KABOOM! Sen. McCaskill Disgraces Herself On National Television

head blowsWhat a horrible thing for a U.S. Senator to inflict on her state. Brains must have been splattering all over ceilings, furniture, family members and TV screens during her excruciating live interview with Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos.”  There she was, a member of the U.S. Senate representing the great state of Missouri, grinning like a zany and spewing the Clinton campaign’s desperate talking points—from March!—falsely and insultingly insisting that in maintaining a secret and non-conforming private e-mail server while Secretary of State that, as Democratic hack Donna Brazile said later on a truncated round table, that Clinton did nothing wrong.

Just violating policy, being irresponsible, placing official data in jeopardy, destroying potential evidence, and lying about it, but nothing wrong...

“This is a partisan witch hunt!” said Senator McCaskill. Hillary has been forthcoming and complied with every request! She wasn’t the first Secretary of State to use private e-mail! The materials weren’t classified when she had them! There’s no indication she had a motive to expose national secrets! (This is a new one on the talking points list and an audacious straw man. Nobody has argued that Clinton was a spy or committing treason; what she did was place State Department communications at risk to hackers and exposure for her own protection and advantage.) Then McCaskill paraphrased the “let’s change the subject” talking point we have heard now almost verbatim from Clinton and her surrogates: “Hillary Clinton is a fighter, and she will fight through this and continue fighting for Americans”—all while smiling madly as if the whole thing was a big joke, since it all is “nonsense.”

Raddatz, a worried expression on her face (she was outside at the Iowa State Fair, and her exploding head could have done terrible damage to children and corn dogs), kept trying to get the Senator to answer real questions rather than recite the 6 month old spin she had been ordered to memorize.

Apparently the Clinton campaign has decided to 1) stonewall 2) somehow claim Hillary is a victim 3) keep counting on public ignorance of how cyber-security requirements have evolved, why Secretaries of State should assume everything they receive might be classified, why a private server without government level security measures are a reckless risk and 4) keep their fingers crossed that the most obvious lies—destroying thousands of e-mails before they could be officially reviewed while knowing they were about to be subpoenaed, and refusing to cooperate with demands that she turn over her server until the FBI took it is not fully cooperating but rather hiding, spinning and avoiding. This assumes that Democrats are zombies, morons, fools or corrupted, and maybe they are.

But for a U.S. Senator to allow herself to be used as a deception bot is a disgrace.

And messy!

UPDATE: It is now reported that investigators have determined that the number of e-mails containing classified information—-that were improperly held out of the State Department archiving system and exposed to falling into malign hands so Hillary’s machinations with the Clinton Foundation and god knows what else could be protected from prying media eyes (that mean old Freedom of Information Act!)—has risen to 60 so far, not that Hillary mishandled them, of course.

11 thoughts on “KABOOM! Sen. McCaskill Disgraces Herself On National Television

  1. I gotta assume Sen. Air McCaskill wants that plane back, and she knows if she falls in line there will be a reward forthcoming. I really am beginning to think we deserve Hillary Clinton….

    • I’m hearing the dog whistle. “Hillary is a fighter she will fight through this and continue fighting for America.” Meaning “Hillary will keep on being Hillary and if you, like her, think the ends justify the means and the important things are furthering the progressive agenda and Hillary’s wealth she’s your gal.”

      People who say they’ll vote for her if she’s the Democrat candidate are just as, maybe more, morally bankrupt than those who say the same thing about Trump. American politics in the 21st century offers us Hillary and Trump and there are actually people who would state they would vote for either one of them before they would vote for even a moderate conservative.

      Prepare for the apocalypse. Actually, since we know all these things and as a country still keep doubling down, it’s already here.

      • At least with Trump, he appeared on the political scene guns blazing, and has shot out so much rapid fire crap from his mouth, that no one can keep track of what he is saying.

        His damning verbal vomit about Senator John McCain’s so called “failed” service record did not even reach half the nation, because it was buried under another mountain of gibberish within days. Mean while, anyone who has not heard Hillary Clinton’s lies must be intentionally living under a rock, because they have been repeated so often…

  2. I read somewhere the theory that now that the Obama Administration’s FBI is handling the investigation, the whole emailgate thing will be holed up, hermetically sealed, there indefinitely. This will enable the use of a new talking point: “I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation.” Of course, nothing at all will be ongoing. All of which my also make the district court judge’s job even more difficult in that FOI case he’s trying to allow to move forward. But such a theory comports with the Obama Administration’s clear desire to see a Democrat elected so all his executive orders (aka, his Legacy) aren’t promptly undone right after the inauguration.

  3. It’s long since past the point where, when certain, highly placed names are cited, one automatically assumes drivel will follow its immediate wake. Senator McCaskill is certainly one of those. You just have to look on- awestricken- at the parade of elected federal officials who exhibit no ability, no intelligence, no couth and no morals, yet obviously consider themselves so far above the public that any personal shortcomings (massive though they may be in truth) are not of any significance. They will cry “witch hunt” on cue whenever those faults- or those of their political overlords- are made manifest. Time and again, I dream fondly of some little island in the Aleutians to where these people can be quietly deposited for their own good and ours. Are those Japanese barracks still standing on Kiska or Attu?

    • I just long for the days when pols wouldn’t read talking points and reporters wouldn’t let them get away with it. Maybe an ethical rule analogous to my mother’s “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” is in order: “If you don’t have anything original to say, don’t say anything.”

  4. It is over 300 now. A week or so ago, I read that the FBI stopped reading the e-mails after the first 40 messages because the investigators didn’t have the proper security clearance to be reading what was in them. The investigation stalled as they tried to find people to investigate this account and would also be cleared to view the contents. I expect the number to grow rapidly if that report is correct.

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