Now THIS Is Hypocrisy: The Angry Left’s Protest Integrity In A Nutshell

Oh, yeah, this makes LOTS of sense. Then again, these are DC public school graduates, which explains a lot...

Oh, yeah, this makes LOTS of sense. Then again, these are DC public school graduates, which explains a lot…

During Betsy DeVos’s confirmation hearings for confirmation as Secretary of Education (which were, as I will explain once I have the stomach to discuss them, as unfair and misleading as any so far, which is saying something), the major objection raised by Congressional Democrats was that she was not sufficiently familiar with public schools.

Now DeVos has been confirmed (Again, disclosure: I once knew her loooong ago), and as diligence would require, she is  setting out to soothe the qualms of her critics by making an effort to become as familiar with the operations of public schools, their problems and challenges, as possible.

Today, she was scheduled to visit a public school in Washington, D.C., where the public school system is as expensive as any in the nation, and where the success of the schools in educating students is still inadequate.

Protesters physically blocked the Secretary from entering the school, so she turned away and left.


“How dare you presume to reform public education without having seen public schools in action, and don’t you dare try to visit our public schools!”


Is the right term “moronic hypocrites,” or “hypocritical morons”? Tough one. For now, I think I’ll just settle for “2017 Democrats.” Does anyone have a better description?


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30 responses to “Now THIS Is Hypocrisy: The Angry Left’s Protest Integrity In A Nutshell

  1. Steve-O-in-NJ

    Eventually she did make it in. That said, this is no surprise considering typical protest ethics. During the waning days of the Cold War a troop of protesters supposedly camped outside a Senator’s office, refusing to leave until he met with them. Finally he met with them, and heard them out. The next day they were back outside his office, now saying that they wouldn’t go away until he changed his positions to match theirs. Peaceful protest my eye, these people are bullying mobs.

  2. I think hypocritical might be the wrong word but “illogical morons” certainly seems to fit the complete ridiculousness of their actions.

    The protesters are definitely a Brainwashed Political Hack Pack.

  3. An idiot calling herself “Just Fam” asked to have published this comment:

    “Betsy Boo simply paid for her job just like the rest of his appointees. It’s proof positive the local celebrated store owner or school teacher doesn’t stand a chance. The cabinet is overflowing with billionaires and you think they care how the rest of the country lives? They don’t. What they care about is lining their pockets and stomping on civil rights. Betsy needs to tend to her Amway holdings and stay the hell out of education–an area she knows nothing about.”

    1) This has no ethical content or actual i9nformation whatsoever.
    2) It is another example of classist bigotry, which is, you know, still bigotry,
    3) The statement is just political smearing. Billionaires are no less qualified for public service that anyone else, and often are more qualified. They tend not to be union financed hacks, for example.
    4) DeVos has been working in the education field for decades. The writer, however, does know nothing about education. For example, she apparently doesn’t know that US public education stinks.Betsy knows that.
    5) “The cabinet is overflowing with billionaires and you think they care how the rest of the country lives? They don’t. What they care about is lining their pockets and stomping on civil rights.” Pure bigotry. Inexcusable, and not permitted here.

    Just Fam appears to be pretty typical of DeVos opponants. Which speaks well for DeVos.

    • Just Fam just responded, nicely confirming my assessment:

      “Ahn idiot? Really? Your first experience with an idiot is the idiot who didn’t have sense enough not to give birth to you. Your views are “Pure bigotry. Inexcusable,” and should likewise not be permitted anywhere. You, Betsy and the rest of your menagerie are as useless as tits on a male hog. You are dismissed.”

      Translation for those over the age of 10: “Oh Yeah? Nya, nya, you’re ugly and smell bad, so there.”

      • “This is why Trump got elected”

      • Steve-O-in-NJ

        You know – my dad told me that my posts (which I sometimes port over to facebook) are 50% substance, 30% defensible opinion, and 20% trash talking. I usually, when I’m not angry, use trash talking as spice. However, when I get angry I know I ratchet up the trash factor, like when I publicly called a snotty leftist UK singer a “self-righteous, preening, insufferable bitch,” and told an annoying Canadian to go back on his bipolar meds, to say nothing of my venom I’ve spewed at v-girl and Sparty here. It’s simply a matter of my emotions overtaking my brain.

        It’s happened more than a few times in life, but then it usually goes the next step, like me threatening to break a waitress’ arm for throwing a tub of butter down on the table, grabbing a large heavy stapler and having to be physically restrained from bringing it crashing down on a secretary’s head for cursing me out and starting a shouting match, almost physically going after another lawyer in a deposition that got contentious, or almost fighting a co-worker over a political issue we should not have been discussing at all, with the capstone being me losing it in court when another lawyer (who was borderline insane) threw a brief at me and the sheriff having to step between us, or I would have fought him right there.

        Unfortunately, online there is no possibility of putting each others’ lights out, so we don’t restrain ourselves, and a lot of time we just substitute obnoxiousness for reason.

      • E2 (nee Elizabeth I)

        And how many JustFams are out there? This is an example of the “progressive” Democratic movement? Ignorant IQ 80s who know nothing and have no thoughts beyond vitriol? What hath Hillary wrought?

        • dragin_dragon

          E2, this didn’t just happen with Hillary…she was just a symptom. The liberals have been going in this direction since WWII.

