The Anti-De Blasio

No de Blasio he!

No de Blasio he!

The mayor of Norwood, Ohio, Thomas F. Williams, did exactly the opposite of besieged New York Mayor Bill de Blasio in response to activist attacks on the integrity of his police department. He sent this letter to his police:

Letter racebaitingIts substance reads…

“I feel compelled to express my thoughts in writing as police officers across the country are under attack by race baiting black leaders and cowardly elected officials. Now is the time to be extra cautious while performing your duties. Back each other and take nothing for granted. Let it be known that, God forbid, something controversial would happen, I WILL NOT ABANDON YOU. As I have always said, your number one goal is to go home to your family after your shift…”


Now, instead of being under fire from his own police like his Big Apple counterpart, Williams’ declaration of support for his own police is being called “appalling” and racist. Bishop Bobby Hilton, president of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter National Action Network, released a statement saying,

“It is appalling that Mayor Thomas Williams would stoop so low as to call black leaders “Race Baiters”.  It is unfortunate he has a problem with blacks and citizens of every group demanding full and fair investigations of the killings of unarmed black men.

“I strongly suggest that blacks stay out of Norwood.  Do not shop there. When a Mayor feels the only way he can encourage and show support for his police department is by making disparaging remarks about black leaders, it is time to stay away for your own safety.”

Jasmine Coaston-Foree, an organizer with Black Lives Matter Cincinnati, demanded, “We want a public apology. We want him to retract the inflammatory statement. The letter was irresponsible for someone in his position given the events that have happened recently.”

For his part, the Mayor, a Democrat, is not backing down. “It’s one of those things where everybody knows, or most people know or can see what’s going on, but they won’t say it,” Williams said. “And there are individuals across the country who earn a living or raise funds by getting involved in something before any of the facts are known. (People) who come in, raise doubt, raise issues, when they don’t know the facts and then they leave. That’s a fact.”

What’s going on here?

1. Is the mayor’s letter wise to intentionally poke a hornet’s nest by accusing the activists of being race-baiters? No. In that regard it is irresponsible. The Mayor did not need to denigrate his critics in order to support his police, which was wise.

2. On the other hand, the letter is, if undiplomatic, completely true, and thus fair, in all respects. The stance of protesters, activists, civil rights activists and black leaders has been race-baiting of the most vile kind from the first stirrings of the Ferguson controversy, and even before, linking to the Trayvon Martin fiasco. It is race-baiting because there is a presumption of racism purely because of the color of the victims’ skin; indeed white unarmed shooting victims “don’t matter” to these protesters and activists.

Phrases like “demanding full and fair investigations of the killings of unarmed black men” is race-baiting. There was a thorough and fair investigation in Ferguson. There was no evidence whatsoever that race played any part in Brown’s death, or Garner’s, or Tamir Rice’s shooting in Cleveland. The presumption otherwise is race-baiting.

3. As for “cowardly elected officials,” that would seem to be a direct shot at de Blasio and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, as well as members of the Congressional Black Caucus, all of whom deserve criticism, although “cowardly” is not the right word. The right words are irresponsible, reckless, pandering, cynical and divisive.

4. For someone whose group is called “Black Lives Matter” to dispute the race-baiting charge hints of delusion. What does that phrase mean, unless it is intended as an assertion that to police, black lives don’t matter?

5. Anyone, black or white, who demonstrates under or near a banner reading “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” is race-baiting. In the mayor’s words, “That’s a fact.”

If there are legitimate racial issues in Norwood’s police department, the law suit cited by the mayor’s critics doesn’t show them in its fact pattern. A man was charged with cocaine distribution and wrongly held for almost two months before police realized they made a mistake. He’s claiming his civil rights were violated in a 100 million dollar lawsuit. His civil rights may have been violated, but the proof of racism? He’s black. That’s it. To race-baiters, that’s enough.

Mayor Williams’ job is to bring justice, the perception of justice and harmony to his community, and calling its black leaders race-baiters—even if that’s how virtually all black leaders have been talking and behaving since Ferguson—isn’t the way to accomplish these objectives. So yes, he’s wrong to use the words he did in supporting his police.

It’s also wrong to presume an Ohio city’s police officers are racists because Mike Brown charged a police officer, Eric Garner had a breathing problem, and the Cleveland 911 dispatcher forgot to tell a trigger-happy Cleveland cop that the “man with the gun” in the park was probably a kid with a toy.


Pointer: Fred does it again!

