Vote For Popehat’s Censorious Asshat Of The Year!


One of the best and most provocative blogs is Popehat, which has had a momentous year. Besides being its usual passionate and quirky self, the libertarian/free speech/legal/nerd website has also added Marc Randazza to its ranks. Marc (Full disclosure: he is a law school classmate, though if I ever met him face to face, I don’t remember) who shares Popehat Master of the House Ken White’s love of justice and creative invective and is also a superb lawyer, will alter the tone there a bit as well as be his opinionated,thoughtful, often hilarious self.

Popehat is offering a reader poll to determine the Censorious Asshat of the Year. I know that an ethics blog with the proclivities of Ethics Alarms is a little like a Macy’s Santa sending shoppers to Gimbels, but it’s Christmastime, and besides, there’s no competition in ethics, just futility. As it happens, only three of the 12 nominees made it into Ethics Alarms last year. I was aware of all of them, but my purview is a bit broader than Popehat’s; for whatever reason, they were in my range  but I decided to use my bullets elsewhere.

Go here, and help a worthy blog crown a worthy free speech-hating jerk and or jerks.

I bet you’ll be able to guess my vote.

8 thoughts on “Vote For Popehat’s Censorious Asshat Of The Year!

  1. I’m guessing the Times; that was my vote. All of the others were certainly worthy, but the Times represents the biggest betryal of the values it purports to represent.

  2. Most of them deserve a win for the title, they are that bad, and it’s too bad there’s so many contenders. I had trouble choosing between the NYT and colleges because they’re encouraging and spreading the contagon. I finally chose the NYT because they touch more minds every day than any one college.

  3. The Gray Lady is considered as “show prep” for about every other wannabe press organization that doesn’t care much for accuracy and is too lazy/incompetent to do their own reporting and editing. I guess that takes in the bulk of them.

  4. I went with the US attorney’s office, because it was a US government agency, but college students were a close second and I could easily be convinced they are a greater danger. I’m slightly optimistic that the blowback from the delicate snowflakes attending college will have more of an effect than their protests.

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