How Much Religious Bigotry Will Donald Trump’s Supporters Tolerate?

7th Day

Speaking at a campaign rally in Iowa, Donald Trump decided to attack Ben Carson based on his religion:

“I love Iowa. And, look, I don’t have to say it, I’m Presbyterian. Can you believe it? Nobody believes I’m Presbyterian. I’m Presbyterian. I’m Presbyterian. I’m Presbyterian. Boy, that’s down the middle of the road folks, in all fairness. I mean, Seventh-day Adventist, I don’t know about. I just don’t know about.”

Trump didn’t mention Carson’s name, but he’s the only Seventh-day Adventist in the race, and Trumps closest rival in the polls, which is too depressing to bear as it is. What Trump is saying is that believers in one religious faith are inherently more trustworthy than believers of other faiths. This is no more, nor less than a direct appeal to religious bias and bigotry. Substitute “Catholic” or “Jewish” for “Seventh-day Adventist,” and the full un-American ugliness of the statement should become apparent, if, due to some kind of closed head injury, it isn’t already. Trump has already shown himself willing to portray illegal Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals (too many of them are, but that’s another story); reveal himself as an archetypal male chauvinist pig, and now he’s rating character and trustworthiness according to faith. Earlier I suggested that one of Trump’s debate opponents could take him down with a deft Joseph Welch “Have you no decency?” (unfortunately, the attempt was made by Rand Paul, and hardly deftly), and now I have to ask his supporters, “Have you no decency?” What more evidence do you need that this blustering bully and fool degrades his party, nation, gender, species and the office he’s seeking  by his presence in the 2016 Presidential race? Or more bluntly, What the hell’s the matter with you people?

Is this an experiment in whether the meanest, most vulgar and least educated  of the nation’s conservatives can force the nomination of someone so unqualified by experience and temperament to lead? Is it a practical joke by nihilists and anarchists to bring down the Unites States after it has already be weakened by eight years of a misguided, hyper-political, incompetent presidency?

It is true that there is an element of karma in Carson being the target of exactly the kind of religious bigotry he used, with a bit more cause, against Muslims. This isn’t about Carson, however, who is just as unfit for office as Trump, meaning completely. It is about competent democracy, values, and trustworthy leadership.

I have reached the point where the race between Trump and Hillary Clinton for me is only this: Whose supporters do I have less respect for, those who actively support a completely corrupt individual, or those who support a crude demagogue.

At this point, it’s neck and neck.

22 thoughts on “How Much Religious Bigotry Will Donald Trump’s Supporters Tolerate?

  1. I would hate to make this decision. I will, if I have to, based on who will cause the least damage, but I would rather not. Have I mentioned lately that we are doomed?

  2. It’s moot to say who would cause more damage, since they would both cause enough damage to bring us the rest of the way down. Maybe the question is who would do it faster. Or which parts of it will go first. It, being the United States as it was founded and intended to be.

    • As far as Trump and Clinton go, I think Trump has the potential to do less damage. Clinton has actual policy goals that involve infringing on or eliminating traditional freedoms. You only have to look at the recent posts about banning language, rape tribunals, etc to see how bad this could get. She also is likely to accelerate the corruption rot in the federal government and borrow a vast amount of money for stupid objectives. I could (probably vainly) hope that Trump would only care about Trump and leave the actual running of the country to some possibly qualified people while he galavants around the world insulting world leaders and raising his name recognition. If Trump would pledge never set foot in the US during his presidency and be content to insult world leaders around the globe for 4 years, I would definitely vote for him over Clinton.

      There has to be a better option.

  3. Presbyterian? I would have thought that Trump would go with Roman Catholicism, the biggest, highest-quality Christian denomination with the most gold and jewels, and the classiest paintings.

    • I have thought about a petition for ballot initiative in my state to require ‘none of the above’ to be listed on each ballot for elected office. If ‘none of the above’ receives a plurality, there must be a special election which will be paid for by the two major parties. No candidates on the initial ballot may appear on the special election ballot.

      I mentioned this to someone who said you can’t compel private parties to pay for such an election. I said I don’t see why not, as they get special treatment already (they are the only ones that don’t need a petition to get on the ballot in my state), so they bear the responsibility for putting qualified candidates on the ballot.

