Ethics Dunce: Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady

Here is a Facebook post by O’Grady, the special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s Denver district, who oversees coordination with Washington-based advance teams for all Presidential trips to the area:



This was in October, and was seen by her Facebook followers including current and former Secret Service agents. In addition to being a declaration of disloyalty, the social media post is  a Hatch Act violation, which among other things prohibits a federal employee from “posting a comment to a blog or a social media site that advocates for or against a partisan political party, candidate for partisan political office,or partisan political group,” and also from using  social media to “distribute, send or forward content that advocates for or against a partisan political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group.”

Never mind that, though.

The post is an admission of disloyalty, and proves that she is unprofessional, unfit for duty in the Service, and untrustworthy. The Secret Service under Obama has disgraced itself more than once, and obviously is still not being managed competently: this screed should have gotten O’Grady fired immediately.

In an interview Monday, O’Grady tried to backtrack: she has taken down the post, and now says that she was just upset when she wrote it and wasn’t trying to imply she wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump or any officials in the Trump administration. Heck, if I were the President, I’d put my life in her hands, wouldn’t you?

Since the post, the Washington Examiner reports, she has used  the logo for the Women’s March on Denver as her Facebook cover backdrop on Inauguration Day, and  updated her profile picture to an artist’s rendering of Princess Leia with the words, “A woman’s place is in the resistance.”

Not everyone is cut out to be in the Secret Service, and obviously, Kerry O’Grady isn’t and never was. She should resign, and if she doesn’t have the integrity to do so, she has to be fired, and the sooner the better. I really don’t understand why she wasn’t fired in October…all right, I do: the unmanaged, unaccountable Obama Administration. But there is no excuse for her staying on the job now.

35 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady

  1. When I read the status, I just assumed that she had already quit before she wrote it. It sure sounds like a resignation to me, and her superiors should have taken it as one.

    This woman says she is willing to face jail time, but she isn’t willing to quit a job that she doesn’t feel she can morally bring herself to perform? What a big talker.

    Since I can’t see anyone defending her for doing what she did, I am curious: would such a status still be unethical if she had already chosen to resign her post?

      • Every Special Agent, etc., with the USSS takes an oath to protect the country and ALL protectees…this includes the President. Otherwise, how can the protectees and the USA be protected!!!!

        She is NOT EVER within her rights to spout off publically about her views about ANY protectee.

        Why do you think the USSS has in it’s acronym, SECRET SERVICE?? Once she leaves the Service, she is also under an obligation to protect the secrets she was exposed to while protecting the USA and the protectees.

  2. Not everyone is cut out to be in the Secret Service, and obviously, Kelly O’Grady isn’t and never was. She should resign, and if she doesn’t have the integrity to do so, she has to be fired, and the sooner the better.

    Absolutely right. She is unfit for duty in the Secret Service now, and was even when Obama was in office. If she would ever allow her politics to color what her duty requires, she is utterly unfit, now and forever.

    If she resigns, her resignation should not be accepted, and she should be immediately dismissed for cause. Her actions cast a disgraceful shadow on her service, and cast doubt upon those who placed her in this position.

    Unacceptable, and unforgivable in her capacity as a Secret Service agent. Were she in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines and suggested she might refuse to take orders from president Trump, she would be, and should be, court martialed.

  3. 23 years, eh? Yet she’d have taken a bullet for a president who would have just thought of her as a piece of ass he could seduce? She must have a nice pension built up. She should be immediately dismissed for cause and then the Federal labor counsel who oversees it should start proceedings to forfeit her pension. Let the world see how your big mouth can cost you every single goddamned thing you ever worked for.

    • 23 years, eh? Yet she’d have taken a bullet for a president who would have just thought of her as a piece of ass he could seduce?

      No, she just said she *couldn’t* take a bullet for Trump.

      Oh. You meant Clinton. Well, yes, Clinton did treat at least one woman that way. So has Trump, who is on record referring to women as “pieces of ass,” and saying on the Howard Stern show he didn’t mind Stern referring to Trump’s own daughter that way.

      Perhaps she thinks horrible public conduct is more damning in a president than horrible private conduct.

      • Because dumb, frat boy comments are so much worse than actually getting adulterous hummers in the Oval office or having state troopers bring potential lovers up to you while pantsless. Time to fire this woman and strip her of her pension.

        • Moving the goalposts. You condemned Clinton for treating women like “pieces of ass;” I pointed out that Trump also treats women that way, even his own daughter, and that this is no secret. He’s made no attempt to keep this secret. He’s also notorious for having affairs, and has bragged about them; I see no reason to believe he won’t continue doing so in office.

          I’m aware of Clinton’s bad behavior in the Oval Office, but I’d like a citation for this:

          “or having state troopers bring potential lovers up to you while pantsless.”

      • In fairness to Trump, he was a Democrat, and a Clinton booster, at the time of all that awful sexist behavior. Which perhaps is why said behavior was so not-newsworthy when it was going on.

  4. What happened to this country? Why does a person with opinion think that they are above rules and regulation because it is how that ‘feel’? It is the same as that asinine women who was removed from that flight a few days back. She feels she is so right, she can’t see actual reality. We need civility to return to our society or I feel we are doomed. A return to proper ethics is a good start.

  5. She should be gone. Then. Now. Even with the post taken down, her use of “symbology” on her Facebook page says everything. She hasn’t changed her mind. And even if she had, since she can’t obey the Federal law that governs at least part of her profession, she cannot be in that profession. Period.

    I hope next to read that she has been fired. Without pension or benefits. She is a criminal, after all. (I don’t know if violation of the Hatch Act is a misdemeanor or a felony. Anyone know?)

  6. In olden times (pre-Obama) I have known of Secret Service agents who were reassigned to work counterfeiting cases in Toad Suck, Arkansas, for far less damning expressions of personal opinion. It is hard to conceive why she was not canned forthwith; how can the agency enforce any standards of discipline or accountability? I can see a shakeup on their horizon, and it can’t happen soon enough.

    • She has voluntarily forfeited her job and pension, she should be fired. She even acknowledges the Hatch Act so she knew exactly what she was saying and going against the foremost mission of what the U.S. Secret Service does, which is protect our elected President and officials (she knew it was criminal). She violated the basic premise of what the USSS does and for her being a senior level and broadcasting to other Secret Service personnel her personal opinion is extremely questionable. If she is in a leadership position and has people reporting to her and she is saying and doing this and other types of thing in public and possibly in the workplace, calls into question her ability to perform her job duties. Her objectivity is obviously non-existent. She should face the music and be fired, at the least she should have resigned, why stay in a job that you cannot, will not, or feel like performing? You say you have “changed”, then maybe, you should have been looking for another job since you fundamentally feel you cannot do your job. I hear you are now back pedaling, shows even more how now that your job and pension may be at risk, your personal feelings or opinion don’t matter now? Now, you are not going to stand by them?

  7. She places her emotions first, which makes her unstable and a security risk. Social media outlets are providing a means for her and others to foment division. There is no descretion here. She has to be fired. It just is a matter of when.

  8. I have to say, as President, I would be very concerned that this person is employed in my protection. Clearly they do not have the aptitude to handle her position, and should be removed from it. I’m not even sure I would keep around a manager or supervisor who keeps someone like this in a position of conflict, as I would wonder about their loyalties and committment to the post as well.

    As stated, not everyone is cut out for all jobs. This is one that is now beyond their abilities.


  10. No one will ever want to work with her again. No one will ever want to be protected by her again. End of story. She must be fired and her pension be taken. Anyway this women is to dumb to be a secret service agent. The first thing they teach you is that you are required to take a bullet for the president.

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