At Revere High, An Explanation For Campus Anti-Free Speech Demands And Pew’s Shocking Poll

Free Speech diagram

Our rising generations don’t respect free speech because that’s what the public schools teach them, and nobody’s protecting them from indoctrination in un-American values by already indoctrinated teachers and peers.

Is that too assertive?

It’s correct.

Last week, the Pew Research Center released a poll that indicated that 40% of millennials believe that the government should regulate offensive speech. Of course, when black students at colleges across the country are demanding protection from speech, thought, and microagresssions, this revelation should not prompt a cardiac event. Other groups that the poll indicates should be hanging their heads in shame: women (33% to their apparently less delicate male counterparts’ 23%), Democrats (35%…Who would have thought that this party would have seen its core values deteriorate to this point?”), and non-whites, even higher at 38% ( Does the melting pot still function, or are anti-speech attitudes coming in from across the border and melting ours?).

At Revere ( Mass.) High School, a senior cheerleader named Caley Godino was kicked off the team for issuing a politically incorrect (and  incoherent) tweet, which read as follows:

‘When only 10 percent of Revere votes for mayor cause the other 90 percent isn’t legal’

Other students complained, and instead of responding, as they should, “Her opinion was expressed off campus on her own private social media account, didn’t involve school matters or personnel, and is none of the school’s business or concern. Take it up with her, preferably on social media, and stop appealing to authority to protect you from free speech. This isn’t Yale,” the school banned her from cheering for the rest of the year.

Revere Superintendent Dianne Kelly, proving that she is dead-fish ignorant of free speech principles, said  that the school district believes in freedom of speech, but will not tolerate ‘insensitive language’. Now that makes sense. She went on, just to eliminate all doubt about her Orwellian version of “free speech,”

“If you’re going to stand up and say something that other people will find offensive or hateful, then you need to be prepared to deal with the ramifications of that.”

You know, like government penalties and re-education camps. This is technically known as “chilling free speech and expression.”

Now the school is creating a curriculum to teach students about cultural sensitivity. Come on, guys, you can do it! You can have that speech suppression score over 50% in no time.

Why aren’t parents (and the ACLU—this is their job, after all) converging on the school and demanding Caley’s reinstatement, an investigation of anti-speech, pro-progressive conformity pressure coming from teachers and administrators, and the replacement of the ignorant, censorious superintendent?

Gee, maybe 90% of the city is illegal.

Everyone has to fight this growing assault on free speech, or we will lose it.

In that regard, please note that Hillary Clinton this week apologized for using the term “illegal immigrants” to describe, well, illegal immigrants, and called it a “poor choice of words.” It was a poor choice of words although it was true and accurate, or rather because it was true and accurate—can’t have that.  But she was criticized for sinking to honesty—admittedly a novelty for Hillary–by irrelevant challenger Martin O’Malley, who uses the misleading, deceptive and offensive term “New Americans.” (Why don’t the Democrats just agree to call illegal immigrants legal immigrants, and be done with it?)

Hillary has promised never to use that mean old, accurate term “Illegal immigrants” again.

Progressives can let her cheer now!


Pointer: Jonathan Turley

Facts: Daily Mirror

17 thoughts on “At Revere High, An Explanation For Campus Anti-Free Speech Demands And Pew’s Shocking Poll

  1. More and more attacks on the First Amendment. I just read an Associated Press article that the Governor of New York ordered the removal from the NYC subway system of Nazi-themed advertisements for Amazon’s new “Man in the High Castle” series. I don’t particularly care for the ads themselves, but I really care about the notion that the governor has the right to order their removal.

  2. “Illegal immigrants” is misleading to the extent that the Executive Branch in charge of enforcing the law does not take the law seriously. How about calling them “unregistered Democrats.”

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Would it be too much to hope the poll is just poorly worded and people thought the traditional restrictions on threats and false advertising were included?

      • I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Political speech has always been the least restricted. As far as “called out,” that’s filed under more political speech.

        • Political ads and politicians lying, and there’s not enough calling out. See the Jumbos here on site. The corrections and saying ‘you did/said’ that never spread as far or as fast as the Big Lie spreads.

          The regs for big lies in business have also been falling by the wayside because fines are a smaller risk than the benefit. Also the agency(s) have had their budgets gutted. VW is more worried about PR than the negotiable fines.

  4. I have news for Pew: people between 70 and 107 are not Silent — we’re just . . .
    (1) really really tired of polls, all of which fail miserably at reflecting opinion accurately because they’re not embedded in any context, the questions are too broad, the answers too limited, and the results liable to misinterpretation and manipulation,
    (2) reluctant to sink ships
    (3) suspicious of scamming strangers at the door or on the phone;
    (4) a minority of old … biddies, crones, goats, bags, bats, codgers and farts who have to speak to ourselves to have an intelligent conversation, and
    (5) … “say WHAT? Speak up, can’t you, you little …”

  5. The tragic truth on the Pew poll-results webpage was a sidebar title under Recent Posts:

    “In politics, most Americans feel they’re on the losing side.”

  6. “Our rising generations don’t respect free speech because that’s what the public schools teach them, and nobody’s protecting them from indoctrination in un-American values by already indoctrinated teachers and peers.”

    I’m to the point on this topic, that until adherents of the very ideology that benefits from this brainwashing, such as Beth or Charlesgreen or deery actively denounce the societal harm that Education and Media being fully in bed with the Left is, I have to assume they quietly appreciate and enjoy the brainwashing. This of course makes them complicit and just as much part of the harm to our culture as the brainwashed themselves.

    • How nice that I had a typo (now fixed, thanks) in the first sentence..

      Yesterday, over Thanksgiving dinner, my sister and her daughter both used the absurd talking point that illegal immigrant was an inaccurate way of describing illegal immigrants because “people aren’t illegal.” I suggested that if they couldn’t see that the intent of such malarkey is to make it hard to communicate that someone has broken the law and does not deserve to be praised as a hero or a “Dreamer” (GAGYUCKPOOIEBAHTYECHHHHHHHH), then THEY were brainwashed.

      Does “unlicensed driver” mean human beings are unlicensed? Does illegal lobbyist, illegal campaign contributor, illegal drug merchant, and fair. clean, description terms for other people who are engaging in law=breaking activity similarly offensive? How about “unregistered voter’ (PEOPLE can’t be unregistered!!!”)?????

  7. Quite frankly, the level of this sort of thing that seems to be gushing out of Massachusetts is fearful. I wonder if the pupils at Revere HS have any understanding of whom their town and school were named after and what he did to earn his fame. In practically every way, the Bay State has become the antithesis of its founding principles.

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