How Much Have The Clintons Corrupted Democrats And American Society? This Much…

U-u-ncle S-sam? Is Th-that you?

U-u-ncle S-sam? Is Th-that you?

A  Rasmussen poll released this week found that 71 percent of Democratic voters believe Hillary Clinton should still run for President even if she’s indicted.

The President of the United States is charged with preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution of the United States, which means making certain that the rule of law is respected and executed. Obviously, a Chief Executive who is herself a  felon cannot be trusted to perform these duties, and a candidate facing an indictment degrades the democratic process by forcing voters to even consider the prospect of voting for one.

It isn’t just Democrats.The poll shows that over-all, 50% of voters believe that it is acceptable for an accused felon to be elected President of the United States of America.

The Clintons (plural: Bill should have resigned after obstructing justice and lying under oath, and would have if he respected his office as much as he craved power) are not the only ones responsible for this tragic dive in American standards for leadership. It has been a long, slow, painful erosion, accelerated by criminal values being exhibited or extolled by several Presidents since Eisenhower, as well as Vice-Presidents Gore and Cheney; the news media’s willingness to accept or minimize unquestioned misconduct and skirting of laws when the “right” side engages in it; populist criminal heroes in the black community, like Al Sharpton, Marion Barry, Kwami Kilpatrick and others; the precipitous decline of trust in all institutions, from the Catholic Church to professional and college sports to the military; the accumulated ethics ignorance seeded by an incompetent and corrupt teaching profession; the defining down of deviancy from legal and ethical norms deliberately encouraged by the drug culture; ongoing efforts by the Obama Administration to reduce the stigma of law-breaking; the celebration of criminal anti-heroes in pop culture, and more.

We can sort out the reasons later in the post mortems to come. For now, it’s enough to know that the United States is in deep cultural trouble, and the rise of Donald Trump is just one of many symptoms. Just 20 years ago, no pollster would think it was worth asking Americans if they thought an indicted candidate should run for President, because the answer was obvious.

That it is no longer obvious to so many is the legacy of the Clintons and others: corruption.

17 thoughts on “How Much Have The Clintons Corrupted Democrats And American Society? This Much…

  1. An alternate explanation: that indictment is seen increasingly as meaningless due to the many politically motivated prosecutions of politicians that go nowhere, regardless of whether they are objectively justified or not.

    How many governors, Lt governors, speakers, chief justices etc are currently under indictment and still in office at the moment? Apparently a hazard of the profession.

    Remember also that all those involved in the impeachment investigations against William Clinton have now been found to be involved in sexual misconduct. Every single one. Some have been jailed.

    The Clintons aren’t causal. They’re a result of a larger, longer-term problem. The corruption is now just fulminating rather than hidden, we’ve become blase.

    None of this should be seen as excusing either of the Clintons, or the many others in the legislature, past and present, equally guilty. Or worse.

  2. Not to sound like a broken record, but Eisenhower was not the start of the decline. It was the dawn of the Progressives (Teddy and Woodrow) that signaled the dusk of the Constitution. As soon as they decided that progress could not be hampered by the words of 18th Century aristocrats, the Rule of Law began to give way to the Rule of Man.

    Now, there is too much at stake not to vote for the Pathological Liar over the Megalomaniacal Narcissist (or vice versa). The only thing is that P.L. Understands her role; M.N. Has no clue what Progressivism is, will not act according to it, but is still a beneficiary of its detrimental effect.

  3. As I have several times indicated, I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I am appalled by his ridiculous lack of consistency over time, his lack of detailed understanding of most important issues, and his many unrealistic and potentially dangerous positions on those important issues. He is a scary and unpredictable character and should not be involved in politics.

    But, I am saddened to be placed in the position I now find myself in.

    The Clinton’s are unethical, dishonest, greedy and in the political game solely for the power and the money. They, along with others, have learned how to “monetize” political power… going from being “dead broke” when they left the White House, to now being among the Super Rich and in the “front seats” to decide the future of the American culture.

    This is a horrible choice!

    The Trump phenomenon is kind of like the Obama phenomenon… coming out of nowhere but being pretty obvious when looking at it in the rear view mirror. Obama offered “hope and change.” Americans trusted him to bring that to fruition. He didn’t.

    So now a large number of Americans are just plain disgusted with the way our political leaders… sometimes called the political elite…are taking our country. They will say anything to get elected.

    Many people are losing hope. They are losing trust. They are giving up on the political process.

    This is a different situation from anything we have ever seen before… at least in my life time.

    In Elkhart, Indiana today, our president seemed to be ridiculing Americans for fearing a liberal, left wing progressive government that is too big and dominating of the true spirit of the American people. He did not seem to acknowledge that the American people may have some legitimate concerns. Our president seemed to me to be excessively strident and intolerant of the wide-spread discontent that seems to be “bubbling up” from the American people.

    He does so at the peril of the American people.

    If it is necessary… it may be a good thing that a few American political icons “go down hard” and maybe go to Federal Prison to save our American culture as a good, hard working, honest, and ethical culture.

    I am talking about the “Big Dog” Bill and his wife Hillary. They need to go down hard for the sake of the American culture. The American people need clear evidence that the system is not “rigged” for the chosen political elites.

    The Clinton’s have claimed being “dead broke” and now are among the super wealthy of the entire world for selling a “commodity” that is known as “political power and influence”… or in other words… the ability to make fabulous wealth out of nothing for non-deserving but well connected political insiders. This disgusting practice is becoming well known by the American people and most decent people are becoming rightfully quite angry.

    The Clinton’s have done this in broad daylight and are smugly counting on their political connections to keep them safe from legal accountability.

    This is part of what is making Americans angry. Something has got to give. Hopefully the DOJ does its job.

