A Donald Trump KABOOM! How Can A Creep Like This Be Running For President?


A recently uncovered clip from a 1994 episode of “Lifestyle of The Rich And Famous” was shown on Comedy Central and left host Trevor Noah with a bad case of the oogies…as it will you.

I hope.

“Donald, what does Tiffany have of yours and what does she have of Marla’s?” the show’s host, Robin Leach, asked, referring to Trump’s then one-year-old daughter and her mother and Trump’s second wife, Marla Maples.

“I think she’s got a lot of Marla, she’s a beautiful baby. She’s got beautiful legs. We don’t know if she’s got this part yet,” Trump said, as he cupped his hands under his chest to signify breasts, “But time will tell.”


Who thinks like that? Who says things like that on TV if they are sick enough to think it?

Said Noah: “Back in 1994, Donald Trump was asked what attributes his 1-year-old daughter shared with his wife. He could have said anything and he went with legs and… boobs? Which is not the correct answer. In fact, we would have accepted any other body part.”

The man is revolting.  Are his supporters so “angry” that they are willing to inflict this repulsive, diseased low-life on the nation as the ultimate act of hate? Are his admirers really this devoid of standards and decency?

Note also that Democrats are wedded to the false theory that this kind of conduct doesn’t matter-–after all, it’s only character! Character isn’t relevant, for only issues matter. I heard Bernie Sanders say this just the other day, explaining why he doesn’t think Hillary’s deceptions, machinations and lies about her email and the Clinton Foundation are worthy of his attention. Of course character matters, because leadership depends on character. Of course the fact that a candidate for President has a character marked by dishonesty and untrustworthiness is an issue: there is no more vital issue. I am grateful to Trump in a way: he has bolstered my side of an argument I have had fought many times in comment threads here.  How can anyone observe Trump, listen to how he talks, ponder the total lack of civility, respect, dignity and decency he displays on a regular basis, and maintain that none of this raises legitimate concerns about his fitness to serve as the nation’s leader.

The man openly and shamelessly speculated on his infant daughter’s potential breast development on national TV. It is signature significance: no one who isn’t pathological creep would ever consider such conduct.


4 thoughts on “A Donald Trump KABOOM! How Can A Creep Like This Be Running For President?

  1. Unfortunately, the Democratic party gave up the right to argue against this type of Behavior when they looked the other way on Bill Clinton’s Oval Office activities. A large part of the Republican party also gave up the right to argue against this type of behavior when they turned on the moral wing of the party and told them to get with the times. When morality is silenced and immorality is encouraged, ethics quickly withers too.

  2. Let us wait and see what Paul Begala* says about this latest Trump fartifact. If Paul gives a fart, then maybe it’s a real issue. (Don’t get me wrong; Trump thoroughly disgusts me. He doesn’t talk enough about his gynecomastia.)
    *That is an abbreviation for his actual last name – Bega-la-la-la-la-la-la.

  3. Astonishing response when the question sounded more like “what parts of which parent’s character” will little Tiffany inherit (or do you want her to inherit)? Instead, this crass, ugly, mean-spirited man goes right to the “parts” of Marla that are important — all body, not any mind or soul.

    Why, why is this man having success in the Presidential race? What has happened to this country? Are his supporters just pleased to see someone act out their own hostility and meanness? The President of the United States, for God’s sake, has to have some culture, some grace, some style, and most important, some teeny bit of concern for someone other than himself.

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