From The “Bias Makes You Stupid” Files: Exploiting A Knife Attack To Push Gun Control


The kind of bias at work here is confirmation bias. Whatever incompetent media outlet immediately leaped to the conclusion that the attack at Ohio State was  an “active shooter situation” yesterday morning (Talk about “fake news”!), we soon learned that the tragedy was really an automobile-and-butcher knife terrorist attack carried out by 18 -year-old Somali Muslim refugee  Abdul Artan.

But never mind. Numerous anti-gun zealots were so thrilled to have another mass shooting to exploit that they couldn’t even wait to find out if guns were involved. So they rushed to Twitter to begin the familiar onslaught before the event itself was clarified. Good old Twitter: there’s nothing like quick and easy access to make you look like an ass.

There was Losing Vice Presidential Candidate Desperately Waiting For A Recount Miracle Tim Kaine:


Good point, Tim! After all, what could be a more senseless act of gun violence than using a knife?

Then we had California  Lt. Governor of Gavin Newsom, who pulled down his foolish tweet, but not before it was recorded for posterity:

These people were thrilled that there was another school shooting that would allow them to trot out all the well-worn Sandy Hook anti-gun rhetoric, so thrilled that they couldn’t wait a few hours to find out what happened before flying right past the carnage into anti-gun lobbying. Then, they were disappointed that the victims weren’t shot.

Of course they were, especially since a knife killing spree is a frequent hypothetical used in counter-arguments by gun defenders, as is the annual death toll caused by automobiles. Come on Tim, Gavin, Vox: tell us how cars and knives too easily fall into the wrong hands. Whoops! These hands couldn’t be wrong: they belonged to another harmless Muslim refugee!

Has there ever been another month in which so many Democrats did so much to appear ridiculous, irresponsible and untrustworthy?


Pointer: PJ Media

29 thoughts on “From The “Bias Makes You Stupid” Files: Exploiting A Knife Attack To Push Gun Control

  1. I do believe the university itself issued an active shooter alert, based on shots heard soon after the initial attack (which happened to not unfortunately be police shooting the attacker dead). Uncertain information in the immediate wake of tragedy is virtually inevitable. Still when your initial reaction is political shrill, you have already proven your judgement suspect. Advocating anything in response to a situation one knows nothing about only benefits that individual’s political career at the expense of an ethical society.

      • That video “America’s Gun Problem… 18 Charts” is actually from February of this year, and they recycle it every time there’s a high profile shooting. Don’t get me wrong, Vox is full on ass cancer, and they have some poor conclusions drawn from bad information… But they specifically make that point.

        They make it while pointing out that the general shooting death per capita numbers have not decreased despite that, with the balance being made up with an increase in shooting suicides, which they were even honest enough to identify as a problem facing most white men.

        They’re…. Right. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, perhaps, but America DOES have a gun problem. You have twice as many guns and about four times as many shootings as the next developed country down the list. Three times as many guns and five times as many shootings as Canada. It’s something that I think that pro-second amendment people need to come to terms with and address honestly…. “Decreasing rates” doesn’t explain away these ratios, and ignoring these very real facts, or accepting them as ‘normal’ will invariably cause you to lose legitimacy like the left has lost legitimacy on Islam. It’s an integrity check: Are you or are you not willing to face facts and admit reality is real?

        I’ve said before that these shootings might be the horrible price America pays for its Freedom, and I’ll stick by that. Admitting America has a problem does not mean you meekly roll over and accept every bit of gun legislation being asked for… In fact, I understand why Republicans don’t trust Democrats on this issue…. They don’t know how to win gracefully. (Or lose gracefully. Or exist gracefully.) And invariably any ground given, even reasonable ground, could be seen as an open door for more extreme, less reasonable future policy.

        Which is why change needs to come from the right. You need to look at things like mandatory universal background checks seriously… Which was not only the position of the NRA before the left got dogmatic on the issue, but is by leaps and bounds the majority opinion of all Americans.

