Ethics Hero: Stephen Colbert

Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show on CBS last night, and when he reiterated his views on same sex marriage, Colbert’s audience began to boo.

“Guys, guys, however you feel, he’s my guest so don’t boo him,” Colbert said.

Well done. That’s how you start to build an ethical culture.

Somebody please send this video to Bill Maher.

15 thoughts on “Ethics Hero: Stephen Colbert

  1. Maher would just call him a chump for not joining in the booing. Bill Maher wouldn’t know decency if it crawled up his backside.

  2. Maher would probably toss him out, then again, what he said shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone with a functioning brain and any reasonable knowledge of the candidates, so why invite him in the first place other than to make a spectacle of tossing him out?

  3. Colbert was gracious and ethical. The snarking by the CNN panel said it all, though. The one fellow basically said, “Look, you oppose gay marriage, equal pay, and all host of other Democrat party holies, and you should expect to get booed. You made you bed, now you lie in it.” That is distressing. It seems that the Left does not just disagree with you if you oppose its platform; you are declared a social and political pariah and destroyed. Not only are you wrong, you are evil.


  4. This makes him an Ethical Hero? I think Colbert should have gotten mean with his audience and told the jerks to knock it off. This “however you feel” bs made him look like a wuss.

  5. Following up on Tex’s point about single issue advocates, what is it about people who are pro abortion and pro pot legalization and pro human caused global warming (and I suppose pro gay familial rights) that makes them so absolutely impervious to any concerns about the efficacy of their positions?

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