Hillary Gets Caught In A (nother) Whopper

Why yes, this IS the thanks you get, General!

Why yes, this IS the thanks you get, General!

From the New York Times (Aug. 18):

Pressed by the F.B.I. about her email practices at the State Department, Hillary Clinton told investigators that former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell had advised her to use a personal email account.The account is included in the notes the Federal Bureau of Investigation handed over to Congress on Tuesday, relaying in detail the three-and-a-half-hour interview with Mrs. Clinton in early July that led to the decision by James B. Comey, the bureau’s director, not to pursue criminal charges against her.

From Page Six:

Colin Powell has broken his silence about his alleged involvement in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, saying her team is falsely trying to blame him.When asked by the FBI about her email use at the State Department, Clinton reportedly told investigators that former Secretary of State Powell had advised her to use a personal email account at a private dinner. But Powell, who had said last week in a statement that he had no recollection of the conversation, told Page Six at Saturday’s Apollo in the Hamptons event, “The truth is she was using it (her personal email) for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did [during my term as secretary of state]. “Her people have been trying to pin it on me.”

When asked why Clinton’s team were attempting to blame him, he responded, “Why do you think?”

Conclusion: Hillary Clinton lied to the F.B.I.

Ethics musings:

1. Not to be cynical or anything, but of course she did.

2. Although it is obvious that the mainstream media has abandoned all objectivity, neutrality and journalistic integrity to defeat Donald Trump and make Clinton President, it is somewhat reassuring to know that there are some stories it, or at least the New York Times, won’t bury to protect Mrs. Clinton.

3. To those of the Hillary Corrupted [NOTE: I am using this description more and more, and will continue to do so. It denotes the previously honest, reasonable and ethical people who admired and supported one or both Clintons before their full rejection of so many ethical values and elements of trustworthiness were apparent, and being too committed by that point to condemn and abandon them, as they should, retreated into the comfort and self-deception of a myriad rationalizations, such as “Everybody does it,” “It’s not the worst thing,” “The King’s Pass,” “The Saint’s Excuse,” “Everyone makes mistakes,” and many, many more. As a result, their own values have rotted away, like those of their heroes.] who have argued that Congress has been conducting a “witch hunt” regarding Clinton’s machinations and lies generally, the fact that this was only discovered because Congress, most responsibly, demanded the FBI’s notes, this development requires some new contortions. Congress, regardless of its underlying motives and partisan slant, was acting responsibly.

4. How incompetent was the F.B.I. to allow Clinton to answer their questions without being sworn under oath? Well, come on: if you can’t trust the presumptive nominee of the Democratic…I’m sorry, I can’t even write that without laughing.

5. It was gallant of Powell to blame his use and abuse  by  Clinton for her breaching national security on “her people.” “Her people” weren’t the ones answering questions in the room with the F.B.I. Actually, it wasn’t gallant: it was deceptive, and an attempt to shield Hillary. Powell really is a Democrat in Republican clothing, which makes him more or less bipartisan, but this misdirection does not speak well for him. Hillary Clinton is trying to pin this on you, General. She’s responsible.

6. Recall that when Clinton’s initial group of deceitful explanations for her private server were being let out of the campaign’s  slime-bag a year ago, Powell confirmed that he had indeed used a personal account when he was Secretary of State…though in a vastly different period technologically, only for personal communications, and without a secret server in his bathroom. This was how Hillary Clinton rewarded him for his non-partisan candor.

7. Since this pattern is so well established by now, let’s try to guess how Clinton, Democrats and the CC’s will attempt to obscure the truth and paint Hillary as innocent as a new-born babe. The top candidates:

  • It’s just she-said he-said, and remember, Powell is a Republican, so you can’t believe him.
  • It doesn’t matter now. Hillary has been exonerated. (“What difference, at this point, does it make?”)
  • She’s often confused.  (Huma’s explanation.)
  • It was just a speak-o! (The Gruber Excuse)
  • Well, Trump lies all the time too!
  • Yeah, well, when Bush lied, people died!
  • This was a witch hunt from the beginning, so Hillary had every right to lie.
  • I don’t believe it!
  • I don’t care about the stupid e-mails!
  • It’s just another sexist attack.

Did I miss one?


20 thoughts on “Hillary Gets Caught In A (nother) Whopper

  1. Jack, you mentioned in another thread “Now be fair: she’s not well.”

    Perhaps this won’t hasten her recovery?

    I thought Powell’s office’s first generic press release was going to be the extent of it.

    “General Powell has no recollection of the dinner conversation. He did write former Secretary Clinton an email memo describing his use of his personal AOL email account for unclassified messages and how it vastly improved communications within the State Department. At the time there was no equivalent system within the Department. He used a secure State computer on his desk to manage classified information.”

    I applaud the normally stoic (gallant, as you put it) Powell for speaking out definitively, and I have the sneaking suspicion he wanted to put it a tad more succinctly.

  2. Remember folks; here’s our two major choices for President in 2016:

    1. Dangerous blatant corruption with a politically savvy,family dynasty, candidate.

    2. Dangerous ignorance with a politically inept candidate.

    Heck folks, there’s no reason not to keep this dynasty shit going; at this point, what more have we got to loose! How about Hillary Clinton vs Michelle Obama in 2020 and Chelsea Clinton vs Ivanka Trump in 2024?

  3. If there’s something strange, In your convention
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  4. It’s never too soon to trot out, “That’s old news,” Jack. I think you missed that one. And probably, “She’s the most qualified presidential candidate in history.” The Clinton version of The King’s Pass.

    • Huh? it’s the Clinton version of “Duane Kuiper belongs in the Hall of Fame.” Saying she is “the most qualified” is not an opinion, it’s a lie. or proof of total historical ignorance.

      • Absolutely. You’re killing me. Duane Kuiper, Joe Morgan’s back-up(?) Kind of says it all: Batting average: .271 (way over the Mendoza line, so he’s got that going for him); Home run(s): 1 (is that a joke?); Hits: 971 (right behind Cobb and Ichiro); RBI: 263. When he gets in the HOF, HRC can have him to the white house and they can compare credentials.

  5. It’s interesting that you give 100% credence that Powell was telling the truth for this article. How do you know Powell isn’t the one lying. He has every incentive to do so, so as not to get painted in the Clinton brush and to be able to further any sort of political career of his own. I’m not saying he has lied, but there is absolutely no doubt given to what he’s saying. You didn’t give any possibility at all that he might not be telling the truth, just immediately jumped to “Cinton lied”

    • Powell has a history of being generally open and honest in his public communications.
      Hillary appears to lie even when it doesn’t benefit her.

      It seems like a pretty easy call to me as to which one I would believe.

    • What do you mean, “he has every incentive”? He has absolutely none! He was quick to confirm a year ago that indeed he used personal e-mail when Clinton first used him as an excuse. If he was reluctant to “get painted in the Clinton brush,” he wouldn’t have done that. Powell is 79,. He had a chance to run for POTUS years ago, and passed. He isn’t seeking a political career. Moreover, few public figures have as impeccable a reputation for honesty and integrity as Powell. Maybe none. He comes from the military culture, where honor and honesty are mandatory. Clinton, in contrast, has a well-earned reputation as a liar, and a record as will.

      But thanks for providing a perfect example of the first bullet point! How can you look at yourself in the mirror and write such garbage?

  6. Besides expecting yet another series of tiresome rationalizations about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (mis)behavior, we should also look for new outcries linking fact and fiction in the crusade to purify the body politic and prevent its reinfection by the People Who Don’t Think Or Pray Like We Do. To put it mildly, the shitbucket in this campaign ain’t empty yet.

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