Hillary’s Smoking Gun Arrogance And Entitlement


Democrats asked for this when they decided to hand Hillary Clinton the Democratic nomination rather than make her earn it. The DNC began by rigging the debates to expose Clinton, a gaffe-artist in the rarefied league of Joe Biden but less amusing, as little as possible. It got itself a bizarre, non-competitive opponent to provide nominal opposition, Bernie Sanders—too old, not a Democrat, abrasive, deluded—who cooperated by refusing to attack Clinton where she was vulnerable. He didn’t want to win, you see. Bernie Sanders just wanted to spout Socialist propaganda in the hopes of rotting the brains of the same impressionable young who still think Barack Obama is a leader who brought hope and change.

Oddly, the Democratic leadership had forgotten how our current unqualified, weak and hapless POTUS got elected: he’s President only because Hillary Clinton can’t beat anyone fair and square. She’s dislikable and untrustworthy, and the “vote for my sex organs” bit only goes so far.  Now her campaign is in trouble, and Sanders is threatening to make some super-delegates ( the way Democrats rig their nominating process, allowing them to ridicule Republicans for looking for ways to block Donald Trump) change their plans. He and his supporters see blood in the water, and are finally sharpening their attacks on Hillary.

What??? Actually attacking one’s opponent? This cannot be borne! Thus the Hillary campaign has told Sanders that he must “change his tone” or the Pre-Anointed Nominee won’t deign to debate with him, so there. “Let’s see if he goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early on. If he does that, then we’ll talk about debates,” Hillary’s spokesperson told CNN.

This is a new low in candidate arrogance, presumptuousness and entitlement, even for a Clinton. Hillary and Sanders, as well as the biased media that is rooting for them, have repeatedly mocked the harsh Republican debates, where all the candidates—well, except Ben Carson and Chis Christie—were actually trying to win. Now Clinton, presumably with the backing of the Democratic National Committee, is demanding that Sanders pull his punches as a condition of letting Democrats see them go head-to-head. “Be a weenie, Bernie,” she demands,“or you can’t be anything at all.”

If Sanders capitulates to this, he is a weenie, meaning incompetent, cowardly, and too weak to lead anything but a panel discussion.  What he should do is bone up on Hillary’s email scandal, and point out to her corrupted base, humming with their fingers in their ears, just how devious and untrustworthy she is.


Graphic: Free Public

25 thoughts on “Hillary’s Smoking Gun Arrogance And Entitlement

  1. Hillary doesn’t need to debate Sanders anymore, he has served his purpose in allowing her to move as far left as she originally wanted to. She already has enough superdelegates in her pocket to make this all a formality, and probably needs to start boning up on how to destroy the three GOP opponents she might be facing. Sanders might as well hang it up, unless he is angling for the VP spot, which would be how Hillary can lock up this election before the first ballot is cast.

    • What? A. Hillary may lose Wisconsin, and her indictment is no longer just a wish and a prayer. B. Sanders won’t run as VP, and would lose more votes than he gained if he did. C. Your certainty that Hillary is going to be elected is now verging on self-parody. She is losing support, while everyone else is gaining it. The polls showing Clinton beating Trump are illusory, and any other GOP nominee would have a 50-50 chance or better of beating her…IF she doesn’t have to withdraw.

      • Lose Wisconsin or not, she’s got enough support to win the nomination. Her indictment is a pipe dream, Jack. Even if the FBI recommends it, Loretta Lynch doesn’t even have to decline prosecution, she could just shelve the report while the DOJ continues investigating this or that lead and oops, there went 8 months. Hillary. will. not. be. indicted. I do not know how you come up with the conclusion that the polls that show Hillary not just beating Trump, but wiping the floor with him, are illusory. The man couldn’t get a single woman’s vote or Hispanic vote if he tried, and that’s his own fault for his cloddish behavior. Sanders would bring all the college kids to the ticket, and that’s where Clinton was losing support. Get ready to start saying “Madam President.”

