Ethics Dunce: “Women of Distinction” Magazine

Here is how to say, “You can’t believe anything in our magazine, and the whole thing is a marketing gimmick, but would you like to also fall for a scam, too?” in one, easy e-mail. Thank “Women of Distinction” for the helpful tip:

women of distinction

This was emailed to me…Jack Marshall….this morning. Note the nice personal touch: “Dear { FIRST NAME }. To append that to a letter adopting the tone of a specific message tailored to the recipient means “We think you are a moron. You know—like us.”

Based on the efforts of their crack research team, they think my profile meets their criteria for an accomplished, rising young professional woman. Sure they do. All I have to do is register before July 20.

Using my DeLorean.

This is in the category of incompetent fraudulent advertising. It is an insult to all direct marketing scamsters, liars and slimeballs, who work hard at their profession, despicable as it is, and have standards, dammit.! This kind of self-destroying garbage makes the whole field look bad. Or good.

You know what I mean.

166 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: “Women of Distinction” Magazine

  1. First of all they have copied the name of another ligitmate organization also addressed as “Women of Distinction” however they are a group of dignified women who support sickle cell anemia. These people can’t even be orginal in their title. Shame on this scam.

  2. I got duped and gave them my cc info. “Jaime” pressured me into thinking other girls would benefit from this type of marketing. She saw me coming a mile away. Luckily bank denied the first charge of $295 that gave me time to research this SCAM and find this blog. When Jaime called me to get another cc number, I told her I was not interested and that I do not authorize charges on my credit card. She verbally insulted me and ended up charging $195 before I could cancel my card.

  3. I just received a call from this Women of Distinction Magazine and she asked me several questions, then proceeded to tell me all the perks that this offers after wooing me she stated that it was $295 for something but being that I have had my identity stolen before I am very scared to give out my information. Something in my soul said research this because I have never had anyone charge me for winning Women of Distinction. This company should be shame of themselves, taking advantage of ppl I can’t wait til she call me back tomorrow and I will be reporting them to consumer protection agency.

  4. All I can say is THANK YOU for this site, and your comments. I was literally on the phone with them THIS morning giving my “interview” when I thought I should probably research this a little bit. I didn’t even let her get to the part where she wants money, I just hung up. She called back 6 times and left voicemail messages “I have 20 other editors in the room with me, I will only be able to hold your spot until tomorrow morning”.

    NO thanks!!

  5. I was also just on the phone with them and after giving my interview, they hit me up for $995 for a 3 page spread or $695 for a two page spread. When I said I had to check with my organization to see if they would sponsor me, she started giving me the hard sell with the deadlines, etc then offered me $395 as a “starter 1 page to build on”. My gut told me that publications don’t charge for their stories so I told her I’d get back to her later which she then gave me a curt good luck and good bye. Scam, not so sure since they do have a physical magazine and website which you get, but a “pay to play” for a magazine that they want you so badly for? I think that doesn’t make any sense. Thankfully as I was researching when she started hitting me up for money, I saw this blog and stopped it cold in its tracks.

  6. I got one of these emails this morning. My name field was blank. I’m so distinct my name has transcended usefulness!! I get something ridiculous like this about once a year or so. I always do a little background research (which is how I landed here) and it’s always revealed to be b.s. With the power of Google, I’m amazed that people still fall for it.

    • I love this!!!! I received my email today! I was wondering what “profile” made me a good fit. LOL. They almost got my friend. I’m glad she called me first.

  7. They try to scam me and giving me all those figure to publish my story. I’m freelance journalist for examiner. They pick the wrong person.

  8. I didn’t realize I had a vanity angle to appeal to but I guess I do. And then I offered ten times the value as a barter which was not even considered as an option and told them I don’t pay to play. It makes me furious that my hard work would be profiled by these losers so I’m going to debunk them with a little song just about and for them, release it for free download and share it on every social media site they may have picked up my scent from for General PRINCIPAL. I am the SHOVELeaner and this is exactly the thing I prefer to bury after killing it in my own defense. How dare they prey on my display. I’ve never offended anything with my dreams and drive as an Artist.

