From The “When Ethics Alarms Are Devoured By Hysteria And Partisan Hate” Files: Jezebel Readers React To The JetBlue Harassment Of Ivanka Trump

love-hateHere are some comments reacting to the JetBlue incident from Jezebel, the feminist website. These are not the outliers. These are typical. I’ve checked some of the other progressive sites.  At Talking Points Memo, the consensus seems to be that it’s “fake news.” So far, the vast majority of the coverage is from conservative sites. Most of the left partisan sites don’t report embarrassing conduct by their compatriots if they can avoid it….or perhaps they just don’t want to inspire comments like these.

Jezebel’s blogger set the tone by invoking the “Tit for Tat” and “They had it coming” rationalizations with this coda to the post:

Given Donald Trump’s unabashed love of heckling people in front of a crowd—he singled out NBC reporter Katy Tur so many times she had to get Secret Service protection—I’m just surprised the administration didn’t give Lasner’s husband a cabinet seat right then and there.

From the comments…

I know i’m supposed to feel bad for Ivanka, but I can’t. Fuck her. Fuck her husband. They are going to make billions off the american taxpayer and have no shame or remorse or anything resembling human emotions. I might feel the slightest bit of pity for the kids, except then I remember they’re all fucking rich and will get whatever their bratty asses demand for their entire lives. So i guess i’ll save my concern for the millions of men and women of various races, creeds and sexual orientations whose lives will begin to become progressively worse on January 20th.


She knew exactly what she was doing and what the potential outcomes were from flying commercial. Part of me thinks Bannon set this up so this exact incident would occur and everyone would feel sorry for lil Vanky.



If I saw a Trumpsatzgruppen member on a flight, I would be in jail right now, b/c I would not shut the fuck up about it the entire flight.


Seriously. Let’s not forget:

— At last count, 838 products in Ivanka Trump’s line, and not a single one made in the US.

— She’s already used her father’s position to further her business by selling dresses and jewelry, and she’s sat in on meetings with leaders of countries in which her business stands to benefit.

— It took more than a year for employees at her company to convince her to establish a maternity policy; she told one employee that when she had her baby, she was only out of the office for a week (she neglected to mention her in-home nanny when explaining this).

— For several months now she’s posted a job on her site for a Freelance Graphic Designer, a full-time job, Monday through Friday, 9-6. But as freelance, this person will not receive any benefits, including healthcare and maternity leave; and the contract is month to month, allowing Ivanka Trump’s company to cut that person loose at any time with zero notice. That’s some fine job creation right there.

In short, fuck Ivanka Trump. She’s a hypocrite just like her father, and while I would try to find a way of doing it without getting kicked off a plane, I’d have no problem telling her so.


Yeah the French should have just said “This cake is really good, don’t upset the Queen.” Or the people of Boston should have just drank the tea and asked politely to not be taxed. Fuck the trumps, they should be called out at every opportunity.


Going high hasn’t worked for us since what – 2000? i am sick of it. i am sick of us having to be the reasonable, rational ones. fuck all of that. they go low and they win. they go low and they obstruct a president for an entire 8 years. it is time to go low.


Fuck her and her three small children.


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39 responses to “From The “When Ethics Alarms Are Devoured By Hysteria And Partisan Hate” Files: Jezebel Readers React To The JetBlue Harassment Of Ivanka Trump

  1. “except then I remember they’re all fucking rich and will get whatever their bratty asses demand for their entire lives.”

    I assume, that the hyper-feminist, should she ever have children someday (I assume she’ll eat the sperm donor after being impregnated…I’m not sure how the virulent feminists do those sorts of things)….I digress…should she ever have children someday (God save them from the toxic upringing they’d endure)…ok ok ok, back on topic….should she ever have children someday AND should she ever garner even a modest amount of wealth from her hard work and endeavors, does she plan to blow all her wealth before she dies? Does she altruistically plan on giving it away to others at her death?

    I mean, her other option after that is giving it to her children…or even, if, like most parents are apt to do, helping out her children where she can…and assuming she accumulates a modest amount of wealth, it could help her kids noticeably.

    Either way, her children would be gaining *unearned* material boosts.

    Isn’t that essentially what she’s banshee-ing about? That she’s mad Trump’s descendants had some nice boosts in life that were completely un-asked for? As though Trump did what most parents do and pass on accumulated wealth before or after they die?

    I always chuckle a little when the class-warmongers get angry at the children of wealthy people because they’ve never thought out what it really means….essentially as though they have no intention to help their OWN kids in life.

  2. “Going high hasn’t worked for us since what – 2000? i am sick of it. i am sick of us having to be the reasonable, rational ones. fuck all of that. they go low and they win. they go low and they obstruct a president for an entire 8 years. it is time to go low.”

    They actually think they’ve “gone high?”
    That they’re “the reasonable, rational ones?”

