Bernie Sanders Flunks His Leadership Test…Too


When the racist group “Black Lives Matter” hijacked Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ rally in Seattle,  shoved him aside and took over the microphone, Sanders slipped into passive, pander-to-black-racist mode and let his supporters be turned into a captive audience. As Sanders stepped back as ordered, the the group ranted about Ferguson and the killing of Michael Brown ( “Facts Don’t Matter” ) and held a four minute moment of silence. Then the crowd demanded that the activists to allow Sanders to speak, since that’s what they were there for, so one activist called the crowd “white supremacist liberals.”


Another Black Lives Matter activist confronted Sanders, stating he needed “to be held accountable.” Bernie remained silently cowering.

Now there’s a leader for you. Sanders talks a good game, though his policy recommendations come straight from Socialist Fantasyland: free college, free health care, a crippling minimum wage nationwide, and other nonsense guaranteed to turn the U.S. into Greece.  Senators are usually good at talking. The Presidency, however, requires standing up for law, fairness, order and the rights of everyone. Is Sanders going to be able to stand up to ISIS, Putin, or urban rioters when he allows his own rally to be stolen by “I can’t breathe!” chanting bigots?

After the activists remained on stage and forced the event to end, without Bernie doing anything to assert his authority, he waved goodbye, and actually left the stage with a raised fist salute, which may set a record for pandering gall.

Having flopped as a leader—don’t tell me he’s an old man; if he’s too old to insist that some protesters get off his stage, he’s too old to lead anything but senior’s shuffleboard league—he then showed that he’s going to loyally follow the current progressive playbook by attributing legitimate criticism of Democrats to racism, sexism…anything to distort public opinion and avoid accountability for corruption, dishonesty and incompetence.

The Vermont Senator, currently the most viable of the unelectable alternatives to the inexcusable Hillary Clinton in the Democratic field, was asked by host John Dickerson on “Face the Nation” about criticism of Clinton’s private e-mail scandal, and whether it meant that she was untrustworthy.

Why no, the fact that Clinton broke her own department’s policy, hid the fact, lied about it, destroyed e-mails and made state secrets vulnerable to falling into the wrong hands  means she’s trustworthy. This should be the easiest question south of inquiring about Yogi Bear’s bathroom habits. So what did Bernie say?

“Hillary Clinton has been under all kinds of attack for many, many years. In fact, I can’t think of many personalities who have been attacked for more reasons than Hillary Clinton. And by the way, let me be frank and I’m running against her: Some of it is sexist. I don’t know that a man would be treated the same way that Hillary is.”

I do. A man with Hillary’s history would never have been a senator, a presidential candidate, or a Secretary of State….and definitely not First Lady. Unless the man were married to the only 20th Century President to be impeached, or a lot better speaker than Hillary, she would never be paid more than four figures to speak to the Rotary Club.. “He” would never have a rich book contract for an autobiography. Anyone other than Hillary who pulled her stunt with the e-mails would be facing serious legal problems, especially if we happened to have an honest, non-partisan Justice Department, which we don’t.

Sanders has already proven himself to be an irresponsible ideologue; now we also know he’s a coward…and a hack.

57 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Flunks His Leadership Test…Too

  1. Aren’t presidential candidates supposed to be protected by the Secret Service? Shouldn’t there have been SPD officers there to keep order? I am guessing they were there, but they didn’t dare make a move for fear of sparking yet another race riot this nation doesn’t need. When the duly appointed policing agencies are afraid to enforce the law, then there is no rule of law.

        • Some more data that might explain the situation.

          From her FB page:

          Marissa Jenae
          12 hrs ·

          Please note…

          I am only as respectable as the cross.

          I am only as apologetic as he cross.

          I am only as concerned with worldy powers as the cross.

          I am only as concerned about upward mobility as the cross.

          I am only as neutral, as polite, and as comforting as the cross.

          I am only as rational as the cross.

          This is my offering. The Spirit convicts, directs, and affirms me.

          But this shit is scandalous. That is the call of discipleship.

          I live like the resurrection is coming and Christ is sovereign. It is utter foolishness. It is life.

          I do not worship Caesar. I cannot partake in Babylon. I cannot serve two master.

          Believe, I have made my choice.


          What if they gave a “War against Christianity” and no-one came?

          BLM have disavowed these two.

          I don’t think the fact that she support(ed) the Sarah Palin campaign in high school is germane though. Tentative identity – Nutter,

          • And this, right here, is a perfect illustration of how Leftist ideology turns perfectly intelligent people into blithering, apologetic fanatical culture-warriors.

            Here we have a team of 3 people who stormed a stage and demanded 4 1/2 minutes of silence in service of the Black Lives Matter movement, and only that. No request for prayer, nothing religious whatsoever. Just typical look-at-me, shrill, Leftist identity politics associated with and encouraged by BLM.

            This does not sit well with zoebrain, who dug up information about one of those three people so that she can “disqualify” her from BLM by demonstrating that there is an area of her life in which she is not a pure enough Leftist- an identification with the Black Christian church. Thus she can be publicly disowned from the Leftist tribe. Despite the fact that the very Facebook post being used as evidence shows that Marissa is subjugating her Christian identity to her identity with the BLM movement in order to harmonize the two (“But this shit is scandalous.”) People are complicated and conflicted, but they can be made simple by zoebrain for the purposes of delineating tribes and keeping the narrative pure.

