Ethics Dunce: CNN Morning Anchor John Berman

When to you break out the dick jokes, John?

When to you break out the dick jokes, John?

There is apparently no way to stop the trend of supposed professionals polluting our discourse, and the airwaves by inflicting gratuitous vulgarity on us, apparently in the mistaken belief that doing so is clever and cute. It isn’t. It’s unprofessional, juvenile and embarrassing.

CNN anchor John Berman is the latest to join the smut brigade. Announcing a promotion for CNN’s evening entertainment show, “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” starring Mike Rowe, in which Rowe will be doing something—I really don’t care—involving boulders—Berman smirkingly began, “Mike Rowe shows us big stones!” Nice. And stupid. Kate Bolduan, sitting next to him, seemed visibly annoyed, and when he repeated the “joke” after the break, said, curtly, “Please stop.”

Male employees have been fired for less, and a repeat of that kind of sexual vulgarity in the presence of a woman would sustain a sexual harassment complaint or lawsuit on the theory of a hostile work environment. The main thing is that this is so unprofessional and degrading. I have to hear sophomoric double entendres in commercials, see them in print ads, listen to them being substituted for actual wit in sitcom scripts, but in newscasts?

If CNN had any broadcasting standards, it would discipline Berman. We know it won’t, since it didn’t discipline Anderson Cooper for sniggering on the air about “tea-bagging,” or Carol Costello for proclaiming her delight that Bristol Palin was assaulted, or the “New Day” team for joking about ebola. CNN has no broadcasting standards that I can detect.

At least Kate Bolduan does.


5 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: CNN Morning Anchor John Berman

  1. It says alot that I’d rather wince my way through Robin Meade’s morning news show than EVER watch CNN. Aside from their total partisanship politically, they also do not uphold any minimal standard of journalism. Not one iota.

  2. Yep. I agree. This guy, and many other so-called “journalists” on CNN, are collectively trying to subvert and destroy the Fourth Estate. What was once an honorable and dignified profession is gradually being eroded by a bunch of unprofessional, juvenile wanna-be comedians who just can’t help themselves from foisting their personal comments and snide remarks upon an audience who have tuned in to catch up on the day’s events. If I want to be entertained, I’ll watch The Simpsons. When I want news, I just want to hear what happened. Believe it or not, I’m actually smart enough to draw my own conclusions and, personally, I COULDN’T CARE LESS (believe me, I’ve tried) WHAT THE NEWSCASTER THINKS. Berman, Costello, Banfield and the rest of you egocentric anchors can keep your stupid opinions to yourself until you’re off the air. I hope you all contract a permanent and incurable form of laryngitis. Idiots.

  3. After the elections tonight and Trumps speach, when CNN switched to John Berman and Kate Bolduan for Super Saturday coverage the two proceeded to show the Democratic delegate count of Bernie vs Hilary NOT with the actually won votes, but included the free Super Delegates list as already accomplished delegates for Hilary. The truth is that if the actual voter delegate count democratically actually switches to Bernie as the leader (without including the super delegates), they are technically free to go where they want.

    This sort of egregious political manipulation and favoritism by CNN only serves to discourage Bernie Sanders voters and promote a consensus for Hilary, thereby it is a clear attempt by CNN management to influence the vote and the outcome of the election! This is meddling in the Democratic process at its very worst. Never mind that these “super delegates” are little more than a non democratic means for established officials to promote their agenda of quashing a new voice that they do not like. Perhaps CNN should talk about how the Democratics already have built into their election system this non democratic means of maintaining elected officals preferences that is no more democratic than if the Republican brokered convention would be.

    I am so furious over this that I do not feel that I can ever watch CNN any more, yet now I do not know where to go on cable. What CNN or at least the manipulations of what John and Kate and other like minded CNN reporters and management are doing by including Super Delegates is doing is hatefully non democratic and downright wrong. Kind of reminds me of the often inherent bias of FOX news, sad to say.

    • I missed that, but CNN isn’t called the Clinton News Network for nothing.

      Fox is not any more biased, and often less, than CBS, NBC, CNN, and ABC—your own biases are showing. The difference is that Fox’s bias is conservative, while all the others are left-biased.

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