    I admit that Trump went low and won. It’s just incredibly frustrating that they think Trump went there first.

    Or that they think the congress and judicial system that were rendered toothless were obstructing anything Obama came up with.

    Just as I feared we are not going to see anyone with a loud voice on the high road anytime soon.

  3. Steve-O-in-NJ

    I shake my head. Well, Jack, do you agree with my comment on the other post that the left is now leading us into becoming the nation of assholes that you so feared Trump would turn us into?

    Believe me, I know I have said and done my share of jerkass things, but these comments are an open embrace of jerkassery as a matter of policy. I don’t know how a democracy is supposed to function tolerating this kind of behavior.

    • Patrice

      “I don’t know how a democracy is supposed to function tolerating this kind of behavior.”

      We will function because there are more non-assholes on both ends of the political spectrum, and everywhere in between, than there are assholes.

      I admit that there is certainly a plenitude of assholery, ON BOTH SIDES, going on. But I so wish that the broad brush of assholery would not be painted onto all progressives/liberals/whatevers. Nor that of tolerating the assholery. The vast majority are not assholes. Just as the vast majority of conservatives are not neo-Nazis or KKK.

      The nation of assholes is an exaggeration, and sometimes seems apt as these people are the ones we see in the news. But we non-assholes WILL prevail.

      (This might be a record for proportional use of the word asshole and its derivatives. Happy Holidays!)

      • This isn’t a good time to try to assert equivalence of assholery. In the grand scheme of things and the fullness of time, perhaps, but not now. The portion of the population that is denying the results of the election, seeking excuses and resisting accountability, and seeking to abuse and denigrate the elected leaders of the nation and their families laps the field. As I suspected, one by one, many of all of those “hate crimes” and incidents that were supposedly Donald Trump’s fault have been shown to be false flag operations or outright hoaxes. Yesterday’s revelation that a black man burned down his own church wand wrote “Vote Trump” at the scene was a particularly vivid example.

        Non-assholes will prevail, unless, like in Rhinoceros, they start turning into assholes themselves. Defending assholes is an early symptom to look for.

        • Patrice

          “As I suspected, one by one, many of all of those “hate crimes” and incidents that were supposedly Donald Trump’s fault have been shown to be false flag operations or outright hoaxes. Yesterday’s revelation that a black man burned down his own church wand wrote “Vote Trump” at the scene was a particularly vivid example.”

          Other than that last example, can you cite where/who has debunked the Trump followers as perpetrating hate crimes? I have seen none of this debunking.

          • Other Bill

            There was the woman in Detroit, I think, who said some white guy wanted to set her head scarf on fire and the allegation was completely debunked. Or the woman in NY who said she was assaulted by white guys on the train but she made up the story because she was out past her parentally imposed curfew and was going out with non-muslim guys and her parents shaved off her hair. There’s two I know of.

              • This is the kind of phenomenon where it’s so well known I get frustrated when people ask for sources… Not because a healthy scepticism isn’t warranted, but because the examples are so easy to find that questioning individual accounts almost amounts to sea-lioning.

                You want links?






                Now, this comment is about to be hung up in comment purgatory because it’s link heavy. Meanwhile, you could have just googled it.

                • Patrice

                  Nope. The claim is out there that the hate crimes are fake. It is up to the person making the claim to provide evidence.

                  I noticed among your “sources” Fox News – no bias there, of course, and 3 websites I have never heard of before. In the wake of the fact that there doesn’t seem to be ANY credible media at the moment, why should I believe these sources you cite?

                  • They are real hoaxes, Patrice. As I thought at the time when the explosion of hate crimes were the excuse for everyone being in “fear” of Trump. Like This one:

                    College Fix has a good list.

                    Then we have the Babson College students who celebrated Trump’s victory at Wellesley to annoy Hillary’s supporters and were accused of hate crimes based on no evidence whatsoever.

                    Why are you dubious of Fox News as a sources, and not dubious of the far more pervasive left-biased mainstream media which has made it its mission since July to undermine Trump? The Babson case was an example of calling the equivalent of Red Sox fans shouting “Yankees Suck!” a hate crime. Why weren’t you suspicious of the same biased sources announcing an “explosion”, not of hate crimes, but of “reported hate crimes” after the election?

                    Confirmation bias.

                    • Patrice

                      I AM suspicious of EVERY news source, especially left-leaning sources, because I am wary of confirmation bias since many close to me exhibit it. I have no idea whom to believe. That’s why I question blanket statements by both sides. I call Facebook posts on both sides of the spectrum that seem spurious. When we can no longer trust the media — which seems to be the case — mainstream or otherwise, we are in a very dangerous position.

                      So, no I don’t trust Fox News, or ABC News (which I almost cited earlier and then doubt crept in), or NBC, CBS, CNN, BBC, MSN, Slate, Huffington, et al. I THINK I trust the Food channels, until they become political. I trust no one to provide an objective reporting of facts.

