Ethics Quote Of The Week: Marc Randazza at Popehat


“But, if academia actually meant anything, she would never have been hired in the first place. She should be sent back to weep over heteronormative cis-gendered oppression in Teletubbies, and leave teaching to adults. Are there any available? Can they get past the search committee?”

—Popehat’s Marc Randazza, reviewing the academic credentials of fired Mizzou communications professor Melissa Click, who famously grabbed a videographer’s camera while trying to block a reporter from covering a public protest at the University of Missouri, uttering the immortal words, “Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here. I need some muscle over here!” The video and graphics like the one above launched a thousand memes.

Now that First Amendment firebrand Randazza has joined the equally sharp, funny and merciless Ken White, Popehat is a festival of joys for those who savor enlightenment and passion with a dash of acid. Marc is in top form in his second take-down of Click, who drew his fire for her response to being fired:

“In their decision to terminate my employment, the Curators bowed to conservative voices that seek to tarnish my stellar 12-year record at MU. Instead of disciplining me for conduct that does not “meet expectations for a University faculty member,” the Curators are punishing me for standing with students who have drawn attention to the issue of overt racism at the University of Missouri. While I have apologized on numerous occasions to numerous parties for my actions on October 10, 2015 and November 9, 2015, I will not apologize for my support of Black students who experience racism at the University of Missouri.”

Quoth Randazza: “Yes, she got fired from a University for being too liberal. The fact is, her actions on that one day are a great summary of her 12 year career, which is not “stellar.” It is fucking useless.”

He then muses..

“Perhaps terminating her isn’t fair. After all, she is merely a symptom of a problem, not a problem herself. The real disease is one that has infected higher education for at least a generation — political correctness, where identity politics and victim studies trump intelligence and qualifications. When that happens, again and again, what do you expect? How can you not wind up with “professors” like her”

And how, with professors like her, can you not  end up with the kinds of deluded students who demand safe spaces from “micro-aggressions,” insist on exams that don’t include current event references that cause them to have breakdowns, and “trigger-warnings” before anything is read or uttered that might challenge their preconceived notions of justice?

Marc is shooting fish in a barrel here, but sooner or later the fact that college has not only become a sham but a means of narrowing young minds rather than enriching and training them has to be recognized for the crisis it is, right? Right?

5 thoughts on “Ethics Quote Of The Week: Marc Randazza at Popehat

  1. Good riddance. It’s professors like her I have to blame for our son coming home from college with the declaration that the atom bomb was dropped on the Japanese because they didn’t look like us.

    • Jack has reported on the competence of the media. It is possible that the protestors had actually alleged racial discrimination by the university, faculty, and staff, but the media focused on the shit swastika and mean words said by strangers.

      But here was one of their demands .

      Enforcement of mandatory racial awareness and inclusion curriculum for all faculty, staff and students, controlled by a board of color.

      However, “in the field of public education, the doctrine of “separate but equal” has no place”, Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483, 495 (1954)

  2. As I read one columnist saying: “Good. One professor got fired. It’s a start but there are thousands and thousands more.”

    When did “communications” become an intellectual discipline? It sound suspiciously content free. It raises the question, “What are you going to communicate once you know how?” Don’t we learn how to communicate before kindergarten?

    As a Broadway actress asked when introduced to a college professor at my school who was a “dollar a year man” in the Speech Department: “Can’t most of the students here speak before they arrive on campus?”

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