Trump Goes Rogue, And If The Republican Party Has Any Integrity, Here’s What It Should Do…


Based on his unprofessional outbursts during the last Republican debate, Donald Trump has blown a fuse, and is edging ever closer to that inevitable moment when he loses the crucial brain synapse that leaves him drooling and proclaiming himself Prince of the Pangolins, or something similar. He has continued his meltdown with an anti-Ted Cruz rant released on his website as a press release. He laughably accuses Ted Cruz of being unstable, which is like Charles Manson calling Caligula nuts. He recites a number of what he calls Cruz’s lies, but they are just Cruz’s opinions. He is of the general opinion that Trump is lying about being a conservative. That seems fair and reasonable to me. What Cruz is really doing is pushing Trump’s buttons. The Donald can dish it out, but Cruz, like Megyn Kelly,  is proving that he can’t take it. Trump is whining, threatening, bluffing and blustering, and generally acting like the pampered, narcissist he has always been. Finally, poor, abused Donald writes this:

“One of the ways I can fight back is to bring a lawsuit against him relative to the fact that he was born in Canada and therefore cannot be President. If he doesn’t take down his false ads and retract his lies, I will do so immediately. Additionally, the RNC should intervene and if they don’t they are in default of their pledge to me.”


I. If Trump believes that Cruz is not eligible and that he has standing to sue, then he has an ethical obligation to sue immediately. Saying he will ignore what he believes to be illegal conduct if he gets what he wants is a form of extortion, and wildly unethical: “I know you are not who you say you are, and I will expose your fraud unless you do my bidding.” No doubt this how Trump, who is slime through and through, thinks and operates in his business. I wonder how ofetn he has gained advantages by threatening to report illegal conduct? Never mind–it is the conduct of a bully and a thug, and a corrupt one.

2. If Trump doesn’t believe that Cruz is really not eligible, then he is lying, and using the threat of a false lawsuit to strong-arm an opponent. That’s unethical, and not how professionals run for office; that’s how unprincipled business moguls run for offices they aren’t qualified to hold.

3. That threat to the RNC is all the Republican Party needs to get rid of Trump. If he is going to constantly threaten to break his pledge and attack the party in the process, it is completely within its rights to eject him from the party and the process. It will be legally messy, but worth it. Make him run, all by himself, as a third part candidate. The Democrats have idiots too—he’ll draw from both parties. The RNC  should give Trump an ultimatum: stop insulting Republicans, stop embarrassing the party, stop attacking George W. Bush, and stop threatening to sue everyone, or he’s out. Or, in the alternative,it should  abrogate its agreement aggressivly and clearly: launch an official, full bore rejection of Trump, his methods and his personality, and pledge to make certain he is not the nominee. At that point, Trump can throw another tantrum, and quit himself.

4. The GOP has a duty to its members and the country to take advantage of all the “red lines” Trump is crossing now, and cleanse itself. When a guest starts tearing up your party, vomiting on other guests and refusing to behave, you can throw him out. Do it.

Finally, it is now undeniable that while there are many irresponsible, values-deficient, ugly and ignorant fools poisoning our culture and society, and while many, especially criminals, may do more tangible damage, none are more deficient in intelligence, judgment and character, and none are worse citizens,  than those who continue to try to put a wretched human being like Donald Trump in the White House, where he can do more harm than any criminal in U.S. history.

Do it.

10 thoughts on “Trump Goes Rogue, And If The Republican Party Has Any Integrity, Here’s What It Should Do…

  1. There is no record of Ted Cruz ever going through the Naturalization process. So if he was not born a citizen, he is not a citizen.

    Which begs the question. How did his primary and general opponents in the Senate race miss this?

    • That’s wrong. He doesn’t need to be naturalized, because a child born abroad of a citizen is “a natural born citizen” That’s never been in serious dispute. It could use a definitive court opinion, though, just to stop this kind of confusion.

  2. When are people going to start believing me that Trump’s purpose is to destroy the GOP so the Democratic Party can win by default or win because they are simply the last ones standing?

    It’s a plain to me as the nose on my face.

