A New Way To Be Unethical On An Airplane, Courtesy of “The Hamilton Effect”

I’m in O’Hare, with about 20 minutes to post something, and amazingly, I just witnessed something of ethics significance.

As my United flight from Sacramento was at the O’Hare  gate, with passengers waiting for the jetway to be set up, a young man stood up in the middle of the plane and launched into a loud sales pitch for his depression counseling services!

Let’s call this ‘The Hamilton Effect,” in which people assume that a captive audience is there to be inflicted with their particular rants, business promotions and other intrusions.

The flight attendants had no idea what to do.  He was behind me, and I didn’t feel like fighting my way to him, intervening, and telling him, “You’re depressing ME. Shut up. We’re not your infomercial audience, and we didn’t consent to being bombarded by propaganda or marketing blather.”

Now I’m ticked off that I didn’t. Next time, I’ll be ready. This has to be nipped in the bud.

Oh, this probably wasn’t really sparked by “Hamilton’s” ambush of Mike Pence, but I’m going to blame the production and cast anyway. And all the ethics-challenged theater professionals who applauded this breach of trust.

On another topic, David Cay Johnston,the journalist who revealed the President’s 2005 tax returns, offers a rebuttal to my recent post, here. What fun!

7 thoughts on “A New Way To Be Unethical On An Airplane, Courtesy of “The Hamilton Effect”

  1. Just an FYI, Johnston is a reporter, so IMHO, knows nothing what-so-ever about ethics and should NOT be conducting ethics seminars. The Dragon has spoken.

  2. Almost as bad as the Moonies approaching you at the terminal and trying to convince you to make a donation for their religious tracts.

  3. As with so many other unethicalities, this wasn’t very well thought out.

    “Wow, I didn’t realise it, but yeah… Maybe I COULD use some help. I should talk to the fellow who was standing and yelling on the plane.”

  4. The flight attendants should have acted. Until the door is open, it is still a “flight.”. Sit down and shut up is a lawful order from a member of the crew. Failure to comply is a crime.

    At least they should kick him off future flights.

    • There’s this category of things that people can do for which you are wholly unprepared.

      If someone gets hurt, attacked or insults you, you know how to react.

      If a stranger smells you, wipes your mouth with his napkin, or tries to sell you depression consulting service in an airplane, I think it’s fair to be stunned, even if you’re the flight attendant… 😉

  5. Growing up in NYC, this is just like a semi-regular event on the subway system. You would get on the subway, the train would start moving, and someone would start doing a sales pitch, or selling items for “charity” (or whatever), or just spouting out about some kind of religious, political, or other ideology they follow.

    I’m almost surprised it hasn’t spread out to other places more often. It was annoying on the subway, and I’m sure it was even more annoying there.

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