.5 Cheers For The Justice Department Deciding To Be No More Biased, Divisive And Unethical Regarding Michael Brown’s Shooting Than It Already Has Been

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The Justice Department has reportedly decided not to bring civil rights violations charges against former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. This is not exactly a surprise, since there was no justification, based on known evidence, for opening an investigation in the first place. Still, the decision does show that there are unethical depths to which Eric Holder’s race-obsessed, partisan and untrustworthy regime won’t sink to.

It was obvious to all objective observers that the original announcement, in the wake of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Wilson, that the Justice Department was investigating possible civil rights violations was pure race identification politics at its worst. The Justice Department is supposed to be non partisan. It is supposed to build trust in the system, not undermine it. It is supposed to be objective and fair, and not prejudge or take sides until the facts are known. Never mind: all of that and more was thrown aside, openly and with fanfare, in the Ferguson Ethics Train Wreck.

Holder met with Brown’s parents. He consulted openly with Al Sharpton, who was, and is, claiming that Brown was gunned down for being black. Holder’s department sent representatives to Brown’s funeral. Holder’s decision to investigate whether to seek a civil rights violation indictment was interpreted as a statement that the Ferguson grand jury that refused to prosecute Wilson was itself racially biased, though the evidence released proved that was not the case. The investigation sent a cynical, divisive message that a black President and a black Attorney General were going to stand with “their” people, and the conclusions of a “mostly white” grand jury be damned. The decision seemed to validate, as it was fully intended to, the protests, the anger, the riots, and the “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” lie.

However, as we knew, and know, and as Holder’s attorneys knew, the evidence was never there, and never was going to be there. Thus Justice is finally doing the right thing, after intentionally doing the wrong thing to show beyond any shadow of a doubt what side they are on, as an agency of all the people that is pledged to only be on one side, that of blind and color blind justice. Instead, Holder’s minions chose to subject Wilson, and by extension his profession, the police, months of injustice to demonstrate politically useful solidarity with Brown’s parents, who accused their country of racism before the United Nations, and Al Sharpton, whose bar for proving racism is set low enough to call the Academy Awards bigoted for not nominating the actors he would nominate. It was not willing, apparently, to go so far as to hold a trial in which the United States would be thoroughly embarrassed, because it had nothing to prosecute on.

Yes, I’ll compliment Holder and the Justice Department for doing the right thing that they made necessary by months of unethical conduct. Good for them. They were not as unprofessional and atrocious as they might have been.

With this Justice Department, that qualifies as progress.

13 thoughts on “.5 Cheers For The Justice Department Deciding To Be No More Biased, Divisive And Unethical Regarding Michael Brown’s Shooting Than It Already Has Been

    • He has, but the Senate didn’t hold hearings on his successor yet, then they were in recess, and I don’t think Obama wanted to stir up trouble with a recess appointment.

      • So, basically, he has found a way to resign, thus silencing his critics (heh-heh-heh), without REALLY resigning? Huh! He can’t even quit ethically.

        • I don’t know…. Resigning and staying until a successor has been appointed probably IS ethical. That said, if I really wanted to replace Holder, I would have attempted to replace him a year before the 2014 elections, because Obama has had some extreme issues before he lost both the house and the senate getting his nominations appointed. This hit me as lip service. Of course Holder is going to stay until a replacement is found. Of course the nominating process will take forever. He might as well just stay until Obama’s done at this point.

          • My point exactly. There has been more than one Cabinet member who resigned, gave a decent notice then boogied. As far as I know, there is no statutory or Constitutional requirement (or moral or ethical) for an AG to remain in place until his/her successor is named. Or approved by the Senate (which may be a bit unlikely, in this case, no matter who it is). So if “I’m waiting for my successor to take over” is why he’s still there, he might well still be in office two years from now.

  1. When this was reported on the news last night by one of the unbiased, truth telling, good networks (not Fox), the announcement was along the lines of “After a white police officer killed an unarmed black teenager, the Justice Department has decided NOT to press civil rights charges against the officer. However, they are still investigating to see if they can press civil rights charges against the police forces in Ferguson and St. Louis, Missouri”.

    Maybe they haven’t quite done the right thing yet. Maybe they are just looking for an easier way to do something unethical.

  2. The Michael Brown shooting has no further political utility for this administration. There is no ethical framework involved in the decision to drop the matter, it simply serves no further political purpose. All of the sound and fury stoked by the likes of Sharpton and other Obaminions will be remembered; the rest will be ignored.

    • I don’t know…. They made their Big Lie. Now when something happens three years down the road, they’ll remember the unarmed black teenager and “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”.

      It’s disgusting, but they got what they wanted.

      • Exactly. All the noise existed to convince a segment of the population, (we’ll call them “morons”), that cops kill unarmed, angelic honor student teenagers for racist fun. And those morons will go to their graves convinced that’s exactly what happened. They will never know, (as in process the information), that Obama’s justice department, under Holder, found no cause for charging the officer with any civil rights violations. I bet they, (the morons), would call you a liar if you told them that’s how it ended.

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