Oh, Great: The Head Of America Rising Is A Harry Reid Clone

Secret photograph of future GOP operatives cloned in a secret facility.

Smuggled photograph of future GOP operatives cloned in a secret facility.

Republicans need a lot of things. Their own Harry Reid—and thus their own smug, unethical, Machiavellian liar who thinks deliberately misleading the public is justified if it helps win the day—isn’t one of them. Nevertheless, the brilliant RNC scientists at its top secret Bio-ideological Warfare facilities in a bunker under Pike’s Peak have apparently made one. (And maybe many...)

Remember the name Colin Reed (they cleverly changed the spelling to hide the fact that he was cloned from Harry’s nose hair clippings), and then forget anything you hear from his conservative opposition research hit-group America Rising. What good is an opposition research hit-group that can’t be trusted to be fair and accurate about what it finds? None, unless you favor slander and cheating. You know..like Harry.

This week, Reed’s Breitbart wannabe released a video that purported to show Hillary Clinton blowing off a supporter who asked for an autograph while she campaigned in New Hampshire. Conservative Hillary-Haters immediately went into overdrive, led by Reed himself (“Maybe these New Hampshire voters would have better luck getting Secretary Clinton’s attention if they wrote a six-figure check to the Clinton Foundation or were a highly-vetted political activist at one of her staged campaign events,” he said.) as the clip went viral. The problem was that the video was deliberately edited to omit Clinton’s actually signing the autograph as the woman beamed and took a photo.

Bloomberg’s fact-check operation caught the trick, and asked Reed if he stood by his swipe at Clinton that his group set up with a fake. He answered that the clip’s “7 million views so far” spoke for themselves. A chip off the old Reid, who infamous answered a similar question about his strategic campaign lie that Mitt Romney had paid no taxes in a decade by smirking, “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Reed is Reid, and the clone of a fick is still a fick, regardless of party affiliation. Or, as Dooley Wilson would have sung in “Casablanca” if it was about 2015 politics:

Whichever side you pick

A fick is still a fick,

A lie is still a lie!

The fundamental things apply

As slime floats by...

Play it, Sam:

5 thoughts on “Oh, Great: The Head Of America Rising Is A Harry Reid Clone

  1. What Mad Magazine wrote in the early sixties is even truer today: “‘Bad politics’ is what the party out of power says about whatever the party in power is doing, even though if the party out of power were the party in power, it would be doing the exact same thing, in which case, it would be ‘good politics.'”

    • Which is not to say that bad, worse, worst distinctions aren’t still worth making. Mad’s approach leads to the “everybody does it”, “they’re all just as bad”, “pox on both their houses” cop out that is fine for a 13 year-old mad reader, but poor civic responsibility for anyone who has out grown “Spy vs. Spy”

      • There IS a certain amount of satisfaction to seeing someone’s reaction as their own tactics are turned against them and suddenly they are on the receiving end. The question is just when does being ruthless stop being “playing hardball” and become “playing dirty?” I might also add, the last post makes it sound like someone who is fed up with both political parties and decides not to go with either is not being responsible. I don’t think you actually believe that, but is it in fact your position that directing your vote anywhere other than the two major parties is making irresponsible use of the vote? Are third-party candidates a waste? Forgive me if you’ve already answered this question at length elsewhere.

        • No—finding other alternatives is always responsible. But the Mad position is ethics surrender, a call to shrug it all off, lie back and enjoy the inevitable rape. It’s position—which is fine for a sophomoric humor mag, is that it’s all crap, don’t take it seriously. But we have to take corruption seriously.

    • Out of context quotes and quips are the norm in politics but imminently more pervasive coming from Democrats and their public relations arm, the main stream media.

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