                    • So… .What are you saying exactly? You can`t trust sources you’ve heard of, and you can`t trust sources you haven`t heard of, but you`ll trust the food network until they actually make assertions on this issue, and then you can’t trust them either? Where does that leave you? What level of proof do you require?

                    • Chris

                      As a leftist, I can’t deny the amount of fake hate crimes that have occurred since Trump’s win. That said, I have no reason to believe the *majority* of hate crimes that have been reported are fake.

                    • I agree, Chris; I just think the whole question is so muddied that no conclusion is justified. One hate crime is too much.

                    • But one hate crime is too much for what, exactly?

                      If the assertion was that hate crimes are atrocious, and should be investigated and punished to the full extent of the law? I think we could all agree on that.

                      But I don’t think that’s the assertion. I think that the assertion is that Trump’s supporters, or at least a significant minority among them, are horrible ists and phobes and that Trump’s victory has amboldened them into action. Which is an assertion that I think ins’t held up by facts.

                      This is one of the reasons the left loses…. It’s not good enough to identify a problem and attempt to deal with it… There’s this rush to divide people into groups, make sweeping assertions about the groups, and follow that up with a mixture of judging and virtue signalling.

                    • I think the reports have been inflated to try to make the specious argument that Trump was elected by racists and xenophobes. I’m sure some of the attacks were motivated by morons taking Trump’s win as a nod to white supremacy, not because of anything he has said, but because the news media and Democrats have framed his campaign that way.

                      I hold them responsible more than Trump.

                • Steve-O-in-NJ

                  Sea-lioning? As in flippers and whiskers and saying “ark! ark!”?

                  • From “Know Your Meme”;

                    “Sea-Lioning is an Internet slang term referring to intrusive attempts at engaging an unwilling debate opponent by feigning civility and incessantly requesting evidence to back up their claims. The term was coined in September 2014 by anti-GamerGate Internet users to mock perceived online discussion tactics employed by GamerGate supporters.”

          • Matthew Christensen responded to a journalist’s call for examples of hate crime with a hoax that was immediately published on Mic, the guy who said he was thrown off a plane for speaking Arabic.

          • This is a useful site…and so far, it’s checked out:

            • Patrice

              OK, great. Yes, some are fake. But not all.

              • Well of course, “not all.” So what? The point is that when partisans are saying “look at all the hate crimes, and it’s HIS fault” and a substantial number of them are fake, “all” doesn’t mean all at all. First of all, the left defines hate crime so broadly that it is ripe for abuse (see: Babson.). Second, we only know about the fakes that have been debunked so far. The left was demanding that Trump accept responsibility for a group of events that nobody could show were his fault, that on many cases were faked so they could be blamed on him somehow, and that were indistinguishable from events that take place anyway. This was a post hoc ergo propter hoc scam.

      • Other Bill

        But Patrice, it’s always the left who’s saying “we’re better than that.” The left is supposed to occupy the higher ground. The left is supposed to be morally superior. How is “the right does it too!” relevant? Can’t you see the stunning hypocrisy? There’s some kind of false equivalency in your thinking. Regards.

        • Patrice

          Excuse me. I think you’re referring to the assholes on the left, not the non-assholes. Please stop painting us all with the same brush.

          Being “better than that” is a personal thing. Groups can’t be thus.

          • Other Bill

            I disagree, Patrice. The left is always “on the right side of history” and “enlightened” and “humane.” “The arc of history is always bending beneficently toward the left.” Lefties are “kind” and “visualizing world peace.” There’s a nasty, self-pitying, passive-aggressive streak that gets to be very tiring. I think the old schoolyard line of “they can dish it out but they can’t take it” may apply. It’s just silly and not very flattering. But Sparty’s right. It’s time for break.

          • Can you think of an example of someone faking a hate crime from the right side of the spectrum? I honestly can’t.

  4. Spartan

    I think everyone needs to call a time-out. Emotions are running high, as is evidenced by “Angry Steve-O-In-NJ’s” appearance the other day. Right now, I am giving everyone a pass (be they left or right) on angry, emotional, or hurtful outbursts. We’ve gone through a crazy election cycle, have had a rough year generally (just about every important or talented person has died), we are living in uncertain times, and we’re now in the midst of the holiday season — and holidays can be rough for people in the best of situations.

    This might sound like crunchy-granola-liberal-touchy-feely-mumbo-jumbo, but I am trying to respond to all family and friends with love and understanding right now. And it is working. First of all, I feel better and it is making me a happier person. So right there, I can count it as a win. Second, they (or at least some of them) feel better. No good comes from fighting with family, friends, or random people in airports. Listen to what other people have to say and if they espouse different beliefs, don’t challenge or ridicule them, people can have civil discussions without them becoming contests of wits. And call out (gently) anyone who is espousing hateful rhetoric. It immediately dials down the emotions — which is a good thing.

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