Comment Of The Day (The Post Doesn’t Matter…)

This, from a never to be heard from again commenter named “Angel Sues::

this dumb stuff is lies… what next is the going to be a bird in my ice cream

Welcome to my world.

Unlike the many obscene, insulting, barely coherent comments I get, read and discard every day, this one haunts me. What the hell could it possibly mean?

Translations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


34 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day (The Post Doesn’t Matter…)

  1. Actually – it would be kinda cool to see any kind of administrator dashboard statistics you have – maybe something that shows traffic density from around the world? Just curious…

    • That IS an interesting question, Tim. I have to guess that 80 percent is from the northeastern U.S., including the seaboard down to the D.C. area. and 95 percent in the U.S. A further interesting question is how the distribution of commenters compares to the distribution of “viewers”.

  2. I would assume she meant “turd in my ice cream”… a phrase I’ve heard discussing an unexpected or a fabricated bad thing that ruins a good thing.

  3. I believe the translation is, that the author of the comment finds your post to be dumb and full of lies. She is accusing you of being a bird in the ice cream…I think, or that your post is disgusting yet addictive. (Look up pet bird-flavored ice cream and it’s reviews?). Alternatively, she may be accusing the authors of the orginal situation you posted about to be these things.

    Here is where a return to the values of well-written discourse (grammar, spelling, complete sentences, complete thoughts, etc) for all would be of use. I am tempted to speculate about the literacy involved, but that would be uncharitable. That a person could write such a nonsensical comment explains why I am homeschooling my daughter. As such, I admit I could be totally wrong on the translation.

  4. When I hear comments like that from someone, it’s usually because they are repeating what the voices say. Could also be a combination of Tom, Wayne, and Tex’s theories, severe typo committed while commenting under the influence of multiple drugs.

  5. “…this dumb stuff is lies… what next is the going to be a bird in my ice cream.”

    I very carefully looked this over, emailed some associates, and it became clear to me it is a clever Russian code. I have deciphered it but in good conscience I cannot reveal publically what it intends.

    What I can say is that obviously they are planning something big, another hack that will cause enitire Nations to shake down to their foundations.

    Scary times!

    • Forgive me! I really was trying to tie the first part of what the commenter said to the latter part. If I was tired of a culture of “saving face” (an aspect of Japanese culture which, in the brutish minds of American simpletons, can involve what those simpletons call LYING), then I, too, might have an avoidance complex for “bird-flavored” ice cream.

  6. Dadaism is so rarely appreciated. Clearly the poster was TRUE BUCKAROO name of Chuck in disguise, come to tell is that ice cream is real.

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