        • You’re hysterical. It has yet to be shown that Hillary can beat anyone. Women don’t like her. Nobody likes her. At this point in 1980, polls showed Carter mopping the floor with Reagan. Lynch alone can’t stop an indictment if the intelligence community and the FBI stands ready to make an issue out of it, wich my sources say they will.

          Way, way too cynical. I understand where the cynicism comes from, but Obama will throw her under the bus if she endangers his “legacy.” He doesn’t want a Marc Rich re-run.

          • True re Marc Rich, I suppose (his AG brought us Marc and Mrs. Rich, right?), but wouldn’t a Republican presidency following his promptly undo all his executive actions, aka his legacy?

            • I think Obama may just try telling the intelligence community and the FBI to stick it. He seems to enjoy gigging people. He thinks other countries are wonderful and we’re to blame for all the world’s problems so would he care what spies think or do. He hates cops. I can only imagine how he feels about FBI agents. It would make an apt parting shot as he heads out the door. The media wouldn’t call him on it.

          • After the last two elections and the flame-out of the GOP this last time out, I am VERY cynical. It’s like the media is trying to write the national narrative again and most folks are going right along with it.

          • [Reply to Jack Mar 29 11:25 am]
            Back to earth, please! The Democrat Party candidate could be a cardboard cut-out of Joe Biden, and still have 240 electoral votes cinched before the first ballot is cast on Election Day. There is NO. WAY. the Republicans are going to win the White House this year. There will be no presidential throwing of anyone under any bus. Even if there is any indictment, it will only attract more voters to the person indicted.

            • There are a million things that could happen between now and election day that would turn all of your assumptions upside down. And at least one of them will happen. If, for example, there is a major terror attack on US soil, all bets are off. Go ahead, assume Hillary will be elected. Then you can be pleasantly surprised. begin with the fact, and it is a fact, that Democrats have shown no enthusiasm for this election, and Republicans are far more engaged and passionate. Then consider that if Sanders loses, Hillary does not get the Obama kiddie vote, Trump or not.

              She won’t be running against Trump, and probably not Cruz.

              • The terrorist bad guys work on their own agenda, but even they know attacking the US in an election year would be likely to bring them more, not less trouble. If they want to keep trouble going but not get hammered in 2017 they will keep it to lone wolves, etc., and let Obama spin it away as workplace violence or all about gun access. It doesn’t look like the economy is about to collapse, and you know if it starts to have issues Obama will paper it over. Wait a minute, she won’t be running against Trump and probably not Cruz? Then who will she be running against, Kasich?

            • I already said this, but I’ll say it again. Right out of the gate the Democrats have NY, IL, and CA firmly in their pockets, and that’s 104 votes right there. The rest of the Left Coast (do you really think deep blue Seatle or Portland will even blink?) takes us to 123. Add NJ, MD, and DE, who are reliably blue, GOP governors aside (and Christie is roundly hated now) and we are at 150. So-deep-blue-its-almost-black New England (some of which states last went GOP in 1984) takes the total to 183. Thank-you-for-playing-but-no CO, PA (Pittsburgh and Philly win it every time), and MI takes us to 228. WI will go blue since Walker is out of the running so that’s 238. HI and DC always go Dem so that’s 245. Assume NV, IA, and NM, and there’s no reason to believe any of them will flip, all stay Democratic and that’s 262, just 8 votes shy of the magic number.

              That leaves the GOP with three must-wins – FL, OH, and VA, all in the eastern time zone, to have even the slightest hope of winning, and almost no margin of error anywhere else. Let me stress, there will be no deviation in the 262. The Democratic Party could run a leaky barrel of shit and those states will still go Democratic, mostly because they are dominated by big cities with huge minority populations on their third generation of public assistance who want those checks to keep coming, helped along by huge public sector unions who vote Democratic because that’s where their access is.

