Unethical TV Ad Of The Month: Geico

“If your boss stops by, you act like you’re working — It’s what you do. If you want to save 15 percent or more on car insurance, you switch to GEICO.

Actually, it’s not what you do if you are diligent, responsible, fair to your employer and deserve to have a job. It’s what you do if you are an unethical, dishonest slacker who is stealing your salary and ought to be fired.

These are apparently the kinds of people GEICO believe are its prime market.

Good to know.


Pointer: Grace Marshall

16 thoughts on “Unethical TV Ad Of The Month: Geico

  1. The employees in question were prison guards.

    Even if they got caught, their union would make it as hard as Hell to fire them.

      • While certainly stealing from wages from one’s employer is usually unethical, isn’t torture disproportionately more unethical, making “slacking” on the guards part a utilitarian method of protecting the prisoners (as opposed to resigning and protest so that truly unethical thugs could run the prison)???

  2. I wonder if the marketing “brains” and Geico actually anticipated such objections to overt messaging dishonest employees? Which may have led them to select what we see as European style / Middle ages justice, which isn’t justice at all. So the “slacker” guards are merely trying to be as ethical as possible by not enforcing the unjust punishments assigned to the criminals.

    Indeed, they nobly anticipated a future in which due process and rule of law may someday reign, in which those currently incarcerated would have been found to be wrongfully accused anyway?

    I’m trying here…work with me…

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