Ethics Dunce For The Ages: Whoopie Goldberg

Cosby3Let me point out, to begin, that anyone who maintained that Bill Cosby was not a rapist and serial sexual predator after over 40 women came forward with almost identical stories was already an ethics dunce, and too stupid to play with sharp objects as well. The man had settled a court case with a promise of confidentiality to avoid the evidence being made public! He had never directly addressed the accusations in public, relying on lawyers! There has not been the slightest chance that Cosby was innocent since victims 2 through 6 surfaced. Anyone dismissing the other, and still growing, group of victims is in denial, or immune to common sense. Such a person would date O.J. Simpson.

Whoopi is a smart woman, but she is racially biased beyond belief. She has never accepted that her pal Bill is a rapist, but because she is a smart woman, even though we all know that bias makes us stupid, I assumed that a point would come where she finally was honest with herself.

I overestimated something—her integrity, her group loyalty, her values, her brain pan.

A formerly confidential deposition has been released in which Cosby admits to procuring Quaaludes with the intention of drugging women for sex. So much for the whole narrative about fatherly Bob being a secret predator who drugged girls to make them easy to have sex with being “ridiculous” and “racist” and “slander.” So much for all those women being liars, as Cosby’s lawyers said more than once. To anyone rational, this revelation simply confirms what there was ample reason to be certain about anyway. Oh! That’s why all those women say Cosby drugged them! He drugs women!

But on  The View today, stated that the deposition has not persuaded her of anything, a classic example of “My mind’s made up, don’t confuse me with facts.” No rationalization or terrible argument was too low for Whoopie. She said she was a “former Quaalude user,” and so what? She said she doesn’t “like snap judgments”—snap judgments? These accounts have been around for decades. Whoopie has rejected judgment itself.

“I say this because this is my opinion, and in America still, I know it’s a shock, but you actually were innocent until proven guilty. He has not been proven a rapist,” she blathered. My response:


You ignorant, arrogant FOOL!  Innocent until proven guilty applies only to court cases; it doe3sn’t mean, never has meant and never will mean that someone has to be proven guilty of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt in front of  a judge and jury before people with two brain cells to keep each other company can say with absolute certainty, “Yup, he did it, all right.” Cosby is the perfect example of this, in fact.

Then Goldberg was asked what the “motivation” was for dozens of women to come forward to accuse him, and Goldberg responded with a complete non-sequitur, “What was the motivation for an entire party to decide that I was a rotten person? I don’t know.” Similarly persuasive responses would have been, “What happened to the Mary Celeste? Why can’t we perfect cold fusion? How do porcupines have sex?” What does politics have to do with this? When did a party—I assume Republicans—decide Whoopie was a rotten person?

I mean, before this morning. If only Republicans were that prescient about things that matter. Because, apparently, they were right on the money regarding Whoopie Goldberg.



23 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce For The Ages: Whoopie Goldberg

  1. To be fair, technically he admitted to getting the prescriptions for women he wanted to have sex with, he did NOT admit to drugging them without their knowledge or consent.

    I still think he’s a rapist based on everything else you listed.

  2. The last time I heard Ms. Goldberg speak, she was trying to convince her audience that everybody lies (and, it’s okay because everybody does it). She was so very insistent; it seemed to be a case of desperate projection. That’s when I decided she was a rotten person. Politics had nothing to do with it.

  3. I assume you are being sarcastic when you say twice that Whoopi is smart. If you’re not being sarcastic, do you have any evidence?

      • She’s smart. Most comics are smart—it’s a smart person’s profession. She’s articulate, she’s creative, she can be perceptive. But she lives in a bubble, she has been worshiped too long, and she has lost her grip on humility and reality.

        • Jack, I just re-read your diagnosis of Whoopi, and I have to thank you. I realize now what I never would have realized, had you not made that comment (July 8 at 5:33 am). I must be a type of Whoopi. But I have never been worshiped; no bubble will let me live in it (and I would never want to live there anyway), and…the rest, you know. You nailed it. You get me.

          Oops – I’m not a comic. Never mind. So, maybe I’m an anti-Whoopi…

  4. And yes, Cosby’s toast. The deposition makes me wonder how many other big dogs in entertainment have been getting away with all sorts of stuff forever. Nasty. Nothing cute about “the casting couch.”

  5. Exactly right on this Jack. I think Whoopie just has a strong connection with Cosby — much like a mother who refuses to believe her convict son actually committed a crime.

    And she is smart — most comedians are. But someone needs to remove her blinders on this issue.

  6. If, by this point, anyone pays the slightest attention to Whoopie’s commentary on anything, it’s their own lookout. The very fact that she chose a stage name like that should be enough to raise a red flag with anyone.

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