No, A Democratic Senator Attending A Party In Honor Of A Trump Appointee He Opposed Isn’t “Hypocrisy”…It’s Called “Statesmanship,” “Sportsmanship,” And “Professionalism”

To be fair, we see so little of either now that many may no longer be able to recognize the two traits any more.

The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news source wrote,

A Democratic senator who couldn’t “in good conscience” vote for Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross still attended a ritzy cocktail party welcoming him to the nation’s capital.On Wednesday, Georgetown socialite and Washington Post editor Lally Weymouth, daughter of the paper’s former publisher, Katherine Graham, hosted a “Welcome to Washington, D.C.” party for Ross at the Georgetown mansion of former Republican diplomat C. Boyden Gray. West Virginia’s Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin attended that party, according to Politico Playbook, rubbing shoulders with Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Manchin’s attendance marked an about-face for the Democrat, who attempted to block Ross’s cabinet appointment.

In February, Manchin said he could not “in good conscience … give Wilbur Ross a promotion.” The senator credited Ross’s career as a billionaire investor—which earned him the nickname ” King of Bankruptcy”—and his involvement in the West Virginia mining industry for his decision to oppose the appointment along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Following my extensive vetting, meeting with him, watching his nomination and reaching out to West Virginians who have worked with him directly, I cannot in good conscience look the families of the fallen Sago miners or the Weirton Steel workers who lost their jobs in the eye knowing I voted to give Wilbur Ross a promotion,” Manchin said in a statement at the time….

Steven Law, president of the GOP Senate Leadership Fund, criticized his attendance as a sign of “Washington hypocrisy.” “Apparently Joe Manchin’s ‘good conscience’ waits in the car while he stops in for cocktails on the Washington D.C. party circuit,” Law said in a statement. “Senate Leadership Manchin thinks he can fool West Virginia voters with his Washington hypocrisy, but we believe they are catching on to Manchin’s worn-out act.”

So it was principled, then, for Rep. John Lewis to boycott President Trump’s inauguration? It’s principled, then, for Democrats to refuse to respect the office of the President, because they didn’t vote for Donald Trump. Is that what Steven Law is saying?

Do Republicans think before they make statements like this?

The only hypocrisy here is the about face by Senator Manshin’s critics, who are knocking him for doing the right thing, and the only thing that will restore comity, cooperation and functionality to our national government.

Professionals, you see, and adults, really, don’t take professional disputes personally. You win or lose, then respect the system, shake hands with the victor and move on. Is it hypocrisy when the Karate Kid’s tormentor, after the bully has been beaten in a tournament by his former victim, insists on handing him the first place trophy and says, “You’re all right” ? The old Perry Mason TV show used to frequently end episodes showing the famous defense attorney having drinks with the poor district attorney that he beat every single week. Should Hamilton Berger (Ham Berger to his friends) have told Perry to stick his martini where the sun doesn’t shine? Was it hypocrisy for the prosecutor not to carry the case over into personal animus out of court?? Are pettiness, inflexibility, rudeness and holding grudges the values conservatives now champion?

It would seem so.

Senator Manshin’s gesture was ethical, professional and smart. There is nothing hypocritical about resolving to work with an appointee you have opposed, and being cordial, respectful and friendly is how work between adversaries gets done. Washington, D.C. used to know this. Somewhere along the way it got lost, and we are all suffering for it.

It’ is really amazing, isn’t it?  The Republicans see a Democrat who behaves professionally, and exactly unlike the hyper-partisans they criticized for boycotting the Inauguration and behaving like brats at Trump’s speech to Congress, and they attack him anyway.

5 thoughts on “No, A Democratic Senator Attending A Party In Honor Of A Trump Appointee He Opposed Isn’t “Hypocrisy”…It’s Called “Statesmanship,” “Sportsmanship,” And “Professionalism”

  1. In the words of my father regarding politicians: “They’re all crooks”

    The letter behind the name no longer matters, they all are playing the same snide, nasty game (the Dems have played it longer, and thus are better at it, but just the same)

    When does the swamp get drained?

  2. Do Republicans think before they make statements like this?

    Um, I’m going to guess “yes.” And “no.” And even when some of them think, what comes out is garbage.

    This particular Republican didn’t want to think; he wanted to smear Manchin. Why? Because he wants to elect a Republican in his place in highly red West Virginia. Thinking was not on his mind — all that was on his mind was trying to score cheap political points.

    It’s said that if you cut open the heads of some men, you’d find nothing but female genitalia. In this guy’s case, I suspect you’d find only vacuum.

  3. I have a great deal of respect for Joe Manchin.
    Unfortunately, some republicans lower themselves without thinking of building alliances across the aisle. Both sides play hardball politics but I am really perturbed When politicians with an R behind their named behave badly. When politicians find every little way to criticize their opponents there can be very little expectation that you will get support when they need it.

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