Ethics Dunce: “Women of Distinction” Magazine

Here is how to say, “You can’t believe anything in our magazine, and the whole thing is a marketing gimmick, but would you like to also fall for a scam, too?” in one, easy e-mail. Thank “Women of Distinction” for the helpful tip:

women of distinction

This was emailed to me…Jack Marshall….this morning. Note the nice personal touch: “Dear { FIRST NAME }. To append that to a letter adopting the tone of a specific message tailored to the recipient means “We think you are a moron. You know—like us.”

Based on the efforts of their crack research team, they think my profile meets their criteria for an accomplished, rising young professional woman. Sure they do. All I have to do is register before July 20.

Using my DeLorean.

This is in the category of incompetent fraudulent advertising. It is an insult to all direct marketing scamsters, liars and slimeballs, who work hard at their profession, despicable as it is, and have standards, dammit.! This kind of self-destroying garbage makes the whole field look bad. Or good.

You know what I mean.

166 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: “Women of Distinction” Magazine

      • Well, that is not a nice comment. It is just wanting to advertise one’s product or service There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance.

        • Then advertise in “Who’s willing to pay to be advertised here.” A real Who’s Who would list people because of their achivements, not because they paid for it. The title suggests the former, and anyone paying is accepting the benefits of the deception. People put Who’s Who on their resumes..and if they do, I’ve learned enough.

          • Who are you exactly? I have been reading through the comments because it appears my boss also has been scammed by these people. She has accomplished amazing things and deserves an award, but in her 70’s she is the prime target for people like this. Saying that she “deserves” to be scammed is uncalled for.

            • What are you saying, that she is so old she’s not responsible for her actions? Then no, she doesn’t deserve to be scammed; neither does someone who has a gun at their head. But anyone else who pays for a credential that involves only payment of a fee is trying to scam the world, because such a credit is a fake credit, and yes, anyone participating in this kind of thing does deserve to be scammed.

              I am exactly who my blog says I am, and I bet if you try really, really hard, you can find the right link to click.

            • These people are BANKING, making money on the fact that people are proud boasters and and want to toot their horn about their life. The fact that you have to PAY to put yourself forth should be enough to open anyone’s eyes to see what’s really going on here!

  1. If it sounds too good to be true……..
    I have had several emails from WDM and as I know who I am, and have no distinction whatsoever I knew this was nonsense but being curious looked them up.
    Does anyone know if there is anyone to report these scammers to? I get numerous ones claiming to be from “Magazines”? to do with my profession which I know are rubbish, but also others telling me my PayPal account is being cancelled, When the email is from known names like Amazon PayPal Ebay you have to look twice and click on their sender name. I never respond but it’s no wonder the Internet is being plagued by this awfulness if there’s no redress. Do we need Internet police?
    Thanks for alerting folk.

    • Sorry. I have received two emails from WDM and the front page is to register, but nothing else is there. The one about my accounts being restricted or cancelled, that’s a lot of phony bologna, because no name was added to the mails. The WDM, I called today twice and two voice overs said that a customer rep would assist me. Um, no. no one came. Mind you there are twitter accounts all over with WDM I guess you can click on spam so they won’t bother you again. The best to you.

    • Just to let you know. This magazine is not a scam. I was notified and I returned their email. They called me the next day. I had already researched this magazine through numerous professional websites. If you think this is a scam, go to their website at the end of January and you will see my name listed : LaVada DelConte and read my article.

      • You don’t seem to grasp the term “scam.” A scam includes a magazine that offers an opportunity to pay to get an article published on the grounds of being a woman of distinction, when it really trolls for anyone at all, including men of no distinction. Scam.

      • Exactly what “professional websites” did you do your research through? Because I’ve been researching this company off and on for a couple of months, and I haven’t found one single reference to them on any professional website, ever. Unless you count people posting their own article announcements on their own LinkedIn pages.

