“The Good Immigrant” III, or Fake News? The Incredible Sobbing 13-Year Old

A 13-Year-Old Girl Sobbed While Recording Her Immigrant Father Get Arrested By ICE Agent  is the headline at Buzzfeed. Wait, teenage girls weeping is news now? Was she the only teen sobbing this week? How is this news, by any standard?

Of course, it’s headline worthy if the objective is to provoke an emotional reaction rather than to inform the public objectively. In fact, nothing about the story is newsworthy, except as pr0-illegal immigration, anti-law enforcement, anti-President Trump propaganda and hate-mongering. Illegal immigrant and scofflaw Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez had dropped his daughter off at a Los Angeles school, and six blocks from the school his car was surrounded by immigration enforcement agents who took him into custody, just as law enforcement takes law-breakers into custody every hour of every day of the week.  Gonzalez had a 2014 deportation order against him issued by an immigration judge, and violated it every day he spent in the U.S., masquerading as a law-abiding citizen, since then.  He also had a 2009 DUI conviction. This wasn’t even a close call.

I’m pretty sure the children of gang members, drug dealers, muggers and serial killers also sob when daddy is taken away, and while I feel sorry for the children,  it doesn’t make me want to let their fathers go free, it doesn’t mean we should change the laws, and it isn’t news. 

ICE said Avelica-Gonzalez is scheduled to be deported to Mexico, where he was supposed to have returned three years ago. This isn’t cruel, this isn’t unfair, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

Brenda Avelica, a different daughter from the one heard sobbing on the viral video of her father’s arrest—YES! It really happened! The girl SOBBED! Film at 11!— said that her father has been in the US for 20 years and has four children, two of them adults.


“It’s really hard what we’re going through,” Avelica told reporters. “I never thought we’d actually go through something like this. It’s terrible to feel and see your family being broken apart.”

Let me fix that for her. It’s terrible to finally have the law catch up to you when you are guilty as hell. The James brothers said that, I think. Maybe it was Bonny and Clyde. Or Bernie Maddoff. ICE agents are not the bad guys here. The elected officials, activists, and journalists who want us to think that, however, are. Very bad.

Democrats and progressives been plying  this anti-law, anti-order, anti-sovereignty, , anti-America, anti-logic advocacy for illegal immigration for so long that millions of previously competent citizens no longer can puzzle out the undebatable. Reading the comments to the Buzzfeed news story is instructive, but risks a head explosion. Here’s a typical entry:

“Immigrant bashers who say things like “should have followed the law” probably don’t even know what the law says. You’re just trying to disguise your racism as “law & order”. You’re sad and angry humans.”

The message needs to be sent, clearly and emphatically,  that there is nothing admirable about coming to the U.S. illegally and that no one here as a result has any right to feel entitled, abused, or immune from just law enforcement. The reason the message needs to be sent is that the opposite message has been sent via weasel words, cynical double talk and political cowardice for far too long. Any news organization that persists in trying to bolster the lie that illegal immigration is as American as apple pie and benign as a summer night is per se unethical and untrustworthy.

How bad is the mental aberration created by the Left and its mouthpieces? This bad: it looks as if an Oregon judge intentionally let a detained illegal immigrant sneak out a back door to escape ICE.

On January 27, Diddier Pacheco Salazar, a 22-year-old Mexican national, went before Judge Monica Herranz in Portland to plead guilty to  DUI. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were stationed outside to take Salazar into custody. According to ICE, Salazar had been deported previously and had returned to the country illegally again. But Salazar never came out of the courthouse, at least the regular way, the.public entrance from the hallway. He had to have been allowed to exit by either the  private entrance the judge uses, or the third door through which in-custody inmates are ushered from the jail.

If the suspicions of officials are proven accurate, the judge did it let him escape.  What would be her justification? Does she think that enforcing immigration laws is like enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act?  Now even judges’ brains are being melted by sentiment, lies, propaganda, and “news’ about kids crying. This has to stop.

