obamacare admits that the Administration’s objective was to mislead the Congressional Budget Office and deceive “stupid voters,” and now the party that paid him $400,000 is covering up with a series of rationalizations, denials and lies. This is the fourth of the defenses apparently being emailed to all loyal Obamacare defenders from the high command.

First we have the rationalization: “Everybody does this with’s no big deal.”

Second is the brazen lie, or the Jumbo: “We were completely transparent!”

Third is the totalitarian mantra, “Hey, it was the only way, and it was worth it!” (The ends justify the means.)

The Fourth: airbrushing history, the Nancy Pelosi amnesia: “Who is this guy?”

The proof of Senator Murphy’s complicity is the Clintonian “this guy, Gruber, ” echoing “that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Gruber had been lavishly praised by both Harry Reid on the floor of the Senate and Pelosi: Murphy knows damn well who “that guy” is, and why his revelations remove all semblance of trustworthiness from his party and its leaders…unless they can trick those stupid voters one more time!!

One journalist from the mainstream media, at least, is on to them.

7 thoughts on “Ethics Hero: CNN’s Jake Tapper

  1. But how many others? The Gruber videos should be a big eye opener to anyone as to what kind of people and processes are now directing so much of the policies that affect this nation- even at the highest levels. I can let the “stupid” references from such elitists roll off me, as I already know the character of these people. What concerns me far more is that a doctrine of increasingly authoritarian power, forwarded by deliberate disinformation and used against not only we the citizens, but our elected representatives as well, has become all but institutionalized in some quarters. This is a terrible threat to our liberties and one that the framers of the Constitution foresaw. Criminal government must not prevail!

    Does Tapper understand all that? Do his bosses? They’d better start. If this sort of thing DOES prevail, the Bill of Rights- already seriously degraded- is likewise out the window. When that happens, all journalists will become servants of the State. Many already are by choice. Those who do not had better start getting together fast. They’re in the same boat with the rest of us. Let the Jon Gruber case and the ongoing, blatant deceptions of the last two press secretaries be their own wakeup call.

    • Tapper gets it—his bosses don’t. Meanwhile, Howard Dean picked now to say that Republicans don’t believe in democracy, apparently because they believe citizens should prove they are citizens and not dead people before they get to warp the democratic process. Dean is in the Trump, Maher, Wasserman-Schultz category–he is too absurd to pay attention to. Still, that he would pick now, of all times, to make that accusation: pure Orwell.

      • It’s probably not worth pointing out that Zero Conservatives and Republicans (in my experience) voted for this abomination. So the “stupid people” that Gruber, et. al. refer to are their own Democrats and some Independents. Do you think their constituents “get that”?

      • It just leaves me amazed that now, at this 11th hour, some establishment newsmen are just now coming to realize that they’ve been complicit in the demise of their own profession. As I recall, only two professions are mentioned in the Constitution; their existence being thereby considered essential by the Founding Fathers: The pulpit and the press. Two professions that are often quite different in their outlook, certainly! But without them, no free republic can survive. When either becomes untrue to its purpose for existence, the danger to society becomes acute.

        Thanks for the thumbs up, Lucky!

      • I’ve said it before. If the Democrats accuse someone of doing something or begin to protest to much, there is a 99% likelihood they are engaging in EXACTLY that behavior.

        “Republicans are the Party of the Big Business and Government Cronyism” -not true…actually the Democrats

        “Republicans want to destroy the middle class”

        “Republicans want to stifle minorities”


        It goes on.

        When will we open eyes that the Democrat’s and the Democrat agenda is wholly un-American (except for their lucky strike on same sex marriage -which I don’t think they embrace for any reasons other than to secure a voting demographic), and because it is wholly un-American they HAVE TO ENGAGE in these tactics.

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