        Oh, and also, anyone can throw up some text and some photos into a e-zine system and call it a magazine. But if the WDM is a legitimate “publication” where can I buy a copy in print? Where can I subscribe? Why is there no media inquiries email address on their website? Their “Executive Broadcasting Channel” claims…

        “Our magazines are distributed online through multiple channels to give you the exposure you are looking for! ”

        What channels? Exposure to who? Exactly what part of my $1000 dollars is going toward getting my article exposed to people that matter, and what methods are you employing to get that exposure?

        If you didn’t answers to these questions, then you didn’t do any research that would actually protect you from fraud. And you wasted a lot of money.

        • Public Sites like It’s that simple. YOU PAY FOR MARKETING no matter who you use. I had a press release completed in 10 business days, I receive google analytics e-mails monthly showing me the progress of the PR, they paid for all the shipping and sent the magazine to 50 of my clients, you’re getting what you pay for. the only SCAM are MEN trying to demoralize women AGAIN! I never even saw the letter you have featured, I applied right on their website.

  2. Just got the call and while the woman was talking, I googled Women of distinction. Read all of your comments. Thank you for saving me the aggravation! I hung up before she could give me the line that I had to pay to have my article published.

    This is sad.

  3. I just received an “interview” which was so scripted. As I was answering the questions I also googled WDM. First thing that popped up was a fraud article. So I stopped the “interview” which by the way, she wasn’t recording and asked “what is your opinion about the fraud articles posted about WDM?” Her reply “go to our website”
    Then proceeded to ask me which package I wanted to pay for my article in the magazine…ballsy!
    Thanks WDM for the interview to help other women, think I’ll continue doing this on my own.


  4. Please remove me from your bullshit email list. If you send me one more email, I will sue you for harassment. This is the only legal warning I will give you.
    Cynthia Hazelton

      • Dear Ms. Hazelton,
        I would love to join you in your harassment suit. These dirt-bags are clearly violating the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.
        I get hammered with multiple emails, 7 days a week, from ‘Women of Distinction 2015.’ These email abusers have ignored every unsubscribe request. In fact, they (now) have increased their harassment.
        So glad you’re willing to take action.

        • I would love to join your harassment suit! I just got off the phone! I told her i was not ready to buy until i did the research she said “no! I cant go back and forth” can you believe this?! Lol i said give me a couple hours to look over she said “no i told you you will have to pay now!” Wow! This was hilarious!

    • Wow Cynthia, if you’re an actual lawyer I feel sorry for your clients, because you’re obviously not too bright if you think THIS site is to blame for these emails and is the place to threaten legal action.

      In fact, you sound like just the kind of dunce these people are seeking to scam. And by the way – you don’t hyphenate “Attorney at Law” when it’s a title in the close of an email. You would only hyphenate it in a sentence – such as “Cynthia Hazelton, attorney-at-law, isn’t very good at punctuation.”

      In regards to the overall article – I’ve seen the Who’s Who scam for years and assumed the WDM crap was the same beast, when I got an email from a freebie site telling me they are taking new members. Thanks for the confirmation

      I admit, I get really frustrated when these idiots treat me like I’m one, but apparently that’s by design. They want to weed out people like us, who notice crappy spelling/grammar, bad language usage, wrong gender identification or other obvious signs of a scam. That way the people who do respond to them are already fairly easy pickings.

        • It’s not pointless Krud, I honestly think it’s a valid point that people need to use their brains when addressing these issues, or they kind of deserve to be taken for a ride.

          I get tons of spam calls (even being on the DNC list), and I often use sites like 800Notes to find out who is calling. It’s insane how many people will go to the forum at 800Notes, and then complain to that forum to stop harassing them, as if the telemarketers and con artists are either running that forum or participating in it.

          People need to be more diligent about not just looking for scam behavior, but also knowing how to address it and where. Not only is yelling at Jack not going to resolve anything, it’s rude to make him the whipping boy for the very scam artists he is trying to protect others from. But half the time they just do a Google search, pick any result, and assume that is the source of their woes. After all, the WDM site doesn’t have a comments section (oh but if it did).

