Unethical Website Of The Month: NBCPolitics.Org

This may be the editor of this web site. The evidence points that way...

This may be the editor of this web site. The evidence points that way…

NBCPolitics.org is a special variety of fake site. Its stories appear to be genuine—but since the site is unethical and a lie, you can’t assume every one is—and it does not appear to be attempting satire or to fool mainstream news sources. To be frank, I don’t know what the hell the site’s operators think they are doing.

Nonetheless, it is a fake site, an unethical one, and especially nasty. It is, to start with, stealing NBC’s logo and name, as well as the new stories it posts, which come from other sources, at least until the site posts its own fake story with the real ones. Don’t put it past them. You cannot trust a fake site.

NBCPolitics.Org is also written by illiterate morons. Here is a description of the site from one of the links:

This is a representing website for nbcnews.com only posting about politics from and outside the United States.All the article are used from big websites based on politics.Source information is included in every post.

Unless NBC has declined even beyond what watching MSNBC would have one believe, this is a smoking gun. So is the “About” page:

COMPANY NAME has been delivering results since we opened in YEAR. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

 OWNER NAME has over NUMBER years of experience in INDUSTRY NAME and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

OK: Let’s use the CONTACT US page to let them know that among the things they are doing wrong is stealing NBC’s intellectual property, stealing articles, and making NBC look like it lets third graders run its websites.

Actually, let’s not. I think the site might be a scam to acquire email addresses.



12 thoughts on “Unethical Website Of The Month: NBCPolitics.Org

  1. I hope that they get sued bigtime. I hate these misleading sites whose only purpose seems to scam info from users.

  2. The description reads very much like what someone for whom English is not their first language might write. I’m wondering if this is a site run by foreigners?

  3. Jack,
    The creators have also gone to at least some lengths to keep themselves anonymous, as a WHOIS of the website shows the owner as “Domains by Proxy.” In other words, they bought the domain name through a third party so they wouldn’t have to display their own name/contact information.

    I work at an IP firm and we file UDRP complaints against infringing websites all the time. That said, this is by far one of the worst offenders I’ve ever seen. I’d be surprised if the real NBC doesn’t file a complaint in the near future (if they haven’t already). The worst part for companies trying to remove fraudulent websites the domain names can cost as little as $50 a year to register, but a single UDRP complaint costs some $1,500 just in the filing (exclusive of attorney fees).

    What’s more, since these proceedings never result in financial damages, only the transfer of the offending domain, the perpetrators will often have a new page (at a slightly different URL) up and running within a few weeks.

  4. The website is not fake,the website is just using NBC`s logo.
    They are posting only about politics which i like and also i can`t find a fake article yet.

    I don`t think that NBC,a billion dollars worth of company will do something about a small website that is claiming as a representative,and as you said is nor fake nor posting lies.

    • What? The website uses the NBC logo, thus representing itself as something it is not. That’s a lie. It’s not an NBC news website. That’s what is known as “fake.”

  5. Thank you for this article. I ran across an interesting story on their site, and thought “Why would NBC News be posting these articles? They are terrible.” As one of the suggested articles provided by Facebook, yours called attention to the URL, which I hadn’t bothered to read. I think that highlights the insidiousness of this website.
    They claim to be representing NBC, but if they aren’t affiliated with NBC in any way, they are still just hijacking another company’s brand. That would seem to fall squarely in the realm of trademark infringement.
    All of that having been said, you may want to send your article to an editor before throwing stones about grammar and spelling.

    • Thanks for the alert on the typos…I have no idea why they slipped through and I didn’t catch them. I bet me typo-catcher, who is very good, did flag them in a timely fashion, and for some reason I missed it. And you’re right, it’s not cool to have typos, especially when its a post criticizing typos. on the other hand, any typos I make just make me look like a fool. I’m accountable. These people are making typos under NBC’s logo. REALLY not cool.

      Your typo admonishment saved your comment, because you did not comply with this blog’s reasonable requirement of a real name and e-mail address, known only to me. VERY uncool. Read the Comment requirements. You won’t get another comment here by defying the conditions of participation.

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