Whose Lie Was More Newsworthy, Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte’s Regarding His Imaginary Mugging In Rio, Or The Obama Administration’s Regarding Paying Ransom To Iran? [UPDATED]

U.S. President Barack Obama answers a question as he and Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong hold a joint news conference at the White House in Washington, U.S. August 2, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

News Item #1:

The story that Ryan Lochte told four days ago was frightening and detailed, the Olympic gold medalist recalling a late-night robbery and a pistol pressed against his head. On Thursday, Brazilian authorities presented evidence they say contradicts that account and could turn what at first had been a deeply embarrassing incident for the Summer Games’ host country into a different kind of international incident.

The head of Rio de Janeiro’s civil police, Fernando Veloso, said the version of the events told by Lochte and three U.S. swimming teammates was fabricated. The athletes, he said, damaged a gas station bathroom early Sunday morning and were involved in a confrontation with armed security before paying about $50 to resolve the matter.

“We can confirm that there was no robbery as they described, and they were not victims as they presented themselves,” Veloso told a packed news conference, alleging the athletes had given “a fantastical version of events.”

News Item #2:

The State Department conceded for the first time on Thursday that it delayed making a $400 million payment to Iran for several hours in January “to retain maximum leverage” and ensure that three American prisoners were released the same day.

For months the Obama administration had maintained that the payment was part of a settlement over an old dispute and did not amount to a “ransom” for the release of the Americans. Instead, administration officials said, it was the first installment of the $1.7 billion that the United States intends to pay Iran to reimburse it for military equipment it bought before the Iranian revolution that the United States never delivered.

But at a briefing on Thursday, John Kirby, the State Department spokesman, said the United States “took advantage of the leverage” it felt it had that weekend in mid-January to obtain the release of the hostages and “to make sure they got out safely and efficiently.”

There is little doubt as to which of the two lies the U.S. public is being informed about most thoroughly today: It’s #1. After all, Ryan Lochte is a reality TV star, and a celebrity, and an athlete, and this is the Olympics! Up close and personal! Bread! Circuses!

The second story? Meh.What’s the big deal? So the Obama Administration paid ransom for hostages, endangering U.S. citizens all over the world, and repeatedly lied to the press and the public about it over the past two week, issuing unequivocal denials that the 400 million dollar payment and the hostage release were related in any way. So what?

On CNN this morning, the stupid, stupid, stupid story about how a group of boorish Olympic athletes (‘USA! USA!”) peed on the walls of a Rio bathroom and made up a robbery —at gun point!—story to cover up their vandalism was the subject of a full panel discussion. If the Obama version of Iran-Contra was covered at all, it wasn’t in the hour I saw.

Google News search, “Ryan Lochte”…nearly 10 million results.

Google News search, “Iran ransom”…about 220,000 results.

No wonder the public is significantly unaware of what an incompetent, dishonest, manipulative administration we have endured for eight years. The news media intentionally buries the facts to support administration narratives and propaganda. The story of how the Obama State Department handed over40% of a billion dollars to Iran as  a reward for capturing and holding, illegally, U.S. citizens is a bona fide foreign policy scandal, one which if it occurred in a Republican Administration would have every editorial page screaming. The news media, however, is now fully engaged in slanting its coverage to ensure that Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump, the prime directive. More than ever, the utter failure of the current Democratic administration must be obscured.

Thank goodness the GOP lacks a candidate with the focus and degree of articulateness of the average closed head injury victim. Besides, he’d pay the ransom too. It’s just another deal, after all.

“We do not pay ransom. We didn’t here, and we won’t in the future.” That was Barack Obama’s official statement on the matter, when he was asked about the $400,000,000 a couple of weeks ago. It belongs in the same category as “I am not a crook,” “I did not have sex with that woman,” and, oh yeah, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” This is why Democrats literally (that’s literally literally, not Sean Hannity’s version of literally, recently displayed in his statement that “The news media literally kiss Hillary Clinton’s and Obama’s asses every day!”)  don’t care that their current heiress-apparent is, as William Safire famously said almost two decades ago, ” a congenital liar.” The current Democrat in the White House lies repeatedly, routinely, shamelessly and with no consequences whatsoever. Who cares? We love the Big Brother, currently vacationing while Louisiana swims for its life.

Fortunately the most reliable of the so-called conservative media, the Wall Street Journal, continued to pursue the embarrassing story that the other news organizations regarded as an annoying distraction while they were concentrating on destroying Donald Trump. Finally, Obama had to admit that yes, the US paid ransom for hostages…to Iran, an importer of terror that is dedicated to turning Israel into a parking lot.

All right, all right, but how about that Ryan Lochte?

We knew Ryan Lochte was an idiot during the last Olympics. The second, the very second, I read that Lochte and his buddies claimed to be robbed while the local police denied it, I guessed this outcome. To once again borrow from  George S. Kaufman:  0n Mount Wilson there is a telescope that can magnify the most distant stars to twenty-four times the magnification of any previous telescope. This remarkable instrument was unsurpassed in the world of astronomy until the development and construction of the Mount Palomar telescope. The Mount Palomar telescope is an even more remarkable instrument of magnification. Owing to advances and improvements in optical technology, it is capable of magnifying the stars to four times the magnification and resolution of the Mount Wilson telescope.If  you could somehow put the Mount Wilson telescope inside the Mount Palomar telescope, you still wouldn’t be able to see my interest in anything Ryan Lochte has done or will do for the rest of his life, because he is a blasted  idiot, and so is anyone who wastes a minute of their limited time on earth caring about him.

What the President of the United States does, however, the precedents he sets, the lies he tells and the conduct he models as a leader matter.

UPDATE: This just in…



Sources: New York Times, Google, Los Angeles Times, Washington Times


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83 responses to “Whose Lie Was More Newsworthy, Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte’s Regarding His Imaginary Mugging In Rio, Or The Obama Administration’s Regarding Paying Ransom To Iran? [UPDATED]

  1. I held off commenting on this when it happened, because something didn’t smell entirely clean about it (pun intended), But I had serious doubts as to the veracity of the police statement as it was being made. The IOC and the Brazilian governments, both local and federal were in constant damage control mode, putting out statements before the facts were in, not always printing retractions where they were wrong.

    The best example was the green pool… The IOC came out and said “We don’t know why the water is green, but we are certain that it is safe to swim in.” They knew no such damn thing. The athletes were basically swimming in sewage, so the water wasn’t safe even before it turned green, for one thing, but more that they didn’t know why the damn water was green! How could they know whatever did it was SAFE?!

    The story from the police changed three times that I can remember. First they denied anything happened, then they said there was a fight, and then they said the athletes forced open a bathroom door, broke a mirror and a soap dispenser.

    Does it matter even a little bit that it appears that the police lied the third time as well?


    A camera was pointed directly at the bathroom entrance, none of the swimmers entered it. They can be seen knocking down a sign.

    Witnesses say that a security guard had his gun pointed at them, before the ‘agreement’ of $50 USD for ‘damages’ to a wooden sign was made and paid.

    I don’t know that I would quibble about the value of a sign with a gun pointed at me, so I’m not entirely convinced calling it a robbery wasn’t accurate.

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