Now THIS Is An Unprofessional Airline Pilot! (Also, I Fear, Nuts..)

freakoutAs the Wall Street Journal James Taranto used to say on his late, lamented blog, “Everything seemingly is spinning out of control!”

United flight 455 from Austin to San Francisco was scheduled to depart Austin’s Bergstrom airport when the pilot, who was not in uniform, began ranting over the plane’s intercom first about her divorce, and then Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Police removed the pilot from the plane, a new pilot was assigned to the flight, and the plane departed approximately two hours late. United Airlines apologized to its customers “for the inconvenience.”

Gee, United, how about apologizing for frightening the passengers to death by giving them good reason to believe they were about to be trapped in an airborne jetliner with an unraveling madwoman at the controls?

Of course, had she merely complained about President Trump to her trapped and captive audience, she would have been well within “Hamilton”  ethics.

(And no, I am not letting that fiasco go until every one of my friends from the theater world admit how wrong they were to make excuses for that miserable betrayal of theater ethics, and those who called me on the phone to shout at me and hang up apologize to my face, and maybe on their knees. I haven’t decided yet. They entirely relied on emotion and about twelve rationalizations, attacked me for being objective and not allowing my standards, unlike theirs, to be swallowed whole by ravenous partisan bias, and I will not soon forget it.)


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9 thoughts on “Now THIS Is An Unprofessional Airline Pilot! (Also, I Fear, Nuts..)

  1. As a sometimes airline passenger, YIKES!!! As a former Air Force flight surgeon, this pilot needs to have her ATP ticket pulled permanently. This act shows such poor judgement and professionalism that I cannot conceive of ever allowing her at the controls of a commercial aircraft again. I am shocked, but not surprised, that the United statement didn’t end with “she’s fired.” At least the cast of Hamilton didn’t have the capacity to kill everyone in the theater and surrounding area in a gigantic fireball.

  2. As a man with a BFA in Theater that has never left the envelope that it was shipped in… I was deeply disappointed that not a single one of my friends I knew from the Theater department at school, or any other theater-adjacent folk I know, not ONE of them seemed to agree when i said what the Hamilton cast did was wrong.

    Mike Rowe made his own argument against their behavior, talking about how Hamilton is a wonderful love letter to diversity, but by doing what they did, they strangled it and limited its scope.

    It’s like the version of Angels in America we did in college where we walked out at the end with authentic pieces of the AIDS quilt at the end. I REALLY wish I had objected stronger at the time, because that just says, “HEY, the play is about AIDS!” I sort of wish we had just all dressed as Ghostbusters and used our proton packs to fight a giant AIDS virus being lowered from the ceiling from the fly grid.

    “I’ll have grounds more relative than this—the play’s the thing
    Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.”
    – Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2

    (Mike Rowe came up with that one. I’m not so clever.)

  3. Heh. Your last paragraph reminds me of something I used to say about a different situation:

    He could write his regrets 1,000 times every day in his own blood and I wouldn’t get tired of reading it.

    Sounds to me that’s almost where you are with the Hamilton thing. 🙂

  4. Or at least give a round trip flight of equal value to the one the passengers took with the ranting pilot. It would be a smart move United and possibly forestall some of the inevitable lawsuits coming up

  5. One of my most FAVORITE roles ever was of ‘Earthquake’ McGoon…’Busting out all over like June’. Obviously, I’m not a small person, but I CANNOT TELL YOU how happy I am that I wasn’t on that flight, or in the ‘Hamilton’ audience. Way to old to be arrested.

  6. This incident could lead to the first civil liability lawsuit against the Republican Party, the Trump administration, and the state of Texas for aggravation of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder of a professional aviatrix.

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