Unethical Words And Actions Have Consequences Dept.: The Baltimore Shooting Spree


Since the Freddie Gray incident, Baltimore’s murder and criminal violence rate has climbed to record-setting levels, with over a hundred shooting deaths in the city this year. The Charm City’s police reported that 28 people were shot, and 9 of them killed, over the Memorial Day weekend alone.

Speaking to CNN anonymously, a Baltimore police officer attributed the spike to police officers in his city no longer doing their job proactively. This wasn’t a slowdown, he said, just low-risk policing, and the criminals are taking full advantage.

This seems extremely likely, and I would expect that the same phenomenon will take hold in other city police forces unless national leadership takes steps to…oh, what am I talking about? That’s not going to happen.

President Obama and Eric Holder’s racialized Justice Department planted the seeds of this with their irresponsible response to the Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown shootings, and those responses were modeled by a biased, unethical and politically ambitious state’s attorney in the Freddie Gray death. The war on police officers by African-American activists, Democrats and the Left was bound to have the result we are now seeing in Baltimore. Either the opportunistic pols, pundits and race-baiters wanted this, or they were too focused on gaining a political edge to foresee it. Now they are reaping what they have sown, and we should not allow them to deny accountability.

Why would any police officer engage in proactive policing when an unexpected turn of events, a resisting suspect or a single mistake in judgment under pressure will trigger protests and prejudging by mobs and the media, resulting in show trials ordered by cowardly prosecutors regardless of the evidence? It is a no-win situation for police, with personally, financially and professionally catastrophic consequences to an individual cop who ends up in the maw of one of these public lynchings. I expect that the next shoe in the process of dropping will be a sharp reduction in police recruits, except of the type that departments use at their peril.

There is no reason for any sane or intelligent individual to subject themselves to working conditions like this, where a disproportionate number of criminals and suspects he or she is going to encounter are African American, and any negative consequences to one of them under ambiguous circumstances will be attributed to racism, bias, homicidal tendencies or hate. We are going to end up with police forces made up entirely of insane or stupid cops.

CNN’s Carol Costello interviewed an African American community activist from Baltimore and asked the question I just did. His answer was a defiant “Because it’s their job!” Wrong. The job was not accepted with the risk of being thrown to the dogs by the Justice Department, state and local officials as an agreed-upon condition of employment. Police must be able to assume, as they once could, that the city, state and national leadership will support them and be reasonable regarding the occasional tragedies that the nature of the job will inevitably entail. Now they clearly cannot.

Had the pendulum swung too far to giving police the benefit of the doubt in every instance? Absolutely. Where the pendulum is swinging now, however, will result in urban chaos. That chaos, ironically, will fall most heavily on African American.

Police are also getting mixed messages from all sides. Many critics suggested that the lesson of the Eric Garner case was that police shouldn’t enforce minor laws. Who decides, then, which laws are minor? Hillary Clinton appeared to say that blacks shouldn’t be sent to prison because too many are in prison already, and Pulitzer Prize winning pundit Eugene Robinson has written that no non-violent offense should lead to prison time, at least when African Americans are involved. Are those crimes—burglary, embezzlement, credit card fraud—to be considered “minor” too? The African American community is in denial about its own role in its pernicious and persistent crime problem, and national leadership appears to be arguing that the solution is to change the definition of crime, to hold police officers to strict liability, and to presume racism any time a tragedy results from an attempted arrest.

Of course police officers are pulling back. We will see if the activists, progressives and prosecutors prefer that, and the resulting deaths and crime sprees, to coping with Al Sharpton-approved mobs. There should be no confusion, however, about why this is happening, and who is responsible.

Update: Related…murders up 45% in NYC under DeBlasio.

21 thoughts on “Unethical Words And Actions Have Consequences Dept.: The Baltimore Shooting Spree

  1. Not too far from this back to the days of the Bronx burning. At this point I give up, and say if the citizens of American cities want to kill each other and burn their own buildings down, then so be it. When they all look like Camden, with whole blocks rubble and other blocks nothing but shells, they will have only themselves to blame.

  2. Research a little deeper so as to gather all whom are responsible. Look at the group/s’ that were hiring these thugs , whom has been and still are active in someway with these groups. Look at whom pays the lead of these groups to do the hiring of thugs such as this.
    Take a look at Acorn and the spin off of that group from Acorn. Look at whom is associated with Acorn even to this day. Take a look at George Soros and his funding of these groups.
    Now these thugs are angry because they have not received their $5,000.00 a month for protesting.
    I just hope the ones that made this offer to pay these thugs to riot and destroy and cause bodily harm have to pay out their own personal pockets and have jail time instead of making the U.S. tax payer with common sense pay for all this harm. Highly unlikely though!
    There are laws that the Congress, House and Senate could have used a long time ago so as to stop much of this insanity. But then again, all the Congress, House and Senator are useful for is to talk a subject to death so that citizens will tire of, look the other so that Congress , House and Senate can get back to their useless way of doing business.
    What a mess we are in and it did not / does not have to be this way.

  3. I don’t get it. I know there are far too many abusive incidents, but riots and destroying police cars sure won’t fix anything. Then police won’t ba available to help at all. Do they really think hounding good cops will make a safer city? No police is better than what? More business will leave and there will be increased taxes to pay for that police car.If I were with the police department, I would seriously consider leaving. There will have to be a snap back about this insanity as these protests are harming more and more directly than the reasons for the protests. These celebs cannot control a whirlwind and more innocents will be hurt.