          The only pointless posts were from Cynthia, Keith Liebenberg and LegitGov, who didn’t bother to read the page before commenting on it. Well those and the ones defending the WDM without providing a single shred of evidence that the “service” they are gouging people for has any value beyond ego stroking.

          • Clever[sic]TitAnia,
            You’re poisoning this thread with mindless, verbal diarrhea that doesn’t cease, punctuated with countless grammatical and syntactic errors.
            Just shut up, and worry less about whose posts are ‘pointless.’ Because this entire thread would be elevated, just by your departure.
            Lori Price aka Legitgov.

            • Because you turning a classic literary character’s name into a boob joke is so elevating. Plus the “shut up” was a very mature touch. Way to raise the tone.

              I’ll tell you what; you acknowledge that Cynthia was way out of line, and that backing up her ignorant attack made you complicit in her error, and I’ll take anything you say seriously. Well, not anything. I’ve read enough of your website to know you can’t be taken seriously on many topics. But until you do that, you have zero credibility on this subject.

              Also; mindless and verbal are not coordinated adjectives – they do not hold equal place in modifying diarrhea therefore there is no comma between them.

              I am a professional writer and editor. I may not always police my own forum posts as well as I could – participating in these discussions is a hobby, not my job – but as a critic on the subject of proper syntax and grammar you also have little credibility.

  5. I got a phone call today. I listened to all. Then when she said pay I told her I left my credit cards at home. I told her to call me back at 2pm. Which and when her calls will be blocked.

  6. I have been getting the same phone call over and over from a number. I finally answered today and it was this exact thing. When I asked why they were calling again, because I certainly didn’t apply or submit for anything, they promptly hung up.

  7. I was called by the WOMEN OF DISTINCTION magazine after I replied to an e-mai I received. I wish I hadn’t and wish I had asked my daughter before I did anything. I decided to go ahead and have a story about my Judaic art and my life after speaking with Renee Webb. After chatting a long time, she then told mje I could have a 3 page spread for about $1000.00 or a two page for about $650.00. I told her I was interested but would get back to her. She said she would call me a couple hours later and did and when I told her it was too much money for me to invest at that time, she said: ” O) your story is sooooo interesting, how wabout if I give yoiu a two page spread for $300.00. Instead of my checking all this out, I said yes and gave her my credit card #! OYE VEY! Then I saw that my daughter had written not to give them any money for she found two sites, EthicsAlarm and ScamDunce. After reading these I immediately called and e-mailed to cancel my transaction that same day. I got a rely for a Rachel who said I should e-mail a Jennifer in the Finance Dept, which I did. She told me the next day that she had put it through that morning but she would get to it right away and cancel it. I was in touch with my bank. The transaction was pending, and then went through!!!!! The bank and I are putting in an EMF complaint to block it. WHEW!!!! please pass on . Peace, Wendy A. Rabinowitz, Living Threads Judaica

  8. I just got off the phone with a woman from there – as the “phone interview” progressed, it started to seem like there was going to be more and there was. She wanted $695 to feature my article. How incredibly disappointing and made me feel pretty foolish for getting excited about it. It will be a no go for me.

  9. Yesterday, I just got my first email from that magazine. Now why the hell would they be writing ME for? Did someone tell them I’d had a Bruce Experience?? Call me Stephanie…!

  10. OMG I got the same email and the same phone interview. $195 for my article and 2 plane tickets. The plane tickets was the red flag for me. The $195 kind of was also but I assumed it was for my advertising. I haven’t purchased anything and instead started doing some research. SO glad I did

  11. Wow, I was actually in a Magazine recently wonder if that’s how they found me. When you have to “pay” to put yourself forth know it’s OFF forsure. Fool trap for fools full of themselves for sure like someone said. The first thing I did was google them. Not paying to boast about myself. “Let another man praise you and not yourself” as the good book says! PRIDEFUL BEWARE…… YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE SCAMMED!!

