Now THIS Is Sportsmanship! Bravo, Tennis Pro Jack Sock, Ethics Hero

Even for tennis, this was exemplary sportsmanship.

Kansas City’s Jack Sock was playing hard-serving Lleyton Hewitt in the Hopman Cup in Perth, Australia. Hewitt, trailing 4-5 in the first set, smashed a serve past Sock that the linesman  called out.  Sock shocked Hewett and everyone else when he said to his opponent, “That was in, if you want to challenge.”  The crowd laughed; the umpire looked bemused, and Hewitt paused for a few seconds, then indeed challenged the call. Sure enough, the computer and camera showed that the serve was good, giving Hewett the point. He went on  from there to win that set and eventually the match.

I’m sure that Sock will consider his Ethics Alarms honor more than sufficient compensation. He seems like that kind of guy.


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9 thoughts on “Now THIS Is Sportsmanship! Bravo, Tennis Pro Jack Sock, Ethics Hero

  1. He got a pretty darned big hand, Jack. Almost as good as being written up in your blog. Basketball was fun when we called our own fouls. Dragons live forever but not so little boys.

  2. What a great story, and thank you for posting it. I needed it!
    This story reminded me of the famous Bobby Jones story, when he called the infraction on himself and lost the US Open. Later, a reporter praised him for his honesty. Jones replied…”You might as well praise a man for not robbing a bank.”

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