    This is part of the Trump phenomenon. I don’t like it… but this is what I see is happening.


    • Ultimately, the reason people don’t trust the political process is that it gives people they disagree with and don’t understand (and who are very similar to themselves) a voice. Ultimately, the solution is to get people to understand each other’s fears and feel confident that they can address them without incurring anything they themselves are afraid of.

      • Recently I came across what was described to be an old Russian political axiom dating from Imperial Russian days when there were no meaningful elections anyway: “The winner of an election is, as a rule, the favorite of the well-organized minority, while the majority remains impotent.” This may be true and it may also apply to American politics today when we consider how the media’s role has devolved to propaganda and spin advancing certain political agendas and only pursues the truth so long as it does not interfere with the main objective. It has become all propaganda all of the time everywhere you look. The truth is in there somewhere but getting harder to find (see) even though we have more abundance of sources than every before.

  4. On the bright side, it’s really given me a new appreciation for Alexander Hamilton. When you get down to the bottom, the only thing holding the country together is his Debt.

  5. The American public is made up in large percentage by people who are confused by blinking red stoplights or making a connection between words that are pronounced one way and spelled another. I-N-D-I-C-T-E-D is not the same as “indytid” — in fact, it’s probably just a typo, should have been “indicated.” Now, the sentence doesn’t make sense at all. And why should it? Neither does Hillary.

  6. “A Rasmussen poll released this week found that 71 percent of Democratic voters believe Hillary Clinton should still run for President even if she’s indicted.”

    This is a direct reflection of the absolutely twisted thinking in our culture that has driven masses of people into the streets across the USA ignorantly claiming that individuals committing violent criminal acts are “innocent” victims if they are shot dead while perpetrating violent criminal acts. The media fans the flames of blind ignorance by showing photos of the violent criminal’s 8th grade graduating photo, or similar innocent young photos, intentionally misrepresenting who and what that little “innocent” person had actually become.

    The results of this poll are absolutely no surprise in today’s twisted thinking culture; Clinton is just another victim. Well dammit; I’m a victim of a culture that’s lost it moral roots and has gone nucking futs.

  7. Jack,
    It blows my mind that twice (although they weren’t serious contenders) we’ve had men run for the office from behind bars. It also blows my mind that it’s not a disqualifying factor of office. One would think being ineligible to vote would make one ineligible to run for an office that requires votes, but apparently the Framers disagreed. At least in the case of Eugene Debbs, one could have claimed political censorship. Yet, here comes a mainstream candidate with the Justice Department and 1/2 of Congress after her, and she and supporters are unflappable.

    I just know that one of these days, a scandal will come along that will finally sink the Clintons. I say that, of course, with the same enthusiasm (and the same wrongness) as when I said “Trump will never be a serious contender.” On the plus side, neither of them is particularly spry these days, and Chelsea doesn’t seem to show an interest in politics … yet.

  8. Hang on a tick. Some of those people probably want Hillary to stay out of jail so Trump can have some tough opposition. Perhaps not many of them, but some of them. You’ve already said that Hillary is preferable to Trump. If Hillary goes to jail as the law demands, then are we expecting Bernie to beat Trump? You can criticize the people who don’t think Hillary did anything wrong, but you can’t fault people for taking the same pragmatic approach you advocated, where we side with Hillary in opposition to Trump. Do I misunderstand your position?

  9. Donald Trump told a crowd of supporters at a rally in San Jose that Hillary Clinton is “guilty as hell,” referring to the investigation of her private email server, and should be forbidden from running for office.

    “The fact that they even allow her to participate in this race is a disgrace to the United States. It’s a disgrace to our nation,” he said.

    Donald Trump on Thursday called for his likely Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned.
    “I will say this, Hillary Clinton has got to go to jail,” Trump told supporters

    Trump also suggested Thursday that if Clinton is not indicted over her email use, he would direct his attorney general to investigate her.
    “Five years’ statute of limitations, if I win. Everything is going to be fair but I’m sure the attorney general will take a very good look at it,” Trump said.

    I think his DOJ might investigate and arrest some Federal Judges first, then some Journalists, then his political rivals – The Clintons, the Obamas, the Democratic members of Congress. Then the others on his list.

    But the Judges first, or there might be pesky problems with Habeas Corpus… oh wait, the National Defence Coordination Act 2012 suspends that at the President’s diecretion, so maybe not.

    • But everything is going to be fair. Trust him. He’ll only be going after enemies of the USA, which is to say, enemies of the President.

      The safeties have been removed. We’ve relied on a POTUS who is “wrong within normal bounds” rather than constitutional mechanisms.

    • As I just posted, Trump just talks, and is like a child more than anything else. This is what one might expect from the President of a Junior High Conservatives Club. How anyone can even consider voting for the man is really beyond me. You don’t put nuclear arms in the hands of a kid.

      • That said, however, allowing for Trump’s lazy rhetoric, what he actually means is not especially outrageous:

        “The fact that they even allow her to participate in this race is a disgrace to the United States. It’s a disgrace to our nation,” he said. “They” means the Democrats. He’s right, just as fact that Republican even allowed this fool to participate in this race is a disgrace.

        “I will say this, Hillary Clinton has got to go to jail,” Trump told supporters That’s a reasonable position. It would certainly send the right message if she was.

        Trump also suggested Thursday that if Clinton is not indicted over her email use, he would direct his attorney general to investigate her.
        “Five years’ statute of limitations, if I win. Everything is going to be fair but I’m sure the attorney general will take a very good look at it,” Trump said.
        If, as many, and not just conspiracy theorists, contend, the fix is in, it would be completely responsible to do this (though terrible optics, as it would look vindictive.) The greatest threat to the rule of law is the perception that the rich and powerful and connected can avoid accountability.

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