  4. Anyone wanna place bets that in 4-8 years the Democrats will be crowing from every high point the need for massive Federal oversight on municipal police forces? 12-16 years (or sooner amongst the hyper-Left) calls for a nationalized police force or gendarmerie?

    • Al Sharpton already has argued for a national police force. THAT should make us all feel more secure. You know—like the Secret Service. Or, if they aren’t total, drunken, incompetent boobs, the Gustapo.

        • No no no. Even left of center progressives like myself believe that effective policing has to be done at the local level. It’s the only way that it will work. But, if the police are committing civil rights abuses, or are accused of doing so, then the DOJ can — and should — investigate those allegations. The truth is that even the massive DOJ only has so many resources dedicated to doing this, so any fears of a nationwide gustapo-esque investigation is fear-mongering at best.

          • It will be useful to note that my original comment never made one assertion that the Left would desire to use current resources in some gestapo-esque fashion. So your comment, as straw men go, is pretty out of place.

              • Oh my bad, next time, I’ll have to assume you are replying to multiple people, in fact its a great way to have a discussion. No, the bold flanking maneuver at Inchon was very decisive, though only staved off the inevitable. Of course adding a little paprika and sage never hurt anything.

                Thanks IlliteralBeth!

                • What the…?

                  I’m so confused by you and Beth right now. But it’s strangely enjoyable. (Maybe it’s the sage.)

                  • Frankly Beth, I think you crossed yourself up in your fervent denial. If you truly believe in local police, then you should believe in local control over the police by local officials elected by local people… namely you. However, you would call in, not a county or state investigative body, but a FEDERAL one at the drop of a hat. And the Holder/Lynch Department of Justice at that! When you do this, you’ve intimidated those policemen and their superiors ton the point where they’re already essentially federalized. It used to be that DoJ had no jurisdiction over anything that didn’t spill across state lines. Now, not even the pretense of this is to be seen. Unconstitutional… and tyrannical.

    • President Obama implied this when he declared that he wanted a ‘civilian defense force’, that is as equally funded and armed as the military.

      I suggest that it will be less than 4-8 years; the Baltimore mayor openly invited the Justice Department in to ‘review’ and ‘advise’. Assuming the officer on CNN is correct, then police failure to . . .erm . . . ‘police’ will be the next rallying cry of invidious discrimination because police forces will not be going into minority neighborhoods and crime will skyrocket.


      • ” President Obama implied this when he declared that he wanted a ‘civilian defense force’, that is as equally funded and armed as the military. ”

        Based on President Obama’s vision for the military, I do not believe we would have anything to fear…

      • I’ve misplaced my tinfoil, but I do think it’s very interesting that the DOJ is currently investigating more than 20 major police departments now. Each time they step in, they get the option of rewriting the entire system according to their rules. Holder set a record for this, more than doubling the number of investigations. Like the winnowing of people of certain political persuasions alleged at the upper levels of the military, the change may be already upon us, simply unannounced.

        As was so frequently said here once upon a time, Let it burn.

  5. If Freddie Gray had been an elderly patient who died under similar circumstances while being transported by a nursing home, there would have been a big investigation and probably indictments. Holding people responsible for the harm that they do. Isn’t that what the police do for a living?

    But you say they never agreed to these terms when they signed up for the job? OK, fair enough. But if they no longer want to do the job because they feel the personal consequences outweigh the benefits, then they should stop cashing the paychecks. Taking the money and not doing the job is unethical, and it should be grounds for termination.

    • They are doing the job politicians want them to do – i.e. doing nothing that could cause an “unjust” causality.

    • I agree that it’s grounds for termination.

      “If Freddie Gray had been an elderly patient who died under similar circumstances while being transported by a nursing home, there would have been a big investigation and probably indictments. Holding people responsible for the harm that they do. Isn’t that what the police do for a living?”

      There would be investigations—there are such cases—and prosecutors would make a decision whether to prosecute after the full investigation was complete, without the pressure of threatened or actual riots (luckily those old people are pretty tame rioters), without the Attorney General meeting with the relatives of the alleged victims, without the indictment including the names of people who weren’t even tangentially involved, without her saying that she was standing with the victims, without suggesting the guilt of those indicted was a foregone conclusion–and the indictments wouldn’t be excessive, or presume criminal intent that would be literally impossible to prove.

    • I think you are smoking something if you actually believe this. If an elderly patient had died like that, they would have said he died of ‘complications’ and that would be the end of it. Over 300,000 people each year die like that. They don’t fire 300,000 doctors and nurses each year for such things.

  6. If I were a cop, I wouldn’t even give a black person a parking ticket. You gotta cover your a$$, and the department isn’t going to do it. They will sacrifice you on the altar of anti-racism. Just turn a blind eye and find a white guy to ticket. If you can’t see a driver through the tinted glass, and you pull him over, and he’s black, say, “Oops. Sorry. My bad. Have a nice day.” I would give burglary suspects time to run away. Murder suspects don’t exist. Tell eyewitnesses, “You’re racist.” Then off to the doughnut shop. It’s break time. Why start a race riot and risk media crucifixion, a Holder investigation, a trial and job loss?

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