Source: WCPO 1, 2

28 thoughts on “The Anti-De Blasio

  1. Mayor Williams had the courage to tell the truth, a quality sadly lacking among so many on the political scene. He also understands some basics of leadership that many others likewise lack- Mayor DeBlasio and President Obama in particular. When you have men under you who wear uniforms and daily risk their lives in the public defense, it is IMPERATIVE that these men understand that they have the backing of their superiors all the way to the top. There are few bigger morale killers than the knowledge or impression that you are a political sacrifice just waiting to happen.

  2. Police have a very difficult job. I know. I am a former prosecutor. While there are certainly great officers with excellent judgment that are committed to the public good for us all, some police also have biases that may make it difficult to empathize with some and not others. Perhaps the police officer that killed Michael Brown was not racist. But certainly, he had an implicit bias when he encountered an unarmed black teenager that made him shoot first.

    When I read the letter from Mayor Williams it sends the same coded message. The subtext is: “kill those black people if you have too. They are big, scary and I know you want to get home to your families. If you find yourself in this situation I will back you up.” Its like Planet of the Apes all over again. This is why we need the Black lives matter campaign. What’s most troubling about this incident is that many white Americans don’t seem to care and are unable (or unwilling) to see that their is very little value placed on black lives by the institutions that should be protecting us all. Instead of empathy, the campaign is belittled. That is truly unfortunate. The truly sad part is that many white Americans, police officers and government officials feel exactly like Mayor Williams but would never openly admit it.

    Have you ever had to worry about being murdered by a police officer? Scared that when you get pulled over it may be the end of your life if you make the wrong move? This is the reality for a distinct population of Americans, and it is scary and hurtful to know that white America refuses to acknowledge this.

    • A heartfelt comment and a thoroughly biased and distorted one, beginning with this:But certainly, he had an implicit bias when he encountered an unarmed black teenager that made him shoot first.

      Officer Lewis, based on the evidence, had an implicit bias in favor of staying alive, and not getting attacked by a 300 pound man who had already tried to take his gun.

      Your comment betrays exactly the anti-white, race-baiting, unfair, unjust, bigoted (against police and whites) attitude that was ginned up, in part, for political advantage as a desperation tactic before elections Democrats feared that they would lose unless African Americans could be fear-mongered into going to the polls.

      You’re a former prosecutor? That’s downright frightening, if this is the extent of your objectivity and ability to fairly evaluate motives and guilt. Who is it you think was murdered by police officers? Why do you think police officers set out to murder innocent black men? What hate and delusion.

      Pathetic and disheartening.

    • “At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    • I can’t fathom the amount of damage you inflicted to the community you served. The amount of bias, rationalization and intellectual dishonesty it took for you to put that statement together is appalling. The lack of any ethical considerations or even a nod to legal ethics makes me think you are a liar, troll and that you are trying to establish yourself as an authority on the matter, unfortunately for you most commentators here on Ethics Alarms are intelligent and can easily identify merit less comments from trolls so do yourself a favor and go back to Huffpo. If you would like to try your hand at defending your comments you have a steep hill to climb but I would enjoy seeing the effort.

    • I have read Kokoesquire’s blather, and, pending Aaron responding with something much more erudite than I am capable of, I felt the need to vent. I was enraged, saddened, disappointed and finally just flabbergasted by it. That a person who claims to be an ex-prosecutor could be this prejudiced, biased and just flat bigoted against a profession is frightening, especially when HIS profession is charged with present evidence proving guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Given the tone of his comment, I rather suspect he would (and at a guess, has) present his opinion as fact without qualms.

      As far as Mayor Williams letter goes, just possibly it is time for those of us who are tired of the racist game, and game it is, to stand up and start demanding that the rules be changed. Several points occur to me…like being black does NOT guarantee that you are innocent of all charges, and it should not guarantee that if you attack a cop, the cop is going to die instead of you. Resist arrest at your own peril. In any case, I am tired of Al Sharpton playing the race card so he can clothe himself in Armani suits and Jesse Jackson so he can support what is probably a string of mistresses. Unless you can PROVE a person is racist, don’t claim it. More especially, don’t claim it if there is, in fact, nothing even remotely suggesting racism. Because, Koko, there is no indication in either case indicating racism. There was no “perhaps” involved, and your “certainly” is based on a fiction presented by “race-baiting” officials and public figures. The only “code” involved is yours, apparently making the assumption that all whites are prejudiced against all blacks. I will admit that I am biased…I am biased against willful stupidity, and in your case, lunacy.