            And that is why radicalism ends up eating itself and everything else; whether you’re poor Josh Whedon or Jerry Seinfeld or Monica Lewinsky. Or Bernie Sanders, it turns out. No one is really safe. Your liberal bonafides could be called into question at any time if you prove not to be a useful enough idiot or if your groupthink isn’t groupy enough. It’s sad really.

              • It’s still a perfect illustration of how Leftist ideology turns perfectly intelligent people into blithering, apologetic fanatical culture-warriors.

                • She’s now describing herself as a “Radical Christian Mullatanist” – whatever that is.

                  She’s a member of OutsideAgitators206.

                  The “Outside Agitators 206” website is registered to Merck & Co. While Merck Pharmaceuticals have ties to the GOP, they have far closer ties to HRC.

                  • A quick guide for identifying massive corporations and their “political loyalties” is that for the most part, they pay off both sides. Yes, you’ll find some who play generally to one side or the other.

                    • Perhaps I’m biased of course, thinking that the HRC campaign might be involved in any skullduggery.using “useful idiots”.

                  • Radical Christian Mullanist?


                    Just need to add “Brigades” on there:

                    Radical Christian Mullatanist Brigades and we can relive wacky Cold War era 70s insurgent groups across the globe…

                    • Please… once was enough.

                      For my sins, I was a Cold Warrior. Those were emphatically not the “good old days”. Stuff happened, good people on both sides died, there was heroism that will remain forever hidden.

                      Also monumental foul-ups and incompetence – the other side was even worse for that than we were, the innocent punished, the guilty promoted.

                      As for Red Army Fractions, Schizophrenic Liberation Fronts, Popular Fronts for the Suppression of Rationality etc… no thanks.

        • Glad you found the round-table useful.

          It’s at for those who don’t want to visit my blog.

          Six months ago Charlie Rose and his colleague, Nobel Prize-winning brain scientist, Eric Kandel, began planning their latest instalment of the Charlie Rose Brain Series dealing with gender identity and the brain. In the time since, we met the most famous transgender person in the world — Caitlyn Jenner. In a fascinating hour-long episode, Charlie moderates a brilliant discussion on the topic, joined by: Ben Barres, chair of neurobiology at Stanford University, Norman Spack of Boston Children’s Hospital, Catherine Dulac of Harvard University, Melissa Hines of University of Cambridge, and Janet Hyde of University of Wisconsin. Kendel opens the discussion with the introduction: “This is a marvelous topic, and I like it in particular because it shows how brain science can be a liberating influence in our life.”

          It may be a lost cause… but I would hope that SMP might at least view it.

  2. The Justice Department will be looking into this first thing Monday morning. Loretta Lynch has already dispatched a crack team of AUSAs to Seattle.


  3. I guess Bernie needs to see the movie “Walking Tall” as he currently is definitely walking small. Or he could read about how Calvin Cooledge handled the police strike in Boston. But he probably won’t since silent Cal was a Republican.

  4. I’ve heard other people make the excuse that he’s old so its ok that he stood by.

    Can you imagine if someone tried this with Reagan , or McCain?

      • “When the racist group “Black Lives Matter”…”

        “…Sanders slipped into passive, pander-to-black-racist mode…”

        “…to be stolen by “I can’t breathe!” chanting bigots?”

        Though it is the truth, and any rational person knows it, I presumed you hammered the point home to entice a knee jerk reaction…

            • Oh, I know, but these are the things that Neil always complains about—I know you were just being wry.

              Here’s one from the archives:

              Neil: I know it seems like a small point, but increasingly more often you make random asides (which have little to do with the topic you’re discussing) just to continue ranting about something you’ve already devoted several articles to

              The thing is, repetition is the key to making a dent. That’s why the guilty always want to “move on.”

              • “That’s why the guilty always want to “move on.””

                That’s the truth. “Nothing to see here, move on, move on.”

                “The thing is, repetition is the key to making a dent.”

                Perhaps you should engage in a type of Catonian “Carthago delenda est” sign-off for all articles-
                “And furthermore, I consider that…”

                followed by a list of everything people ought to be reminded of daily, such as:

                Hillary is an utterly depraved unethical criminal
                Trump is an utterly infantile moron
                etc etc

                • (before I get peeyimlawrenced):

                  Yes the repeated speech that can be summarized by “Carthago delenda est” is better referred to by the abbreviation “ceterum censeo”

                • Actually, it would be a long list, and fun to figure out what should be on it.

                  Sort of related: Yesterday, I noticed a message board linking here, and it’s because a guy asked for comments on the Rationalizations. The comments received are per se moronic, and I have had to wrestle my arms to the ground not to get on and tell them so. For example, this one dolt mocked the list claiming that “The Compliance Dodge” and “It’s a Dumb Law” are “obviously” contradictory. Of course, they are not. In fact, all of the comments clearly show that these people don’t understand what a rationalization is.

                  Not worth my time to try to set them straight.

      • Oh, I’m not at all convinced he is smarter than Trump. I think Trump is very intelligent. Trump is just an amoral narcissist, that doesn’t make him stupid. I think if you look at the way he makes money, you will find that he is quite intelligent. He seems to be the original Kardashian. He really lives the concept of “there is no such thing as bad publicity”, and it has served him well.

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