    • I don’t know about your nose, but if that were the case, the plan would long since have backfired since his supporters are not members of any group though they might have fantasies of taking one over. (Guess which?) They are primarily simple-minded haters reveling like two-year-old foot-stampers at a grown-up’s ranting about getting all their wishes granted on demand. The two things we know for sure about Trump is, first, that he is a supreme egotist who thinks himself above the law, never mind a mere political party, and second … can you envision … Trump, who has never exhibited the least tenet of liberalism in any word or deed desiring in any way shape or form the advent of a Democratic president?

      What I can see, on the other hand (which is plainer to me than my nose) is that Trump is playing the role of his life, half – or more than half – believes it, and doesn’t have the slightest interest or care in the damage he is doing to the American political process. Nor does he believe he can be stopped, much less punished, for anything he says – certainly not for unethical behavior, as he flaunts the First Amendment and embarrasses the world. He is the Ugly American personified. I don’t believe he has any rational “plan” or is doing anything other than riding the media train up and up.

      Hope it crashes soon. No, I take that back. Better that the train runs out of coal and dies on a sideline. Better still if the GOP detaches his car and lets it go off on its own track first.

      • A third of GOP voters think that an “irresponsible, values-deficient, ugly and ignorant fool poisoning our culture and society” is what they want as POTUS.

        NOTE: This should not be seen as a defence of Democratic party voters, and the proportion there might well be higher if put to the test.

        It’s a statement of unpleasant fact. Diagnosis is a necessary first step before cure.

        • Zoe, the train the Democrats are riding at this point is going nowhere (though that will change eventually!). It has an engine pulling at both ends aiming in opposite directions.

          I am fond of my railroad metaphors. Yours are far too unpleasantly, realistically clinical.

      • pennagain said, “What I can see, on the other hand (which is plainer to me than my nose) is that Trump is playing the role of his life, half – or more than half – believes it, and doesn’t have the slightest interest or care in the damage he is doing to the American political process.”

        You might find these two comments interesting:

        December 14, 2015 at 11:25 am

        January 27, 2016 at 10:11 am

        P.S. Zoltar Speaks! and ResurrectedToday are both me, I permanently changed my original pseudonym to Zoltar Speaks! a few weeks ago.

        • I read both your comments the first time around. I read all the blogs and their resultant comments the first time around . I also took note of your name change when you posted that information.

  3. I have been waiting for the RNC to do the right thing for some time now and have just about given up that they’ll give this joke of a “presidential” candidate the boot. I have always considered myself a republican over the years, but when they continue to allow someone to run that is not only devoid of any republican ideals and principals, but is severely lacking in human ideals and principals, I am embarrassed and ashamed. The damage he has done to the party is bad enough but he has done so much damage to our country, our people for that matter. I can’t imagine how long and what it will take to just repair what he has done so far in this election. And it’s all sadly, to try and fill the black hole that is his ego. I am losing all faith in my party when they stand by and continue to allow this to go on, while he publicly threatens and tries to blackmail the RNC to do his bidding. And the rest of us feel like we are being held hostage by this conceited, bullying, ignorant, sexist, racist, foul-mouthed, power-hungry, tantrum throwing child. If this is any sample of what he would be like as a president, may God have mercy on our souls. I also wish that someone from the RNC would come forward with his true history of being the great businessman. It only took me an afternoon of research when I first discovered he was going to run, to discover that just the opposite is true. The majority of his business endeavors have ended badly and he generally leaves a wake of destruction behind him, usually with investors that he’s taken money from and in many situations left ruined. His past history is full of stories that reveil the true Donald Trump. Not to mention that all these things that he’s saying to “entrance” his minions, are quickly reveiled as being the opposite to his practices and actions in life.
    Perhaps it is time I consider moving to Canada with Cher, if he isn’t stopped soon. I don’t know if I can live in a country that he is manipulating to his will and that it’s primary function is to feed his ego and never ending desire for attention. It will take years I’m afraid to undo the damage he’s done not just to this party, but to this country, and possibly the world. Do the right thing RNC, you’d be surprised how much of America, and the world for that matter, will be behind you and you will have gained tremendous respect from calling him out and letting us all know that you see it too, “the emperor has no clothes!!”

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