    • You should send a letter to Ebony magazine, telling them that these recent incidents remind you of Planet of the Apes. Use your best Ebonics, and sign it “Blind Melon Chitlin’ ” or “B’rer Sharecropper” to show them how hip, sympathetic, and culturally cosmopolitan you are, with your address and phone number at the top. You’ll make lotsa pals.

  3. I read “race-baiting black leaders” as exclusionary, rather than an across the board indictment. Is it all black leaders who are attacking police? No, but it is all the race-baiting ones.

  4. Dear God, please don’t let anyone tell Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton about this, they were just here in Hamilton County (where Norwood and Cincinnati are both located) late this past summer. Both Jesse and Al within 2 weeks of each other!! Seriously, we’re good here guys – nothing to see here, just keep moving.
    Oh wait – you don’t suppose that’s who Mayor Williams is talking about, do you?

  5. I seriously, honestly did not think the Democrat Party had anyone left in it like Mayor Williams, let alone anyone in it like him in elected office. I love cognitive dissonance! (But I am still never again voting for a Democrat.)

    • Look at Norwood. It is an old industrial area. As for being undiplomatic, of course he is. This is Norwood, not Indian Hills.

  6. Well, at least he crossed out “race pimps” and replaced it with something a little less provocative. That would have been awesome, er, I mean, really bad to leave that in.

  7. I understand the anger and exasperation of cops lately. They put their lives on the line all day, patrolling our nation’s violent cesspools, and being held to a very high standard of conduct that often greatly increases the risk. There are, however, plenty of instances of actual brutality, like the following:

    “I was fired for intervening when a fellow police officer was choking a handcuffed suspect. He punched me in the face for my intervention. He was promoted, and my attempt to defend myself got me fired from a 19 year career and resulted in the loss of my pension. I don’t want my job back, but I worked hard for my pension to ensure my kids’ future. Please help me tell New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli to reinstate my pension and make a statement against injustice and corruption.

    My name is Cariol Horne. I am a proud New Yorker and a mother of five, and for nearly a decade I have been appealing a wrongful firing and the loss of my pension. When I was fired by Buffalo PD, the department charged me with obstruction for stopping Officer Kwiatkowski’s brutal attack on an already cuffed and arrested suspect. Even Kwiatkowski himself disputes the facts of the charges that got me dismissed. And while he was allowed to retire with his pension I was swiftly let go.

    Mr. Kwiatkowski has a long history of violence within the police force. He retired after he had been suspended for choking a fellow officer on the job, he has been written up for punching another officer while off duty and most recently, after being promoted to Lieutenant, along with two other officers, was charged with federal felony civil rights violations for shooting a young African-American boy in his custody with a BB gun. From where I stand this is not a person that protects and serves but rather threatens the safety of officers and regular citizens alike.”

    …and others, but they are relatively rare. Still, all are worthy of national attention and scrutiny. Unfortunately, these groups are causing empathy fatigue every time they attach their cart to the wrong horses. There was another recent incident, wherein a black suspect, who had just served 13 years for shooting at cops, was pulled over and found to be in possession of a handgun. He was shot by a black officer (being called an Uncle Tom and house nigger by the “black lives matter” crowd) when he forced his way out of the car after being told at least 20 times, at gunpoint, not to move or he would be shot. He appeared to have his hands at about shoulder level on his way out, so he was supposedly complying, according to the Chair Force. The Keyboard Commandos that admit that he may not have actually been complying insist that not complying shouldn’t end in a “death sentence”, dismissing the whole unsafe situation, possible secondary weapon, and proper escalation of force stuff as being just superfluous noise, distracting us from the obvious racism of the black cop. There’s even some dolts that insist that he should have fired to “disable”, or fired warning shots out into the wild blue yonder. The hue and cry about this one also appears to be picking up steam, with the t-shirts already being pressed and donned. It enough to make me wish that some people, like hamsters, would eat their young.

    • Excessive force? Poor procedures? Brutality? Fine—that can be quantified, judges and measured. So can racism, as when Emmet Till was lynched. What needs to be called out and stopped is the presumption of racism for no other reason than the colors of the cop and the individual harassed, arrested or shot. I don’t want to hear about “history” or “feelings”—the language and logic being used is exactly that of bigotry: Policeman A is a racist because everyone knows police hate blacks. This is no different from a white bigot arguing that “everyone” knows that blacks want our white women. The double standard, bias, bigotry and hate needs to be called out on both sides, on the same terms. Neither “black lives” nor “white lives” matter more than the other, and that includes the lives of police officers too.

      • I’m with you 100% on all of the above. The hysteria about Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and the above incident robs credibility and sympathy for future legitimate claimants from the public.

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