        • “I’ve said before that these shootings might be the horrible price America pays for its Freedom, and I’ll stick by that.”

          It is.

          And it’s a terrible price we pay *for alot of other nation’s freedoms also*. A laundry list of nations benefit DIRECTLY from American liberty and the curtain of protection it vicariously provides by passively blocking the aggression of other nations. Domino effects. Remove our liberty, remove our prosperity…they go hand in hand. Remove our prosperity, watch our Department of Defense slowly crumble. Watch our department of defense slowly crumble, watch the umbrella of protection fold up. Watch the umbrella fold up and watch what Russia does, watch what Iran does, watch what China does, watch what a dozen or so more ready-and-willing regional despotates rise up…

          Then we can watch what happens to other nation’s liberties who have generally enjoyed them to a great extent.

          • That’s a completely different issue, and while I’m sympathetic to it… I’m sure Costa Rica in particular enjoys not having to field a military because you’ll do it for them… Can you explain to me why America maintains 38 military installations in Germany, 84 in Japan and 3 in Italy?

            • “That’s a completely different issue”

              Only in the short term…

              “Can you explain to me why America maintains 38 military installations in Germany, 84 in Japan and 3 in Italy?”

              Because despite our generation’s enjoyment of disregarding and mocking with pseudo-erudition the concerns of our fathers and grandfathers, Russia, and increasingly China, still needs to be contained, and we’re the only ones who will do it.

  2. Jack,

    “There was Losing Vice Presidential Candidate Desperately Waiting For A Recount Miracle Tim Kaine …”

    As far as I can tell, Tim Kaine hasn’t been involved in any of the recount activities, nor have he (or his ilk) made any public statements regarding it. As you know, the recount was initiated by Jill Stein and, although the Clinton campaign has “cooperated,” it has little to do with attempting to overturn the election and is largely just political posturing. In other words, your commentary seemed unnecessarily snarky.

    I find it ironic that Trump is now claiming voter fraud as well, but for different reasons and from different sources. I fail to see how either side in this debacle can claim any sort of moral superiority on anything. The right has egg on it’s face for electing a tool and the left all look like whiners because they lost to a tool. Either way, everyone is a tool.

    “Good point, Tim! After all, what could be a more senseless act of gun violence than using a knife?”

    Except his statement wasn’t assholish or even political grand-standing over gun control or some other issue. Yes, he was given bad information that he didn’t appropriately vet. Perhaps he should have made more of an effort to check his intelligence first, but ALL he did was express sorrow at the news and expressed support for those effected.

    Why all the snark towards a guy whose one of the few NOT to come off like a sore loser?


    • As far as I can tell cooperating in this case just means making sure there’s election judges/observers from the Clinton Camp to watch the counting/dispute questionable ballots. Trump would be well advised to send people as well, lest disputable votes automatically go to Clinton. At the very least, no other specifics of cooperation have been announced. .

    • Tim Kaine was Clinton’s running mate and is undoubtedly still HRC’s orbit of friends, supporters and operatives. So, yeah… I’m guessing that he is not adverse to the idea of de-legitimizing the Trump presidency. Also, Kaine has long been known in Virginia as a reliable supporter of any gun control measure imaginable going back at least to when as Mayor of Richmond he inappropriately expended public funds to support the Million Mom’s March in DC. His knee jerk reaction to the Ohio “mass shooting” incident is so in keeping with Kaine’s DNA. Kaine has, in my opinion, has honestly earned the right to a little snark.

    • I call him that because that’s what he is. Kaine, as one of the two members of the ticket and a theoretical beneficiary of the bizarre recount, is responsible and accountable for what the campaign choosed to do. If he wants to oppose it, I’m waiting. If he wants to pull a Coolidge (“I’m embarrassed by the conduct of my party and its supporters, and as of now I do not consider myself a candidate for the Vice-Presidency. This recount is not in my name.”) Absent that, he cannot just smile, shrug and say, “Don’t look at me!”

