“Why Does Hillary Think Her E-mail Scandal Is So Funny?” And Other Brief Ethics Notes To Get The Week Off To A Depressing Start…

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Most Unethical Grieving Mother Of The Year

A caring  friend of Chanelle Chavis created a GoFundMe account asking for donations to Chavis’ 3-year-old daughter’s Camber’s funeral after the grieving mom told the friend that her daughter had died in an accident.  Later, moved by the plea, a woman gave  Chavis a $5,000 personal check to pay for Camber’s funeral expenses after Channelle exchanged text messages with her.

Nearly a month later, investigators found that the body of Camber Chavis was still in deep freeze at the funeral home, and no arrangements for burial had been made. Oh—this was no boating accident. The little girl had been murdered by her father.

On October 16, Chanelle Chavis pleaded guilty to obtaining money by false pretenses, a misdemeanor, and received a six month suspended sentence.

These cases of conning people into donating money are basically  all the same, but bit by bit, they make our society less kind, less generous, and less trusting. The law may see this is a minor crime, but there is nothing minor about the damage it does to our society.

Sure, We Don’t Need Guns…

The same week Hillary Clinton revealed her support for the Australian approach to gun control—seizing and banning them—the most popular basic cable drama, “The Walking Dead,” featured an episode in which a zombie apocalypse safe haven community was attacked and over-run, Rawanda-style, by  hatchet and machete-wielding gang of marauders calling themselves “The Wolves.” The community, after considerable death-by-hacking, drove off and defeated the gang because the otherwise peaceful enclave had guns, and some members who knew how to use them.

I bet Hillary knows nothing about this show, which means she is ill-informed about the culture of the nation she wants to lead, and which, apparently, she thinks has the same values as Australia.

Why Does Hillary Think Her E-Mail Scandal Is So Funny?

Some theories:

  • It is nervous laughter.
  • She thinks she is getting away with it all, and is full of glee.
  • She thinks it’s funny that her supporters are so gullible that they are willing to believe her lies, even after they are exposed as such.
  • Her advisors have told her that this helps by appearing to treat the whole thing as a joke.
  • Clinton still doesn’t understand what’s wrong with breaking policy, ducking responsibility, being technologically irresponsible,  risking U.S. security, and lying, so she thinks it’s hilarious that anyone else cares about these things.

Whatever it is, it’s creepy as hell.

8 thoughts on ““Why Does Hillary Think Her E-mail Scandal Is So Funny?” And Other Brief Ethics Notes To Get The Week Off To A Depressing Start…

  1. I would probably go with reasons #2, 3 and 4. Showing many characteristics of malignant narcissism, she most likely believes that being the exhaulted one, that she is vastly superior to those that naively support her. Hence, her distain expressed in laughter for the American Public. Fortunately, enough people both left and right see through her and will not vote for her in the primaries and the presidential election.

  2. “Sometimes called “Laughing Sal”, she produces a raucous laugh that sometimes frightens small children and annoys adults.” Jack, In a newspaper interview (many years ago), the curator of the Musée Mécanique said something to the effect that the first and most common question children asked about any of the hundred or so mechanical toys they could turn on was the same as yours: Why? Why is she laughing? And it was the only one they ever asked him to turn off.

  3. I think she’s laughing because she’s gotten President Obama to agree to retro-actively declassify everything on her server and cut the the people investigating her email off at their knees. It’s a “you have no idea how I’ve pulled the rug out from under this whole thing, buddy. I’m bullet-proof, you schmo!” laugh.

  4. I think mostly #4, treating it as a joke to imply that only a fool would take it seriously. But also #6 (which I just made up):
    – She’s amused that everyone is focusing on such a little thing when there’s all that other stuff she’s getting away with.

  5. Watching all the people fall into Hillary Clinton’s “nothing to see here” version of events makes me understand how the ‘affluenza’ judge got sucked into the idea that the primary responsibility of the court was to do what was in the best interest of the criminal.

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