I will concede this: at least a judge allowing a criminal to escape is real news.


21 thoughts on ““The Good Immigrant” III, or Fake News? The Incredible Sobbing 13-Year Old

  1. The left promotes their agenda by focusing on emotion not rational arguments or immigration law. I’m sorry this girl is sad about her lowlife dad being deported. However, I suspect this video will go viral almost instantaneously probably showing up on MSNBC and the other major news network will the details about daddy’s background carefully omitted.

  2. I have a friend who changed his name to Johnnie Walker, an Iraqui expat who volunteered as a translator for SEALs for a number of years, all while living under a death sentence for him and his family for helping Americans. It took him a good while to get permission to come to the United States, despite the danger and the nature of his service. Remind me again why people who sneak across our borders are entitled to a free ride and a blind eye?

  3. “It’s terrible to finally have the law catch up to you when you are guilty as hell.” Didn’t Inspector Javert say something similar in Les Mis?

  4. One more time. Tough shit. If old Dad was an embezzler, a hit man for the Mafia, a common thief who was finally caught, would the crying daughter make the news or social media?. The arrest and conviction of criminals break up families all the time, and it’s the fault of the criminal not the law enforcement officials who find them. Boo Hoo, This young woman had to know her father was illegal: again, not at all sorry he did it but very very sorry he was caught.

    • You mean you don’t have sympathy for El Chapo’s current predicament? Consider:

      “We think it’s ridiculous that the government expects Mr. Guzman to choose a counsel when he’s locked up 23 hours a day” with limited visitation rights, defense attorney Michael Schneider told reporters.

      “If they want him to have access to hire a lawyer, we believe he needs to be able to meet with his family or at least confer with his family,” Schneider said.

      I’m shocked…shocked! How heartless of you. 🙂

    • The rest of the family can join their father in Mexico. Problem solved. It’s a wonderful country. Just ask all the demonstrators in the U.S. who waive Mexican flags at pro illegal immigration demonstrations.

  5. I just have to wonder — what would the Left have us do?

    This is a serious question for those who see the actions of ICE as a problem. Should we ignore our own laws? Under what authority would we do that? And what about that election we had late last year? Should we rationally demand that the president break his promises on the subject of illegal immigration, promises that were instrumental in his election?

    The obvious solution, from the perspective of the Left, is to change the laws to allow whatever it is they prefer, or failing that, a chief executive that will invoke “prosecutorial discretion” to accomplish the same thing, as former president Obama did. However, the American people have elected representatives and a president that reject that approach, and favor enforcing the existing law.

    But now that Obama is “former,” and the American people have resoundingly rejected his policy toward illegal immigration, how can anyone argue that the government should ignore the expressed will of the people and find some excuse to ignore illegal immigrants they campaigned on getting out of our country? That is not a rational demand, no matter what its basis.

    Nobody who pays attention would expect today’s media not to play the emotional angle. It’s very satisfying to the left-leaning news companies, and helps generate sympathy for the Left to attack the administration’s policies, despite the fact that there is a clear mandate for them among the public. But that desire to “make the world better,” assuming the best possible rationalization, is not news; it is opinion.

    I don’t want to hear about vote totals — in elections, you play by the rules you have. I don’t mind people advocating for liberal immigration policies. What I object to is an expectation that despite the results of the election, people should be outraged when the new administration and legislature keep the promises they made.

    It’s not just absurd, it’s obscene. When then-president Obama informed all and sundry early in his administration that “I won,” this is what he meant.

  6. If what you say is true, wouldn’t the judge be guilty of aiding and abetting a fugitive. Shouldn’t she be arrested herself?

  7. Jack,

    You often lamented the notion of deporting illegals en masse as appearing jack-booted and nazi-esque.

    And I understand you fully accepting that this is just law enforcement.

    At what level of deportation though, do you flip the switch on these stories?

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