Why Is This News?

To again quote a wise baby: "This is my shocked face..."

To again quote a cynical baby: “This is my shocked face…”

From McClatchey:

No record that Clinton, aides took required ethics training 

“There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton or her top aides completed ethics training when they started at the State Department as required by federal law. State Department records show only three of nine top Clinton aides took the mandated training for new employees. Records also suggest that none of seven top aides required to take subsequent annual training completed it.”

I’m sorry: I actually laughed out loud when I read this. STOP THE PRESSES! Actually, the news would be if Hillary attended any ethics training.



8 thoughts on “Why Is This News?

  1. In Massachusetts you are required to take an ethics test. You cannot fail. You just keep on going A-D until you hit the right one. I’ve taken it several times and it is a total joke.


  2. As far as I’m concerned, you can put the e-trade kid’s picture up anytime. How many years has he been around? I wonder if he’s running a desk at Goldman Sachs yet.

    • …the same training that, if you don’t complete it, you get all of your computer accounts disabled until OH SO *THAT’S* WHY SHE HAD TO HAVE A PRIVATE SERVER!!!

      I totally get it now.


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