Well, THAT Question’s Answered: No Parting Gifts For A-Rod

No-GiftI wrote in an earlier Ethics Quiz that the retirement of Yankee Cheat and Head Creep Alex Rodriguez tomorrow would put the Boston Red Sox in a difficult position tonight. Should they honor him, as the Yankees will honor Red Sox star David Ortiz in his final appearance in Yankees Stadium? Or should they  eschew any recognition, since the Boston fans hate Alex’s guts?

Apparently, as often is the case, the problem was not as difficult as my ethical alarms were telling me. The Sox won’t even give A-Rod a cupcake. There will be no recognition of his career, other than the symphony of boos that will rain down on him from the Fenway Faithful every single time he comes to bat.


5 thoughts on “Well, THAT Question’s Answered: No Parting Gifts For A-Rod

  1. Those readers who don’t follow baseball, and as a consequence live hollow, empty lives, may not realize just what a scumbag, cheat, liar, and all around prick A-Rod is. I do, and am pleased to see that he will not be ‘honored’ by the BoSox. My guess is that even if they wanted to, they couldn’t figure out how to do it without risking public safety.

  2. AP quoting the sweet snarkiness of manager Joe Girardi on refusing Rodriquez’ request to play his old third base position for the last game: “We thought about it but he hasn’t done any work,” Girardi said before Thursday night’s game at Boston. “It’s not that I wouldn’t like to see it, but we’re in a part of the season where we are trying to win. We’re still in this and I just felt that the situation hasn’t presented itself.”

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