Ethics Corrupter Weekend, Part IV. How To Make A Trump

"I could only give you a B. If you want an A, you'll need to apply yourself..."

“I could only give you a B. If you want an A, you’ll need to apply yourself…”

Former Pennsylvania high school teacher Wesley Amy was convicted last week of changing the grades of female students in exchange for their nude pictures.

Amy was a State College High School teacher before he was charged with corruption of minors. Three female students testified that their teacher allowed them to cut classes and gave them high grades for no work as long as sent him nude photos. What a deal.

The arrangement was discovered when another teacher testified that when she took over Amy’s class, she found that some of the female students were receiving good grades without doing any documented work. The fact that this kind of untrustworthy species of teacher (and human being) flourishes in our schools is not news any more, but this is more sinister in some respects than the run-of-the-mill Mary Kay LeTourneau. Wesley Amy was still teaching these students; he was teaching them the sleazy ways of corruption, quid pro quo, short-cuts and fakery. Why should they care if their perv teacher gets off on their selfies? They’re getting great grades, and as their corrupting parents and others keep telling them, it’s not the education that matters, it’s the grades and the diploma. What’s the matter with this arrangement? Nothing, in their eyes. Listen to Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner, talk about how people do what you want them to do in you make it worth their while. They have, thanks to Mr. Amy, learned that corruption and bribery pays.

The prosecutor says the girls were brave to testify under the circumstances. What was brave about it? What would have been brave, and what would have proved that the previous decade of public schooling, not to mention the guidance of their parents, left them with at least the seed of understanding right from wrong, would be if they had reported their teacher’s offer five minutes after it was made.

They didn’t, though.

It was too good a deal to pass up.


Graphic: Riverfront Times

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6 thoughts on “Ethics Corrupter Weekend, Part IV. How To Make A Trump

  1. The bravery might be in admitting that you have so little integrity that you would sell yourself in return for getting out of class.

  2. I was beginning to think that “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor” was no longer observed in the various states. After all, it seems to go on in every school system around the country in one form or another. Certainly, this Amy guy needs a private cell in the sub-basement of a rundown prison. Those freeloading girls, however, should have a little disciplinary session of their own. Too bad the pillory went out of style.

  3. More information:,1465839/

    “He knowingly isolated the youngest child victim and held a private Facebook discussion about pornography,” the release said. “He knowingly disseminated a pornographic image of a teenager performing oral sex on an adult male, recommended a pornographic anime series, and even inquired about her sex life, asking whether she had engaged in sexual intercourse with another student or teacher.”
    Amy then began soliciting the victims for nude photographs, and when they refused to do so, he tried to incentivize them with promises of increased grades. “You can get an A or B, but you have to motivate me to give you that grade,” he said via Facebook chat.
    He also solicited the oldest of the three victims in person, urging her to join his class despite her not having the proper prerequisites. In April 2014, he handed her a flash drive labeled “Plan B” and told her that he would give her a 100 percent grade on her final project if she put nude photos on and returned it to him.
    “The minor, trying to believe the best in an adult teacher, thought he must be joking,” the release said. “So in response, she placed a silly photograph of a unicorn on the flash drive and turned it in to Amy.”
    Amy became angry and gave it back to the student, telling her in a stern voice to “fix it.” She disclosed her experiences to a friend once she realized he wasn’t joking regarding his solicitations, and that friend notified his mother, who told the school district and State College Police.

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