Screaming At The TV In A Hotel Room…The News Media, GOP, Polls, Trump and Hillary Agree: Lies Don’t Matter!


I was stuck on the road without a laptop this morning, up an hour earlier than I thought I was because the hotel room clock was set an hour ahead (apparently they have double daylight savings time in Boston  now), and found myself watching one segment after another on CNN that had me by turns depressed and furious, with my head exploding repeatedly (I can’t wait to see the cleaning bill.)

1. First, there was a segment about how Hillary Clinton is attacking Bernie Sanders by saying that she supported the auto bailout, and implying that Bernie did not. As the CNN crew pointed out, Bernie opposed the bailout when it was part of the whole economic stimulus package,but voted for it, like Clinton, when it was severed from that bill. In other words, Clinton…and I know this will shock and disillusion many of you…was lying. This lie is the variety called deceit, a Clinton specialty. She doesn’t exactly say that Sanders didn’t vote for the bail-out, but that is the impression her words leave, and are meant to leave.

Get this: the reporter—I can’t find any of this exchange on the web—following Clinton’s campaign said (I am paraphrasing), “It isn’t up to Clinton to explain the nuances of his votes. That’s Sanders’ problem.”

No, you pro-Clinton hack of a lazy and ethics-challenged  parody of a journalist, it’s your problem and our problem, and because you and your Clinton suck-up colleagues won’t inform your viewers that a lie is a lie, it is a really big problem. Sanders did not oppose the auto bail-out, and Clinton, who knows that, is saying otherwise in the patented Bill and Hillary way. It shouldn’t be up to Bernie to try to unravel the deceitful false accusation; he shouldn’t have to deal with it at all, and wouldn’t if he wasn’t running against a shameless liar. I shouldn’t have to keep going on Facebook trying to explain reality to my ignorant friends who believe that Colin Powell’s handful of private e-mails during the Jurassic Period of State Department cyber-security made Hillary’s private server as pure as the ocean breeze, either.

2. Alisyn Camerota interviewed some young New York pol (can’t find any web record of this, either) who has joined the Dark Side and is spinning for Trump. The topic was Trump’s denial, completely contradicting known facts and his own words, that he didn’t repeatedly impersonate fake publicists to pitch his own virtues to journalists in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

This guy is infinitely more coherent, articulate and competent than the horde of mutants Trump usually puts on the air, and yet what he said this morning was so dishonest and disrespectful of the mentally fit that I would have thrown him off the air. First, he said repeatedly that it’s “a silly story” (This was obviously a scripted talking point). A potential President of the United States speaking to reporters using false identities and then brazenly lying about it to the news media is not a “silly story.” The conduct being reported on is not just silly but ridiculous, but that doesn’t make the story itself, or the issue of Presidential trustworthiness, silly. If Hillary Clinton spontaneously dressed up as Minnie Mouse and gave her speech in pig-latin, her conduct would be indeed silly, but the fact that she was the one engaging in it makes the news story very serious.

Why didn’t Camerota challenge this false categorization? I have no clue. Maybe she was sleepy too. Or maybe she is just incompetent.

Then this appointed liar went on to say that the story didn’t matter because polls show that Americans think it doesn’t matter. Polls equal reality! Polls equal values! Why don’t you understand this, Alisyn?

3. Completing the set was a videotape of the quote from GOP chair Reince Priebus, uttered in various forms all over the Sunday talk shows, that

“I think that all these stories that come out — and they come out every couple weeks — people just don’t care…I think people are judging Donald Trump as to whether or not he’s someone that’s going to go to Washington and shake things up.And that’s why he’s doing so well.”

Wait a minute, you pusillanimous, disgraceful weenie: Don’t tell me about “people.” These are your party members, since you allowed them to vote for Trump. It’s also your party, the party you allegedly “lead” in some warped form of the term. Does character, integrity, honesty and trustworthiness in the candidate the Republican Party is presenting as its considered choice to sit in the office of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and the Roosevelt matter to this party? Does it care? Because if these values don’t matter and it doesn’t care, it should just dissolve for the good of the nation and its culture. Let Trump start his own party from the dumbest, angriest, least admirable remnants of the GOP. Call it the “We Don’t Care” party,

Don’t shrug your shoulders at us, Reince, you weak, weak, weak coward.  Your dithering  and incompetence allowed this to happen. Don’t blame it on “the people.” You have an obligation to say, “Yes, it is wrong for the Republican candidate for President to stand for abysmal values and conduct that would make every President of the United States from Washington to Obama vomit in their mouths.”

Then do something about it.


12 thoughts on “Screaming At The TV In A Hotel Room…The News Media, GOP, Polls, Trump and Hillary Agree: Lies Don’t Matter!

  1. MS. Clinton is just using tried and true political machinations. Someone votes against a bill that has a bunch of undesirable stuff in it and someone picks out a particular desirable aspect that has been included and claims they were voting against that particular aspect. It’s not like Ms. Clinton invented this. This is a standard sleazy tactic for “traditional” politicians of all persuasions.

    And of course, the flip side sleazy tactic is to take an otherwise largely desirable bill and slip some smaller detestable item into it.

  2. The American political process in its current incarnation and the media imposters are plunging us into a chaos reminiscent of a Hieronymus Bosch painting. The next 6 months are going to be torture. But I’m seriously worried about you completely exploding one of these days, Jack. Have you tried TM?

  3. I think as far as enabling Clinton’s deceit goes, it’s less an example of the media being in the tank for Clinton (though most of them are), and more an example of the media abdicating fact-checking responsibilities in general. Conflict and the ‘horse race’ drive better ratings on 24-hour cable, and journalists of all stripes are refusing to confront for fear of losing ‘access’, so instead of seeking the truth, they frame every story as ‘he said, she said’, creating a false equivalence even when one side is minuscule and unrepresentative, or outright lying. The reason why Clinton and Trump are both such brazen liars is that they know the media will never call them on it, because the media has not called anybody out for lying in more than a decade.

    I’d also like to point out another factor: the ranks of cable news personalities are increasingly filled with ex-politicians and former political operatives (Al Sharpton, James Carville, David Axelrod, to name a few), who have a clear conflict of interest in many stories – but they are never required to recuse themselves or state their COI on the air. James Carville, when giving ‘analysis’ of a story involving Hillary Clinton, will never be called on the fact that he has been a career Clinton operative.

  4. Then this appointed liar went on to say that the story didn’t matter because polls show that Americans think it doesn’t matter. Polls equal reality! Polls equal values! Why don’t you understand this, Alisyn?

    I think I heard this before, like eighteen years ago.

  5. An argument for trump, then: it’ll put the media back in an adversarial role towards the government. It’ll terrible for republicans and conservatives as everything trump does is trumpeted as an example of thier policies, and a terrible idea. But it’s an improvement over the media-as-mouthpiece we have today, and would continue to have supporting Hillary’s lies.

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