      “Perhaps he should have made more of an effort to check his intelligence first, but ALL he did was express sorrow at the news and expressed support for those effected.”

      Wrong! He immediately pivoted to an attack on guns, politicizing the tragedy. If Trump tweeted that, the news media would call it a “lie.”

        • Jack,

          At least in the quote you shared, that is. Calling something “senseless” isn’t an attack on the guns themselves, only how they’re used in mass shootings. Had this been a real gun attack, I doubt anyone would argue against the word “senseless” to describe it.

          If he politicized the event elsewhere, you may have a point; however, those quotes were not included in this piece and therefor do nothing to support your thesis.


          • As I say, get serious. We have seen this before, and you are making the case that an overture doesn’t tell us that the opera is coming. It is all part of gun’s bad, the mantra being pushed by these and others. Kaine: “gun violence”—why gun? What if the violence had been perpetrated by a black man, and he said “African-American violence?” What would that mean to you? Newsom: We cannot let an average of 1 school shooting/wk be the normal in America. Too many lives are at stake What is he saying, other than we have to “do something” about the guns? It’s an attack on gun ownership, or laying the groundwork for one. Otherwise, what does “cannot let” mean? Vox: “Gun problem” implies that the problem is guns.

            As I said, be serious.

            • If schools are the problem, then I think it would be easier to do something about schools than yet another law against armaments. We can lock down the schools, hire more security, or just close them up and encourage alternative education.

              • Schools are just one of many “soft target” opportunities for people who wish to cause carnage. There are way too many “soft target” opportunities to protect by the police or security forces. America is a relatively free society. Americans do not want to live in a government secured armed camp. Most Americans prefer the freedom to use their own judgement, go about their business, and feel at liberty to exercise the right of self defense if necessary.

                • Jack,

                  This is the same argument that liberals use when they accuse people of micro-aggressions — that it was all code leading into (or for) something else. I get what you’re saying and yes, had the attack proven to the perpetrated by guns, he would have had more long-winded things to say on the subject. But, as it were, he kept it simple and classy enough.

                  You’ve defended Trump (rightly so) numerous times when people made assumptions about things he said but never said — I guess what confuses me is that I don’t understand how this is different. As I said before, the other quotes are inexcusable, but Kaine played it like a politician. Having a bias and an agenda doesn’t mean that everything they do is biased or has an ulterior motive.


                    • Jack,
                      We don’t know that Tim Kaine assumed anything; he may have been given bad information or misheard. If anything, you’re the one rushing to assume what he meant or even how he found out. Words matter, and it’s unfair to attack someone or jump to conclusions about ones they haven’t yet uttered.

                      To use you’re earlier metaphor, an overture may tell the coming of an opera, but it doesn’t give you the right to give it a bad review before you’ve sat through the whole thing.

                      In other news, Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  3. So people relying on news reports and statements directly from the university itself are clear examples of “confirmation bias “, but you relying on one anonymous source positing a rather extraordinary claim about education ripped directly from a bad 1984 scenario is ok, because it fits with what you know about public schools? Hmmmm. Might want to recheck “confirmation bias.”

    • Erm…context…existing in vacuum…erm…

      I know you’ve read the 2 dozen or more posts on Education abuses just like the one you are complaining about and the 2 dozen or more posts on the Leftwing Propaganda Ministry Main Stream Media defaulting to an assault on the Right to Bear Arms after any shooting…

      I know you’ve read them…

      Why this fallacious sally?

      • So, “it fits with what you know”? Ok. Still confirmation bias. The claimed conduct in the education post seemed extraordinary, especially as allegedly the officials did not seem to think anything amiss at all, and confirmed completely the child’s claims. I would be quite sceptical of such crazy claims, without other evidence, but many people were not, eager to embrace the story because it fit within their narrative. Sound familiar?

  4. “Has there ever been another month in which so many Democrats did so much to appear ridiculous, irresponsible and untrustworthy?”

    That sounds almost like a dare.

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