Now THAT’S An Incompetent Intern!

Trump tweet

Donald Trump’s Twitter account accidentally tweeted out the image of The Donald’s face superimposed over an American flag with soldiers visible marching  under it.

Nazi soldiers.

A blow-up of the soldiers in the tweet revealed that they are wearing SS uniforms.

Perfect. Perfect. What possibly could be tastier chum for Trump-hating pundits and journalists?  Trump’s campaign blamed a careless intern, and that sounds plausible. But what a careless intern! And what an advertisement for Trump’s self-proclaimed management skills.!

Well, good. It is unethical for  public figures to authorize communications to be sent out under their name when they never even sign of on them–deceptive, lazy, irresponsible. It is even worse when the agent placed in charge of such unvetted communications is a low paid, or unpaid, inexperienced intern.

I love it when this happens. I would love it even if it happened to someone I respect, unlike Donald Trump. Maybe if this kind of tweeting disaster happens to a few more public figures, they will stop lying to gullible people who eagerly follow tweets based on the lie that they come from The Donald, or Barack, or Jeb, when in fact they come from Melvin Spoccolodo, age 23.


There is cosmic justice after all!

23 thoughts on “Now THAT’S An Incompetent Intern!

  1. When I saw the picture at the top of this post, I thought putting El Donaldo’s face on the flag was the topical blunder. Then I saw the soldiers and thought putting soldiers on the flag was the blunder since I doubt El Donaldo ever got anywhere near serving in the military, although I could be wrong. So to find out the troops are SS just made this look like something from The Onion.

    My bet it was sabotage by some mole kid or kids in his organization.

        • The predominant conspiracy theory on right-wing media is that Trump himself is a Democratic false flag scam. On the Nazi gaffe, ed Driscoll writes at Instapundit: “So is Trump a Democrat stalking horse or is his campaign staff absolutely clueless? The two aren’t mutually exclusive!”

          • I…. Hate to say it, but I’m not convinced that conspiracy theory is entirely insane. Trump only started funnelling money to Republicans relatively recently, before that he’d given the lions share of his donations to Democrats, including but not limited to the Clinton Foundation. He was also singlehandedly responsible for the “birther” fiasco gaining any amount of traction and staying in the media much longer than it had to. I think what it boils down to is I think that a self made man has to be smarter than this. He’s been a lightning rod for every bad policy and position someone on the right could possibly hold and he puts it out there for Americans to ogle in the worst possible way.

            • “I…. Hate to say it, but I’m not convinced that conspiracy theory is entirely insane.” I agree. But Trump is also doing what no other Republican candidate is doing – reflecting infectious passion. So far, it is looking like the Democrats will continue to own all the hot buttons. We know that almost all of the media will downplay and obscure, even ignore, surges of mass emotion on the part of Republican candidate-supporters – until some mass emotion can be treated like a “trigger” for a counter-emotion surge.

              • Neither is bad policy, but both are apparently bad politics, since the former can’t be talked about in polite company and the latter is now a closed subject.

              • Right… I should have been more clear: He’s a lightning rod for every bad policy that comes out of the right, and the policies that are good he presents so badly as to almost be a caricature of real thought.

            • A small semi-serious part of me feels this way also.

              The situation just strikes me perfectly as the inside job that if Republicans look to win the Presidency, Trump runs third party.

  2. This may be off-topic, but I want to say that the image itself seems rather sinister. First consider Trump’s face: the blue takes all the coloration out of his visage, making his seem less human, and the shade of the blue is dark, making him look shadowy. This is exacerbated by the white stars, which make the blue seem even darker and which obscure his eyes, further obscuring his humanity. Then consider the stripes: first money (big money, no less), then a large, palatial building (a very American one, of course), then soldiers (Nazis, but never mind). The theme is power, with money trumping everything (pun intended) and military power holding it all up, and it doesn’t help that all of these are all covered in red, the color of blood…

    This isn’t to say that this is all some kind of secret message (Trump is a secret member of the Illuminati! Wake up sheeple!), just to say that even if there weren’t Nazis in it, it would still be a bad image, and it makes Trump look like he’s going to be the bad guy in the next Captain America movie.

  3. There are limitations to the use of the American flag in political advertisements – not exactly what the criteria is. Not sure about this one.

    As a matter of principal I will avoid those candidates who use the modern version of “The Bloody Shirt.”

  4. That’s not quite right. There are guidelines in the US Code (4 USC sections 1-10) regarding the flag, but they are written in an advisory fashion (“should” instead of “shall”). There is a penalty for desecrating the flag at 18 USC section 700, but I believe SCOTUS has ruled it unconstitutional.

  5. OK, so does this count under the ‘invoking the Nazis first’ rule? That would automatically make Trump the loser, right. Wait, he’s already a loser…..

    I demand to see the birth certificates of those SS soldiers.

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