Rush Limbaugh And The Right: Still Cheerfully Unethical After All These Years


Yesterday, the grand Pooh-Bah of conservative talk radio chirpily announced that he might “have another installment of Operation Chaos before the Democrat primaries are all said and done.”  If your brain cells have lived that long, you may recall Operation Chaos I, when in March of 2008 Rush directed his zombie followers to vote in Democratic primaries for Hillary Clinton, who was then, as now, sliding fast. The idea was to stop  Barack Obama from clinching Democratic nomination early, and to maximize the chance of a messy Democratic nominating convention. Rush claims that his dastardly plan “worked”: Clinton won the Ohio and Texas primaries with large pluralities from rural, as in conservative counties, presumably full of Ditto-heads. On the other hand, Obama still won the nomination easily, then the election, and the United States was stuck with an incompetent, arrogant leader for eight years.

If that’s what Rush calls a successful plot, I hope we never see one of his unsuccessful ones.

But here he is again, considering the same tactic, though this time the idea is to have conservatives vote for an incompetent socialist, Bernie Sanders, whom none of them would even consider voting for in a real election even if someone was pulling their fingernails out with pliers. This is, as before, unethical in many ways, and it is particularly revolting to read the likes of Instapundit and Newsbusters cheering Rush on. “At the very least this could help make the Democrat primaries more fun to watch as they stretch on and on and….. ” smirks P.J. Gladney, at the latter.

Conservatives are nomore ethical than progressives, it’s just that their lack of ethics expresses itself in different ways.

Operation Chaos and its threatened sequel could only be devised by someone who thought Richard Nixon’s dirty tricks (which included the treasonous dirty trick of sabotaging LBJ’s Viet Nam War peace talks) were a scream, and could only be applauded by conservatives whose love for democracy just applied when it favors them. Rush’s steaming pile of depraved Machiavellianism is not worth my composing a new brief against it: I did a good job the first time. Here, in part, is what I wrote about Operation Chaos, while gagging in disgust, in 2008. It still stands. I’ll just substitute Bernie for Hillary. I don’t have to change anything else except a verb and pronoun here and there:

Here’s an ethics tip: if you think of a way to accomplish something by appearing to do the opposite, it’s probably unethical.

Of course, the clever people who [have decided] that persuading Republicans to vote for [Bernie Sanders] in Democratic primaries is the perfect way to maximize the likelihood of chaos at the Democratic convention may not care about such niceties of right and wrong. After all, how can it be unethical to cause trouble for Democrats?

Such is the sad state of politics in America… the right wing radio prophets, from Rush Limbaugh all the way down the evolutionary scale to Mark Levin, [are] urging their listeners to go to the polls, declare themselves Democrats, and vote for [Bernie], whom, you may recall, they detest….But their trick [is] grossly unethical, unfair and (are you ready, Rush?) profoundly un-American.

Simply put, [this is an] attempt to sabotage the Democratic primaries and nominating system by creating a result based not on voter preference, which is what elections are supposed to measure, but on a desire to make the system break down. That is wrong, dirty pool, malicious, and cheating. A political party has the right to hold an orderly national nominating process for its presidential candidate without having to endure efforts by people not in the party to cause it to malfunction. The votes for [ Bernie Sanders] being solicited by the Right [are] not intended to express a preference for her candidacy over that of [Hillary Clinton], or a desire to see [him] elected president. They [are]a tactical device to try to prevent the Democrats from arriving at a consensus for as long as possible, and to increase the chances of a divisive Democratic Convention. That’s not democracy, and that’s not politics. That is mischief-making. Voting in American elections is a constructive act, a right that Americans have fought and died to protect. This trick transform[s] the cherished act of voting into something dishonest, disrespectful, cynical, perverse, and destructive.

You can say that again.


Source and Graphic: Newsbusters


40 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh And The Right: Still Cheerfully Unethical After All These Years

  1. Jack,
    Apropos of nothing: Did you have plans to comment on the Texas grand jury’s decision to bring charges against the Center for Medical Progress? Are there ethical issues there to mine? I’d be curious to hear your take.

    Hope all is well.


  2. Long about the same time, equally unethical Sean Hannity initiated the “Stop Hillary Express”. Well, she was stopped and look what we got instead. Kind of afraid of what Operation Chaos will get for us.

  3. Remember the old joke when talking about college degree’s – BS is Bull Shit – MS is More Shit – PHD is Piled Higher and Deeper; well Rush’s ramblings put him at the top of the pile as the undisputed Conservative version of the King of the PHD hill.

    Rush is an embarrassment to intelligent Conservatives and, in my opinion, has done more harm to Conservative ideology over the years than any other vocal Conservative with one new exception, Donald Trump who is single handedly destroying Conservative ideology in the mindset of average Americans and in-turn is destroying the future of the Republican Party.

  4. I don’t think it can “work” at any rate this time around. The GOP field is rather contentious as well. Would a die-hard Cruz fan (if they exist) really risk Trump prevailing in their state just to stick it to Hillary? Not very likely.

  5. We’re doomed.
    But then I said the same thing in 2007. And we haven’t been destroyed by our own stupidity quite yet. It takes longer to destroy a semi functioning republic than I thought.

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