      • Both of these comments from Just Fam were Vomit Comments

        Congratulations Just Fam, you’ve made a fine first impression.

  4. dragin_dragon

    If the news report I heard is true, she was physically jostled by a demonstrator before trying another entrance. She apparently did not bring a sufficient number of bodyguards. Probably because she didn’t expect to be physically attacked. I wonder at the Left’s word for “civil discourse” Bet good money (if I had any) that the word starts with either a ‘V’ or an ‘R’.

  5. Chris

    I vigorously opposed her nomination and confirmation, but this is unacceptable. When someone you don’t like gets appointed to a job you think they shouldn’t have, you oppose them when they do something wrong. You don’t stop them from doing exactly what they should be doing.

    • This was nearly a KABOOM for me. And again, I cannot recall anything similar.

    • Eternal optometrist

      That’s the problem. When you engage this way, and devos does something wrong and there is an outcry, people will shrug.

    • John Billingsley

      My perception of the situation îs that it is not a matter of not liking her or her policies but more a matter of the belief that she is illegitimate. Illegitimate because she was appointed by a president that the Democratic party has proclaimed illegitimate. Being illegitimate then makes her every action illegitimate and thus worthy of protest. To do otherwise would be to ‘normalize’ the administration and that would be heresy.

  6. Uggh, someone at work just went off on the ‘no appropriate’ background riff. It’s so knee-jerk, you gotta change the topic if they aren’t willing to talk. This kind of viral madness I never expected to see at this saturation, I’d hoped MacKay’s Extraordinary Delusions were more balanced a couple centuries later. But now antibodies can’t react as fast as a delusional virus explodes. People’s fears about their children’s educations being influenced by a rich boor are driving this fear more than a lot of the other fears of this administration.

    Beyond asking a few questions to see if they’re thinking or willing to talk about other views… if they only repeat soundbites I can’t force them to think. It’s not worth my time if their brains aren’t engaged, or theirs. I got convinced on a discussion of global warming almost ten years ago by a geologist. I am relieved that checks and balances are sill working, even if too many don’t seem to understand, but want to run around like chicken little,

  7. Wayne

    “Never go full ninth circuit”-Jonah Goldberg

  8. Wayne

    Maybe Betsy should have picked a nice public school in Virginia so she didn’t have to deal with these boobs. Anyway, having worked in public schools for 20 years and seen the good, bad, and ugly, I think that her experience working with charter schools will be a great opportunity to support districts creating more of them. My old district now has three.

  9. The people spouting off about this couldn’t possibly believe that most public school systems are serving the nation well. Could they?

    • Its a great question. I think the NEA is so powerful that the Democratic Party feels it has to uphold the myth. Everyone else? I don’t get it.

    • Matthew B

      More to the point, how many people actually believe federal involvement improves public education?

      I don’t see a downside to the elimination of the department of education.

      • dragin_dragon

        I personally do not see a down side to eliminating any and all teachers unions. They have been, by themselves, the greatest disaster ever to hit public schools.

  10. “Zac Petkanas, a DNC senior adviser and the director of the party’s “Trump war room,” retweeted an article about of the protesters and wrote, “#resist.” He also tweeted, “We must protect our public schools from this woman.”

    Be proud, Democrats. Your party is ethically bankrupt and your politics are corrupt, You oppose Democracy, and encourage bullies and thugs. What happened to your values?

    • Steve-O-in-NJ

      Ask Richard Greene over at Huffpo, who wrote an article condemning both Trump and DeVos, and saying he hoped the GOP choked after 2020 when President Bernie Sanders was appointing replacements for Alito and Thomas and Roberts to tilt the court solid left for the rest of this generation. My reaction was “what are you smoking?”

  11. Rendell N. Mabey

    The original complaint was about the hypocrisy of “the left.” “The left” is a label which can cover indifferently and indiscriminately many beliefs, many groups, many individuals–too many to form a group cohesive and identifiable to be called “hypocritical.” The same people may not be saying or doing the things called hypocritical. Some might consider me a member of the left, but I did not do any of the things labelled hypocritical. “The left” does not speak with one voice; therefore, it can’t fairly be called hypocritical. The same sort of criticism would apply to many of the above comments with their group generalizations.
    Is it ethical to speak so broadly, so generally, so uncritically when making ethical judgments?

    • What’s the alternative? Your complaint is, in many mouths, a rhetorical dodge, leading to evasion and sophistry. Ideologies and those who follow them develop patterns and habits. Complaints like “Not all dictators are brutal!” may be true, but outliers do not rebut observation. Yes, there are many nice, quiet, civil, reasonable Democrats and progressives who have not freaked out, rioted, and disgraced themselves, democracy and their nation. But the most visible elements of the liberal/progressive establishment—the Democratic leadership, feminists, black activists, immigration activists, the mainstream news media, the entertainment industry and higher education— have behaved that way. The term “The Angry Left” tries to make the term more specific, but frankly, anyone who feels that they do not support or enable this conduct from their close ideological comrades needs to distinguish themselves through action and words. The silence of the leadership has been deafening….and telling.

  12. joed68

    “Is the right term “moronic hypocrites,” or “hypocritical morons”?”
    You’re being far too kind. I have to admit; it would have been satisfying and cathartic to see her make her entrance wearing a respirator, threading her way through morons writhing and vomiting on the ground in a cloud of OC. Getting pretty tired of this crap.

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