              The way I see it happening is this: Hillary and whoever start the night off neck and neck, because Indiana and one or two other Midwest states come in first for the GOP. Hillary starts to run away with it as the eastern seaboard comes in and by 9 she is leading by close to a hundred votes. By nine they call Virginia for her and it’s de facto over, Florida takes a little longer because of the panhandle, maybe there’s a brief red glimmer if Ohio goes GOP, but by 10 Florida is called for Hillary and it’s all over, the GOP nominee makes his concession speech before 11. Final tally, Hillary: 302, whoever: 236 or Hillary 322, whoever: 216. The GOP loses the Senate and takes a big hit in the House.

              • You know, I’ve heard this litany for decades, and yet somehow Bush beat Kerry, it took a third party for Clinton to beat Bush I, and Romney only lost because the tea party stayed home in a snit. It all comes down to the candidates, not the parties.

                • Bush did beat Kerry, ultimately fairly decisively – he was an incumbent and Kerry was a bad choice who offered very little in the way of different ideas, although Howard Dean would have probably done worse. Bush still couldn’t jimmy NY or CA or IL away from the blue side and this was before the Iraq War really started to go south. In 1992 not only did you have Ross Perot taking away a chunk of the vote, you had Bush the elder not really trying against Clinton’s focus on a failing economy. Romney did not lose because the Tea Party stayed home in a snit. He lost because Obama turned his greatest asset – his business success – into an indictment, he tripped over his own tongue with the line about the 47%, and he couldn’t effectively counter the very effective Democratic accusation of a war on women. That said, Hillary doesn’t have the charisma of her husband nor of Obama. Her resume is frankly less impressive than Kerry’s. Still, she has the advantage of her gender and being the first woman president to possibly drive people to pull the lever so they can be a part of history. Against Trump she could still out-debate him and make him look like a boorish bully to the point where people would be ashamed to vote for him, and he will not get a single Hispanic vote. I just can’t see people abandoning her in droves to vote for Cruz, and that’s all there is.

              • I think CO IA and NV are a bit softer than you’re representing and NH a lot softer at least against a non-Trump candidate.

          • You seem to be convinced that Obama may really care about public perception when the FBI and IC “makes an issue” out of a non-indictment of Hillary. It is going to take a whole lot more than “leaks” from the FBI and IC if that is what you mean by “making an issue”. Of course, in this election cycle anything is possible. If we see enough explosive, career ending protests, resignations and firings involving multiple key and high level personnel, maybe Obama will let a criminal referral against HRC et.al move forward.

            Absent this, Obama has no good choices, only bad choices and worse choices. Doing as little as possible, as slow as possible, foot dragging on a controversial matter such as this is something that bureaucracies know how to do well… especially when the President is telling the AG to do so… a slow walk until after November 8th and then it won’t much matter one way or another.

            Hillary’s best hope is to face the buffoon Donald Trump on election day. When you have the choice between two horribly flawed candidates, both with sky high unfavorable numbers, the results become unpredictable.

            • Obama cares about himself. If he thinks he benefits by letting Hillary get what’s coming to her, he’ll do it. Right and wrong is irrelevant. Lynch may also just do her job, and Obama is not supposed to interfere with law enforcement. It’s just not a sure thing either way.

  2. The game-rigging by the DNC goes beyond the debates. They’ve been putting the pieces in place for her ever since she stepped down as SecState. There are numerous up and coming Democrats who have been marginalized and pushed aside in the DNC’s quest to push through the Anointed One.

  3. When I read that yesterday, I checked to make sure I wasn’t reading a fake news article…who does she think she is? Predictably, on FB and elsewhere people were taking up the cry that Bernie is too mean and is running awful negative ads. Hillary has a very short memory.

    • It’s not just you, which scares me a bit. Most of the Hillary pictures Jack uses turn my stomach – this one, not so much. I do hope it’s not the Trump likeness that my tummy finds tolerable.

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