  12. You always find one bad apple in the whole bunch that Jack is a bad apple doesn’t have a clue about what he’s talking about. The Women of Distinction magazine is so far from a scam he doesn’t know what he’s talking about there are just some people in the world that are negative about everything he’s one of them

    • Right. A magazine that solicits men as women of distinction and rare examples of female accomplishment so they can hook some bucks using vanity isn’t a scam…it’s a legitimate and transparent enterprise. Ya got me.

      • Sorry but I am very proud to share my accomplishments, and everyone, even you Jack work to make money, they are not a non- profit organization nor did they ever say they were..everybody has a choice, I was very pleased with the article that was published and my grandchildren and children of very proud of me so why not. Didn’t your mother teach you if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all? They also have a wonderful networking community of professional women so don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.. it’s working for me !

        • Yes, and Ponzi schemes work for those lucky enough to get the gravy before the rest of the scam victims get stiffed. I am grateful for a rationalization I may have missed, though: The Conveniently Small Sample Size, or “It worked out for me!” Thanks for that, at least.

          (You’re pathetic.)

        • Elizabeth: thank you for standing up to these people who believe it is a scam. I will be featured in the January issue and look forward to it. My name is LaVada DelConte . Check out my article. I would love to read and hear more about your experience since your article was published.

          • Its a scam. Either you work with them or you have a problem admitting you have been had. I just got off the phone with them. Big fat lying scam.

          • I was just phoned by WOD magazine. The interesting thing is that a few months ago there was a published article about me in a trade magazine for my field (in the same interview format WOD uses). The big difference is that the trade magazine PAID ME a small honorarium for my time.

    • You can’t really be stupid enough to think that anyone on this thread is going to fall for your comment, can you? The emails about this “publication” are sent to people who are obviously men, and even when they go to actual women, they try to wriggle money out of these supposed “women of distinction” in return for allowing them to publish a self-aggrandizing article about themselves. You’re hubris is beyond belief.

      You might as well introduce yourself as a Nigerian prince and swear those emails from yourself and other members of their royal family, are legitimate and not phishing expeditions. Or perhaps you somehow think, as an employee of these morons, that you are not to blame for their fraudulent practices. Well guess again sweetheart. I recently turned down a job offer working for exactly this kind of organization, who sells a supposedly invaluable, but clearly overpriced and irrelevant “alumni directory” to colleges and high schools – because if you work for one of these organizations, you are just as culpable as they are, ethically AND legally.

      Seriously, if you’re going to target stupid and gullible people, at least when you’re caught out, don’t bother trying to convince the intelligent and savvy that you’re not a scam artist. Because that is precisely what you are.

        • I am offended that you could blanket refer to a group of people as not as savvy as you are or in your words stupid and gullible. You’re the one that should be ashamed of saying things like that. What’s the difference between this and self publishing. I would pay an editor to edit my work, I would pay a company to print the book, pay to have a website that I could feature it on and pay taxes on the sales. So what is the difference. Don’t answer the e-mail. But if you never have dealt with a company how can you call it a scam. The only stupid and gullible thing here is that there are people who actually believe something just because it’s on the internet. You are demoralizing good women and the work they have done. But I’m sure this wont make it onto your post, now, will it. I am very happy and proud to have my own article in my words featured along so many wonderful women.

          • Stipulated and Obvious: Anyone who gets a solicitation that begins “Dear { FIRST NAME } and that says you have been found to be oh so special and deserving to be included in a select group and can’t figure out that it is a scam is, in fact, a moron. I’m sorry facts offend you. I’m sorry you’re gullible, and I wish I could save you from your crippling silliness. Alas, I can’t.

            • And again you go on to insult me. Clearly mistakes happen, as was that, and when I asked the organization about this post they were very honest that there were a group of e-mails that were sent out with-out their knowledge, things like that happen all the time. Like Target having their system hacked and actual personal credit details being compromised. Are those that continue to shop there, morons, gullible? You can use what ever words you’d like, you can think as you’d like and so can I. But anyone smart enough would judge a company based on their own dealings with the company and not ridiculous posts like this. There are more important things in the world for you people to un-cover a women’s magazine that has over 20 editions for anyone to clearly see although great not a pressing issue.

