Ethics Dunce: Sarah Palin

FU MMoore

Civility, decorum, dignity, role model obligations, leadership, high standards…never mind all that elite stuff.  Just keep catering to the boors, the  clods, and the vulgar jerks. I’ll admit, there are a lot of them

Stay classy, Sarah.

22 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: Sarah Palin

        • I’m neither, and I also posted on social media that that fat bowel movement in human form can perform an anatomically impossible sex act on himself.

          Frankly, I think that kind of reaction is exactly what blubberass wanted. He hasn’t made a film in six years and his talents don’t lie in buttering up Obama, only in making those he doesn’t agree with look bad. This has put him back in the headlines, and to him all publicity is good publicity.

          I think lardass, like Dan Savage and a few others, has forfeited any entitlement to civility, classy behavior, or any basic courtesy. He is in a lot of ways worse than Dan, who may be an unapologetically vicious ranter and antireligious bigot, but one thing he is not is a liar. Fatso is not only a ranter who has zero respect for anyone who doesn’t agree with him, and not only a bigot (read his statement about never hiring white people), but a twister of facts and sometimes an out and out liar (like cobbling together excerpts from two speeches by Charlton Heston to make it look like he gave a defiant challenge right after Columbine) and a deliberately sloppy thinker (like standing around the Capitol stupidly asking congressmen if they will provide troops for Iraq from among their own children).

          The only thing he is entitled to is harsh rejection in no uncertain terms.

          • Exactly. And I expect respected American political leaders to be able to execute such a rejection without making that idiot look thoughtful and articulate by comparison. She couldn’t even spell FUCK right.It’s FUCK or F_ _ _; FUC_ is only if you are playing “Hangman.”

    • Penn, he recently tweeted how he was raised to believe snipers were cowards because his uncle was killed by a sniper.

      “My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse”

      Follow-up tweet:

      “But if you’re on the roof of your home defending it from invaders who’ve come 7K miles, you are not a sniper, u are brave, u are a neighbor.”

      So, he essentially bashes “American Sniper” in one tweet, then goes on to his tired narrative of the U.S. invading Iraq schtick. Getting booed off the Academy Award stage didn’t teach him. Nothing will, apparently.

      When he was called on labeling Chris Kyle – the subject of “American Sniper” – and all snipers in general cowards, people took issue with that. It’s snowballed into a minor trainwreck with comeback tweets that now include Seth Rogan (he of “The Interview” fame), Newt Gingrich, former Superman Dean Cain and Alec Baldwin. Drawing Baldwin back into the Twitterverse is just unforgivable.

      Moore tweeted back that he didn’t mention “American Sniper” in his tweet. Whatever. The original tweet didn’t come from a vacuum. He’s smarter than that and so are we. He knew how his tweet would be taken and that’s exactly how he intended it to be taken.

      Is there an Ethics Rationalization for arguing that you didn’t mean what people thought you said when you clearly did mean it and knew what reaction you’d get? I’m not sure Pazuzu fits here.

        • Michael Moore lied about something? Hang on, I need to go find some big-ass ostrich feathers to hand out so people can knock me over with them.

          Even if Michael Moore was not a liar, and even if he was not a scoundrel, he has not been relevant since 2007, if not earlier. The best response to him making an offensive statement like this would be to ignore it.

          You know what? Maybe the same could go for Sarah Palin. Except she was relevant in 2008.

      • Thanks for the precis, A.M. Golden. If that was what Palin’s childish, snarky grinning response was all about, then it justifies my conviction that reading twits is a waste of time. Most of them seem to be equivalent to the output of kids who thought they could write a good Burma Shave slogan.

        Re Moore, however, the fathers of his generation may well have considered the word “sniper” pejorative — shoot-in-the-back-from-ambush cowardly — because it usually referred to the enemy. OUR guys were “sharpshooters” and ambush was referred to as “camouflage.” Which is no excuse for Moore trying to stir up trouble; after all, he couldn’t get away with justafiably criticizing Selma.

        • Moore’s comment about snipers, like Bill Maher’s similar slur on bomber pilots, just betrays their simple-minded bias and ignorance about the methods of and necessities of combat…and they are self-indicting. They don’t need inarticulate, vulgar, insulting signs from slumming ex-governors courting the drop-out redneck vote to make the point. Idiots quarreling with idiots. No wonder kids turn off to politics.

  1. What I believe about SP is that she is nice enough, but not overly endowed with intellectual ability. I believed, and still do, much the same thing about GWB, though I think he was at least an honorable man, something that could not be said for either his predecessor or his successor. And unlike either, he tried to get honorable men to advise him. He was not always successful, but he tried. That being said, prosecuting the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was obviously beyond him, so thank God for good Generals. And finally, aren’t we all glad SP didn’t become VP. Instead, we got Joe Biden. Am I missing something in the requirements for running for VP?

    • Actually, both SP and W are smart, each in their own ways. Bush certainly made Gore look like a fool, and Sarah’s phase-making skill couldn’t come from a defective mind—“death panels”? “How that hopey changey thing working out for you”? Intelligence has many forms and styles.

      • Palin is clever — she is not wise. I don’t think W would have gotten anywhere in this world if his last name had been Palin instead of Bush.

        • “Anywhere”? I think that’s a bit broad, and a lot unfair. You know how many Presidents had significant boosts from their family? Let’s see—George, Tom, Madison, Monroe, JQ Adams, Harrison,Tyler, Pierce, Arthur, the second Harrison, Teddy, Taft, Wilson, FDR, JFK, Bush I, and W. It’s a cheap shot. But it was an effective cheap shot that for years made candidates claim they were born in log cabins whether they were or not…

          • I don’t disagree with you. I could go on and on about the oligarchy in the US that we pretend is a democracy, but I think you missed my point. I wasn’t so much dissing Bush as acknowledging that Palin is very clever. She paved her own way in this world and I admire that, even if she will never get my vote.

    • I can assert with 100% confidence that no running mate, even one reanimated from America’s past, could have saved McCain, a terrible speaker, a clunky campaigner, and unlucky to boot. I’m pretty sure Sarah won him more votes than she lost, too. No VP ever loses an election for the nominee, and only one—LBJ—arguably ever won one.

    • Palin was blamed for Gaby Giffords’shooting because she had placed her face and others in a gunsights graphic to indicate vulnerable Democrats. That was idiotic, of course, so Palin’s using that controversy to tweak her haters.

      • So the full picture is even worse than what you covered. Clever girl, Sarah! (And yet, there’s something sweetly vengeful about current times. She promised gasoline prices at $2 – remember? “Drill, baby, drill!”)

        • I apologize for my error in my comment above. It was a result of a genuine senior moment. I mistook who said what, between two conservative women. Sarah Palin did not promise $2 gasoline. Michele Bachmann did.

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