  4. The religion card got played against Mitt Romney in 2008 and to a lesser extent, 2012.

    That said… Hillary’s corruption seems the greater threat. I do NOT like Trump, but given the Democratic Party’s increasingly autocratic and/or totalitarian bent (note, even the “ethical” Bernie Sanders seems to prefer the idea of silencing his opponents as opposed to actual debate), if it’s Trump or Hillary, then I’d have to vote Trump.

    The alternative is to ratify the Democrats’ descent to totalitarianism.

  5. Well, I’d rather dine on road kill than vote for Hillary. That being said, Trump probably knows nothing about the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I’d never join it due to their vegan ways, but I’d happily vote for one who was well qualified to be President. Trump again reveals his inner jerk.

    • I feel the same way. If all the Republicans can do is Trump they are too lame to support. I can’t possibly vote for Hillary and that leaves me in a very weird place. Usually I can hold my nose and vote for someone, just to avoid voting for someone worse. Not this time. (At least if the choices boil down to Hillary or Trump.)

  6. SIGH! I really hate to say it, but I think Trump is going to pull a Ronald Reagan and win the presidency. His appeal is nothing short of incredible. There is even a group of African-American women called, “Sisters for Trump”. Incredible, just incredible. Despite my knowing I shouldn’t judge a candidate based on religion. I could never vote for a Muslim. I hate Islam! I truly believe it is an evil theology. I don’t believe Islam is compatible with any system outside an Islamic state. I know. I know. That’s prejudiced. Sorry, but Muslims haven’t shown me any redeeming qualities in Islam. I agree with Carson. Carson, on the other hand is, while very intelligent…his views on evolution. His comments comparing Obama care to Hitler. Over the top! Over the top! Biden isn’t running. Billary is popular. What hope do I have for a qualified, ethical candidate. I’m very discouraged. SIGH! End of rant.

  7. At least the Libertarians had a decent (actual qualifications) candidate in 2012. This is why we need a viable 3rd party. We need them to keep the Democrats and Republicans from thinking they can throw up garbage candidates and we have no choice but to elect one of them.

    • Truthfully, I still like “None Of The Above”, with one proviso; if “None” wins, the parties running in the first election foot the bill for the second. Maybe then both parties will think twice about fielding people like Clinton and Trump.

  8. Trump’s comments are truly insulting. No fan of the Seventh Day Adventists, especially when they knock on my door on Saturday mornings, but it is clearly not a disqualifying factor. We can thank this idiot, and idiots like him, for the 2012 election results:

    I was appalled and horrified that someone claiming to be Christian would do this in the name of religion, especially in a tight election. IT virtually confirmed every thought about conservative Christian intolerance. Southern Conservative Christians did not show up to the polls in 2012 because of stupidity like this. I remember arguing with people about Romney’s Mormonism before the election. They just couldn’t wrap their heads around a Mormon in the White House. Somehow, they couldn’t figure out that we were voting for the Chief Executive Officer and not the Pontiff in Chief. That made a difference in the Bible Belt, all but guarantying Obama a second term.


      • The parties would be forced to work together, creating coalition. It seems superior. The three branches is moot now. The judicial branch now makes laws. The legislative branch is in deadlock. The president uses executive privilege to veto any law he dislikes or not enforce it. Our system is broken.

        • “The judicial branch now makes laws.”

          No they don’t.

          “The legislative branch is in deadlock.”

          Precisely as designed.

          “The president uses executive privilege to veto any law he dislikes or not enforce it.
          Though originally designed to veto legislation a president believes is unconstitutional, you are correct, Obama simply uses the threat for political purposes. But that isn’t always the case. Get some grown-ups in charge or get someone who isn’t openly averse to American values and the veto threats will be used much more appropriately.

          “Our system is broken.”

          Ultimately the fault of the voter, not the system.

        • “The parties would be forced to work together”

          Is that necessarily a value?

          The parties used to get along well enough before the Democrats wild swing to the Left. I for one am quite content when they don’t work together, if working together means giving an inch to the anti-American vision growing in the Democrat party.

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