              • And once again if you’re insulted, it’s your sad mistake. We’re not talking about doing business with a legitimate company like Target, only to have outside forces compromise their security in a way no consumer can anticipate. Anyone smart enough would not deal with a company when there is ZERO evidence on the internet of these people producing any kind of publication or business which DOESN’T center around charging INSANE amounts of money to women who have no specific criteria for being “distinct,” for self-promotional articles in an e-zine which has no distribution outlet.

                So tell me, where is this magazine distributed? How do they disseminate it and use it to promote the contributors who were charged for publishing their articles, other than on their entirely fishy website(s)? Because as I said, there is NO hint of any legitimate distribution vein for this publication. Titlestand is free self-perpetuating distribution center for self-published e-zines which are primarily sales materials. Having WDM listed on their site provides no legitimacy at all.

                And the difference between that and self-publishing, is if you deal with a legitimate self-publishing company, you ARE TOLD there is no specific distribution of the materials and it’ll be up to you to find a way to promote and distribute it. “WDM” doesn’t offer any such information. For the costs of putting an article in their “magazine” you could self-publish multiple novels and actually make money off of them. You will get no specific distribution or publicity out of paying for an article in the magazine – so what is the up-side for you any woman?

                The Women of Distinction Awards is a legitimate award associated with local YWCA chapters. This e-zine (again can’t find the slightest evidence it’s ever released in print at all) is named to trade on that existing organization and claim a fraudulent connection. Meanwhile the only real article actually promoting this bogus magazine is posted on the LinkedIn account of a perpetrator of the scam, and if you look at the comments on the article, you’ll see once again plenty of people savvy enough to spot this crap.

                By the way, have you noticed there is nothing on their website about how to subscribe to this “magazine,” nor are there any other legitimate publications online which are referencing this publication or any of it’s articles? That’s because it’s a SCAM. How about the fact that their website has supposed links to the American Cancer Society and ABC News, which are NOT legitimate links to anything and that there are no actual articles on the national ABC News website, just a few recreated press releases on a couple of local affiliate station sites, which are clearly marked as third-party advertisements? And this site isn’t the only one identifying WDM as a scam, check out the fraudulent email headers.

                Or should I say, there is nothing legimate on ANY of their websites, because they have, and (which also sells Life-coaching services). All of which have the contact address of 560 Broadhollow Rd. Suite 310 Melville, NY 11747 – which is actually the mailing address of the “National Association of Distinguished Professionals,” which is ANOTHER known vanity scam company.

                Even other sites featuring links to join the WDM publication (without you first being identified by them as a “woman of distinction”) say they are publishing advertising by an third party, AND are populated on blogs which do nothing but post SPAM.

                If you fell for it, I’m sorry for you, plenty of intelligent people have their gullible moments. But I have been taken for a ride in my own past, and I will be the first person in the world to admit when I was conned, I was being stupid and gullible at the time. But this scam is blatant, to anyone who has done their homework, researched the company’s sales tactics, and reviewed their website(s) for legitimacy. And if there’s anyone you should be offended by, it’s the company that took you for a ride.

                • You’re just the smartest person ever, hiding behind your Clevertatiana name and cartoon photo. It’s like the difference between liking black or white. Just because you don’t like doesn’t mean others are stupid for liking it. Demoralizing people behind a “clever” name (mask) for a lack of better terms says a lot about who you are.

                  • Wow, talk about missing the forest for the trees. Maybe, before you try and demean someone, you should actually READ what they had to say first.

                    First of all, my handle wasn’t chosen by me, it was given by multiple people over the course of years, from reading my work. I wear the name with pride, because I’ve worked very hard to develop those talents and achieve those comments, and I have as much right to professional pride as you or anyone else. I’ve written under this name for more than a decade, and I do not HIDE behind anything. Any person with half a brain and Google, can use my username to gain access to my entire name, my life story, information about my family and background, and incredibly intimate, personal and embarrassing details about my life. The fact that I don’t put my own photo on my profile, and use an avatar, means nothing other than I am not a particularly photogenic person – but hey, way to judge someone by the fact that they don’t relish in selfies.