  9. One thing I noticed is that the domain of the sender is “” — the domain of the legitimate organization is “” — very similar, but very different.

    Scammers riding on the name of a good organization.

    • I just received an email today. It is from The email for the Women of Distinction magazine is The email I received had an address in Ohio, the magazine is in N.Y.

      If you go to, it is a page with a wall of information on the Beatles. Clearly nothing to do with Women of Distinction in any way, shape or form.

      I believe the magazine is a vanity magazine, but it looks like there are others trying to scam without actually being associated with the magazine.

      Mine was addressed to “Dear Candidate”. I would hope that anyone that receives an email or phone call would stop and really consider why they are being asked to be interviewed. I am sad to say that most of us have not done something worthy of distinction. I include myself in that, probably at the top of the list! It goes along with that old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably it.”

  10. I was just on the phone with them and after giving my interview, they hit me up for $995 for a 3 page spread or $695 for a two page spread. When I said I had to check with my budget, then she offered the $295 one page option. My gut told me that it was strange that I have to pay to inspire others. I am so thankful for this blog, I hope more women are aware of this scam.
    Thank you all for your time 🙂

  11. I just got off the phone as well and was so super excited until the lady said that it would cost $ to get an article into the magazine. That instantly told me that there was something fishy going on since normally if there is an article that a magazine wants to do on you, they would NOT charge you to do that article. What a scam! Thanks for all your comments.

  12. I disagree about this publication being a scam. I was published in the July 2015 issue and I have been contacted by several members and readers of the magazine asking about my business and services. The monthly webinars and seminars that they provide with their networking group are very helpful as well. They are not charging you money only to publish an article, you are basically paying for the networking membership and and business ad which I find to be extremely beneficial in my field of online women clothing sales. To each it’s own I guess.

  13. At first I was skeptical of joining this organization and I’m well aware of how easy it is to jump on the hate bandwagon. Just go on yelp and you’ll see that even the best businesses get poor reviews.

    I was published with WDM for the low discounted price of $295. My article is going to be published in December and I’m looking forward to having that link to the virtual magazine to post onto my website and email. I love how they send you a tangible magazine and at the same time you have access to the virtual magazine on

    Plus, they sent me 2 complimentary plane tickets with my membership which I will be using to go to Spain this winter. I decided not to be cheap and invest in a little exposure and vacation. Don’t regret it one bit.

    • From what you’ve written, it sounds like you haven’t received any of the things, WDM has promised as of today, and for heaven sake please beware, when an organization ask you for money, because they think you’re great and then you send the money, waiting on a promise. Buyer beware is all I’m saying and good luck to you and your endeavors.

  14. I have tried to unsubscribe from the ‘Women of Distinction’ sociopaths’ email list *multiple times.* I maintain my own website, so I am sure I confirmed the unsubscribe link to every address that (WomenOfDistinctionMag, womenofdistinctionmag @ ) are spamming. All of my legitgov email accounts are getting bombarded by these scammers, daily, nonetheless. This was my response – in the subject line – to their last harassing email: ‘UNSUBSCRIBE, A$$WIPES. NEXT HARASSING SPAM WILL BE SUBMITTED TO FBI/FCC INTERNET FRAUD + ABUSE HANDLERS.’
    People should be aware that these are most likely con artists.

  15. Another man here, and I got about 12 copies of the “you have been nominated” email.

    Their website also stinks, as if you fill in their contact form (which I did, with info that was as accurate as their email) you get a “Lorum Ipsum” page that they haven’t bothered their arses populate with actual text.

    Didn’t realise that they were trying to scam money though. Thanks for the heads-up.

  16. Well, I just got another one, this time from “The International Women’s Leadership Association.” I’m a apparently making much more of an impact as a woman than a man, and without even knowing it.

    Call me Caitlyn!

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