Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Emmet Rensin, Vox Editor

Vox tweet

When “This Week’s” Michael Dougherty tweeted Rensin to ask what he believed were the limits of “legitimate” political violence, Rensin responded,

“Destroying property is legitimate. Shouting down is legitimate. Disruption of all events is legitimate. Murder isn’t.”

Whew! That’s a relief!

The Left will make Donald Trump President yet.

Oh–if Vox doesn’t terminate this fascist as ““deputy first person editor,” whatever the hell that is, there’s one more internet source that will go on my BANNED list. Rensin has a right to hold whatever anti-free speech, anti-democracy opinions he wants, but any website or news organization that would keep such a jerk in a position of influence and authority forfeits all respect and trust.


Pointer: Hot Air

8 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Emmet Rensin, Vox Editor

  1. Jack,
    On an unrelated topic (though still dealing with media bias) have you seen MSNBC’s new promo spots for their “Lean Forward” tagline? Ignoring the stupidity of statement’s connotation that “when others step back, we lean in” it also seems to directly imply bias — which, I realize, isn’t a stretch for MSNBC. After all, why would a media organization lean in any direction?

    What’s even more damning, however, is that the promos themselves feature their “top” reporters discussing various progressive and social justice issues which they consider themselves champions of, or at least as following the same tradition. Meanwhile,. they guise it by showing images of civil rights marches and other famous political upheavals to make it seem like it’s part of some larger historical precedent.

    What gets me the most, however, is the sheer vanity involved. The promo spots have much the same tone as George Clooney’s Oscar acceptance speech some years ago, where he credited Hollywood as having been at the forefront of most major social issues.

    • I agree with every syllable you wrote. Especially the vanity. Who are these people that they should have any more influence or credibility than the guy sitting next to me in the bleachers? Journalists, with some exceptions, are neither especially bright, well-educated, experienced or accomplished. They live in a bubble. They have no business leaning at all.

  2. I keep hearing the phrase “armed revolution.” Have these people lost their minds? Frankly, I think Bernie Sanders with his “political revolution” tag line is largely responsible for this insanity. The Russian revolution was a political revolution.

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