                    And if you really think this is about my not “liking” something, then you’re not just an easy mark, you’re a moron. This company commits fraud, charges insane amounts of money for a service that has no value, uses hard-sales tactics to prey on the uninformed and the unemployed (vanity scams also target people on job boards and the NADP is no exception), and claims to give proceeds of their sales to charities that so far haven’t found the slightest proof they receive them – I have outstanding cases with both the American Cancer Society and the MDA, and have had multiple conversations with both, neither of which have yet found any indications of actual donations from WDM or NADP. Yet their websites are trying to legitimize themselves by sticking those charities logos on their websites.

                    That you’d reduce my EVIDENCE OF FRAUDULENT PRACTICES, which I spent real time and effort detailing for you, to just disliking the company and talking smack about people – after my own comment made 100% CLEAR that I HAVE been a victim of fraud in the past and that I was also stupid and gullible when I was conned – says a ton about you. This is not vanilla vs chocolate debate – this company is a sham, and anyone who claims otherwise is ignoring facts because they can’t admit to themselves they got taken and made a stupid mistake. And instead of complaining that people are being mean to you, why don’t you provide EVIDENCE which contradicts mine; evidence of a genuine distribution path for this pointless magazine, and evidence of it benefiting anyone’s professional network and thereby their career? But then again, that would require doing your own research and not relying on “But they said!” as a response.

                    Oh and one more thing, it’s Clever TITANIA, not tatiana. Queen Titania is an incredibly well-known literary character, in use by Shakespeare in particular, in a story where she herself is the victim of a clever ruse from her husband Oberon, and is made to fall in love with a man with the head of an ass. While she was a fairy queen, she was tricked, and the very fact that I take her name is about humility over my own failures to see con artists coming in the past, and tempering my pride with honesty about my human failings. No one who claims to be “distinguished” should be incapable of spelling her name correctly. Which further demonstrates how I’M not the arrogant ass in this conversation.

                  • Oh and by the way, you wanna talk about lack of transparency? I am using a profile in WordPress that is nearly as old as WordPress itself, and the avatar has been part of my online presence for probably about a decade, having being my original profile photo on Intrepid Media – an online magazine I used to write for, where my work was published in an actual compendium book, that’s for sale in print and digital on Amazon. That’s an ACTUAL publishing history and an actual digital presence that anyone can research and confirm that I am a real person.

                    You, on the other hand, have no avatar, are using an entirely generic first name on your comments, and have provided absolutely no evidence that you’re a real person who paid in money to this company for an article in the magazine. Can anyone say shill?

                    So which one of us is hiding behind the anonymity of the internet?

    • Actually, the internet is a dumping ground for con artists, charlatans and thieves. And apparently people who can’t be bothered to learn the term Vanity Scam.

      While you were acting superior ladies, did you read any of the reports from people who were victims of this company’s scams, who lost a lot of money with no positive outcome, or came within a hair’s breath of doing so? No, you’re the positive thinkers, and the people who bought this crap and then found they’d paid a lot of money for something that was worthless are just negative nancy’s?

      There are two kinds of people on this thread – there’s the people who use the evidence or contributed to it, to protect themselves and others from being ripped off. And then there’s you lot, who can’t be bothered to back up your opinions with a single fact, and claim it’s not a scam just because they told you it’s not.

      So you show me one single piece of proof that his magazine has a serious distribution vein, has any kind of professional standing or in any way is actually distinguished, that it is reprinted in publications with an actual subscriber list , that it’s used as a reference for professional associations, or that they provide any professional network services of any use to anyone. Then maybe you’ll have something useful to say. But this thread is intended for people who care about facts and evidence, not empty promises and blind faith.

      Or better yet, why don’t you go read this page – the article AND the comments, and learn a few things. Because your WDM is just a less successful rip off of other cons, with the exact same rap. And there are already WAY too many women in the world, who have been victimized by these people.

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